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  1. It may seem an obvious question but, with a performance like this and also against the amateurs of Lock Lane, WHY would people keep coming back ??
  2. ArthurO

    Get well soon

    Dear Anita. That is merely your PREDICTION. You seem to have ignored the fact that we are the Roughyeds. And we are not 'Predictable'.
  3. Anita. Actually, I was there. No, it wasn't a forward pass. Not only did your left-winger (the try scorer) put his foot in touch but to add insult to injury he bounced the ball and failed to ground it correctly over the try line. As the video replay (if there had been one at the time) would have clearly shown. NO TRY should have been the correct result. "We was robbed". As always. We shall seek our long-awaited revenge at Easter.
  4. It WAS a try. I know. I was there. I stood on the terrace about 10 yards away from where Lordy started to run. He was on side. And I still hate Holdsworth.
  5. Yes. It was another awesome performance at the home of Widnes, the World Champions. And, it was arguably, even better than our result against Wigan. I know. I was there on both occasions. Sadly, the question is "Will we ever play against either of them, again ?" If only we could turn back time.
  6. And, sadly, you weren't the only one that was fuming and kept awake last night ! !
  7. As a matter of interest, when was the last time that we lost to an amateur side, in the challenge cup ? ?
  8. Yep ! It's a unique and localised ailment for which there is no known cure. I'm happy to live with it !
  9. A freezing cold, foggy day. The very last game at our 'spiritual Home'. Against Swinton. We won. Yet it was sadly, very sadly, the biggest loss in our history. I know. I was there (with my dear old dad). Watersheddings. And my dear old dad. Both gone. Yet NEVER forgotten.
  10. Thanks, John. Let's hope this is the first step on the long road to get this once-great club, back to where we used to be in 'the good old days' that some of us more 'seasoned' supporters remember. Keep up the good work.
  11. Unless a better pack this coming season, gives more 'protection' to our backs and thus more space/time for them to work with, than did the pack last season ?
  12. And I, for one, will be there to watch and give my vocal support to them.
  13. ArthurO

    Next season

    Yes, Anita. That result, after 118 years of trying, was the proverbial 'Pinnacle of Achievement' for the Hairnets. Still, I suppose, it's better than nothing. P.S. I was there. We was robbed and I'm not happy. You were offside at every 'play', and the number of forward passes you got away with, and don't talk to me about the Ref. I think 'Robbed' just about sums it up !
  14. ArthurO

    Next season

    Did you move to Cornwall to get as far away from Spotland and the Hairnets as possible, Dave ? Can't say I blame you for doing that. Hey, look on the bright side Dave, you can always pop down to Falmouth and support a better side - The Cornish Rebels. They're likely to win more trophies than the Hairnets ever have done. Or will do !
  15. Arty: As a matter of interest, I've got a lifetime of ORLFC 'memories' knocking about. Does that count ? ?
  16. Bert. Their 'narrow design' was indeed well suited to the strong winds that inflicted themselves upon our spiritual home. But, the wind resistance of the pylons (down both sides of the pitch) would actually have been a secondary benefit. The primary reason for their 'minimal use of steelwork' was, as I remember, one of cost i.e. they were the 'lowest cost' practical option. Rapidly manufactured, small, easy to install and cheap to maintain. It was originally suggested that big pylon-lights should be placed at each of the four corners of the ground. But that suggestion was rejected for 'economic' reasons. As a result the lights that we had were adequate, but far from perfect.
  17. Bert. Weren't those floodlights installed in 1967 around the time when we used to play in the televised Tuesday evening games for the BBC2 'Floodlit Cup' ? ? ?
  18. Almost correct on both points. Bernard Ganley wasn't on the field to tackle. He wasn't expected to. He had a total of 12 very skillful, fast and hard players in front of him who did the tackling for him. Additionally that great team of the '50s could always score more points than his 'missed' tackles ever caused. Ganley was there for one reason and one reason only. That was to kick goals from anywhere in the opposition's half. As a 'kicking machine' he did just that. His kicking demoralised the opposition. They knew that he rarely missed a goal. His world record number of total goals scored, and kicked in a single season, stood for many, many years. P.S. He couldn't kick from ANYWHERE on the field. Even he wasn't that good !
  19. Sadly, we weren't a 'power' 24 years ago. I think you'll have to go back a LOT longer than 24 years to find a time when we were a 'power' in the world of Rugby League.
  20. Anita: I've had a premonition and I've already seen the score of the Law Cup. And, guess what, I'm afraid to tell you the score. Don't want to upset you.
  21. Watersheddings 1972: Welcome to the battle-hardened forum of 'The Roughyeds'.
  22. ArthurO

    Next season

    I was 'phishing'. And it didn't take long before the first 'upset' Hairnet took the bait, did it ? Dave.
  23. ArthurO

    Next season

    Yep, can't disagree with that statement. Trouble is, you've now gone and 'upset' that lot at t'other end of the A627(M). And as we well know, it doesn't take much to 'upset' them !
  24. ArthurO

    Next season

    Or, look at it another way. Perhaps our new Coach thinks that those same players you've now taken (inherited) from us don't meet the necessary 'quality' he expects/requires in order for US to gain promotion from League 1 next season ? ? ?
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