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  1. It's not that straight forward Town targetting certain games and may survive, you have to remember the teams around them will play each and pick up points. I remember a post on here where teams should be targetting 12 / 14 points to survive, where are the 6 / 7 wins coming from? Best we can hope for is a restructuring of league with no relegation.
  2. Totally disillusioned, at this level with this squad it just ain't working. As a life long Townie I don't expect a lot but l thought at least we would give this season a go. I dread to think we will go thro this season without a win and fear the worst against Leigh and all the tough away fixtures.
  3. It's on Freesport tomorrow night.
  4. Genuine question, could any of your players play super league? Hope you enjoy your day in Cumbria but not the result. UTT.
  5. We don't have the luxury of a settled side like Batley at the moment therefore we find the topic of new signings more interesting than Sunday's game. Regarding overall postings look at the numbers over the last several years, sadly the numbers are declining because of postings on other sites such has Facebook. One thing is for certain the postees on our forum have a better sense of humour, maybe it's a Cumbria / Yorkshire thing.
  6. Quite a lot of activity on here considering you lot are playing the rock bottom team, are you getting worried we are improving, so be aware an upset is on the cards (lol).
  7. The banter on here is terrific, Town supporters have not lost their sense of humour even though it's a testing season. You never know these new signings may make a difference along with the returning injured players. On to Batley UTT.
  8. Town fans should be proud of themselves, bottom of the league and filling a coach for this fixture, in the main away support to DP has been abysmal with some efforts struggling to fill a taxi. UTT.
  9. Same predictable mistakes conceding an early try, then one on the hooter and poor defence on the fringes. Lack of constructive play and penetration apart from Oscar Thomas (who should surely play at standoff, with Doran into loose forward). Tonights game was there for the taking an opportunity missed to give us a chance of staying up. Haven's defence, discipline and playing to the conditions seen them home
  10. Does the coach and board have a plan to get us out of this mess? We are about 1/3 thro the season and if we lose at Haven on Sunday then next week's game against Dewsbury takes on more significance. Disheartened about losing experienced players such has Pez, are loan, inexperienced players really the answer? What happens after the loan period?
  11. Don't really want to post this but I don't think it's right how WTRFLC are treating us supporters with total lack of communication. I can accept the club coming clean if we are broke but this secrecy is hard to take. No doubt I will trudge down to D.P. but with very little enthusiasm. UTT
  12. town blue


    If players can be attracted by employment is there funding available to employ them in community projects like they have in the past?
  13. I have supported both teams all my life and without doubt Borough Park has the best match experience and atmosphere - I remember a Friday night cup game against Bramley under the lights on BP that attracted around 5000 and a cup game against Wigan that attracted even more. The field of play is nearer the spectators that creates the atmosphere.
  14. town blue


    Come on WTRLFC give us a fighting chance and us supporters some hope and sign some Championship level players, even if they come on loan.
  15. Have I logged into the wrong forum who cares how Haven got on.
  16. Their first try was down to losing the ball in the tackle / collision and this happened several times in the game - difference in size of some our players and opposition?
  17. Good effort, apart from two tries given away on last tackle (otherwise they tackled their hearts out) - a kinder bounce of the ball especially in first minutes and a better ref and the result may have been different.
  18. That performance today was totally unacceptable Town loyal supporters deserve better than that. Why can't WTRFLC level with us and actually tell us what is going on. Totally disillusioned supporter again.
  19. When does the draw take place?
  20. I seem to remember reading of some sort of ground contamination where the old grandstand / change rooms are located.
  21. If the new 5000 capacity ground goes ahead, surely the plans provide the opportunity to increase the capacity if required in the future?
  22. Yes Derwent Park is showing her age but it is far from a hole. This was the ground that staged Scotland's world cup games in 2013 and the atmosphere was fantastic.
  23. The teams we may compete against are getting less and less my reckoning now are Haven, Dewsbury and maybe London.
  24. In my opinion its too early to make a judgement on the strongest 17, the biggest omission from this list is Curtis Teare, who slotted into the team effortlessly today. An exciting talent, both strong in defence and in attack.
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