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  1. The £24 has made a few of my mates pack in, late in their 'careers' they've just wrapped it up. Me personally I was packing in anyways a bit too old now, however I'm still involved coaching. If I was younger I'd pay it cause I'd wanna play, but the benefits they were offering as regards the discounts on tickets/merch etc were pointless I wouldn't have em given if I'm honest
  2. What's included in the insurance? How much liability does it cover etc.
  3. So if attackers can shoulder charge its never gone away. I'm in a minority that I'd allow the defender to shoulder charge. Any attack to the head should always and still be a cardable offence. But it'll never be brought back so why bother talking about it. Long live rugba league
  4. Attackers can shoulder charge, its never gone away
  5. I think a big reset of the semi pro game is coming players over paid etc. Our local semi pro teams do absolutely nothing to engage with local amateur clubs. They've taken all the TV money and done nothing with it. They've small fan bases which are dwindling and most of our jnrs do not go and watch etc. They've been around for over 100yrs and done nothing to help the increase the rl family.
  6. I can't see many clubs using jnr players subscriptions to cover coach costs. Certainly from my club, open age players pay more in subscriptions than a jnr player does.
  7. Seabrook Worcester sauce......the best there crisps are my favourite. Brannigans roast beef and mustard another top drawer bag McCoy's salt and vinegar
  8. Not really, the 7yr old parents are also subsidising the clubs facilities. The club will have overheads that need meeting in order for the players to play. Field maintenance, clubhouse maintenance, training facilities etc etc.
  9. The jnrs also benefit from the facilities in the clubhouse etc. They use the showers also
  10. In my Club thats not the case, there is alot of overheads for a big community club especially if they own all the facilities. Our clubs subscriptions don't cover the cost of the rugby for the teams, its heavily subsidised by the bar takings.
  11. What are they meant to do? They're the guidelines as issued by the rfl Ignore them? Is it really that bad not getting food after a match? Most lads I have played with barely eat after a game, a cold sarnie. Its not the end of the world. Take your own could sarnie and eat if its that much of a deal. Also I'm not sure most clubs could accommodate 1 person per 100sqft in a changing room as per guidelines. What are clubs meant to do if you only have 2 changing rooms?
  12. Any news on this? Having spoken to some community club folk they are not sure it's worth it
  13. So the game struggles for volunteers now, so going to make people pay £30.....aye alright. Your pool of volunteers will shrink overnight. Getting players to pay subs and signing on fees now can be in some cases nigh on impossible getting them to shell out more money, can't see some paying that they'll just walk away.
  14. It's an unfair question....who was the best in their era but so many variables its untrue For mine best I ever saw is ellery hanley its not even close. Lewis Meninga Daley, fittler johns,sculthorpe,lockyer all great great players.....but all under ellery
  15. How is the lack of open age friendlies in the ncl this autumn gonna affect sides ? Have many started back doing abit of training?
  16. Nadruku was sensational. Tuqiri, big and powerful, goal kicker and could really play All are brilliant though
  17. Dark waters, legal drama with mark ruffalo. A very well made film about a scandal me the wife new nothing about.
  18. Watched 3 films yesterday bit of a mixed bag the judge with Robert Duvall and Downey jr good in parts but drawn out and predictable. Identity, john Cusack and ray liotta. A horror film, not a massive fan of the genre really but it was ok. Checked out brooklyn rules what was recommended above, the best of the three we watched. I'd not heard of it before, but certainly decent
  19. How many cases did they have when they ended their first lockdown? Were masks mandatory over their in shops etc?
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