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  1. I can accept defeat when it's in that manner. Hard working, honest performance today. Forber was solid on his return, Malik was impressive but Fitzsimmons was my pick from our lot. Miloudi is SL quality no doubt. Classy player. Never seen anyone sulk as much when they get tackled though Put the last week behind us and move on
  2. I give up trying to 2nd guess how we will play. Arguably could have been further ahead at HT. Jamie Doran a cut above anyone on the field in that half. Need to get the ball in curtis' hands more often. How that isn't a red comparing it to others in recent games/leagues? Carry on 2nd half lads. Doing great
  3. Can only think thats the bare 17 looking at whose available. 2 wingers on the bench, plus Dec (thought he'd have been dropped). Settle.for no injuries or suspensions
  4. I agree. He made the step up comfortably. Don't think anything formal has been said yet, just what I've heard from others. He will sure be a miss
  5. No injuries, no suspensions and I'd be happy regardless of the result
  6. Did the radio have enough bleeps to cover Chris's interview if anyone heard?
  7. The less said the better. The difference at this level is needing to do it week in week out. Something which we can't do at the moment as this display and widnes shows.
  8. Everything is a matter of opinion and preference. I enjoyed the games at BP the other year and thought being closer to the action gave an appreciation of how quick the game is played.
  9. Must have been someone's last day at work before leaving
  10. Footage was unclear. Yet town games are recorded using a pixilated footage and he gets a ban.
  11. Caine is banned? From his sin binning? Is a sin binning not sufficient. Taking the pi** now
  12. The home performances so far have been very encouraging. Is there much difference between Sheffield and Dewsbury? Not enough for me to think we cant come away with a win. Hope Walker retains his place, really like seeing him take the line on. Hopefully have Cus back in the side and Simmons will have served his ban.
  13. There is still standing areas on the halfway line at BP opposite the 'main stand'. The seating is only on the back part of the stand? Is not standing on the half way line really a valid enough reason to not either want the move, or stop following town all together?
  14. A new modern grandstand is a start. If its this or nothing.... I'd still chose this. So long as it is built with a function room/bar that is actually befitting of hosting events other than on matchdays and a decent standard of facilities to attract matchday sponsors, it's better than bot clubs continuing how they are.
  15. How far off is dave wheetman? I still haven't seen him play yet
  16. Whitehaven at home be good. Big crowd, good money for both. Won no matter what the result.
  17. Taking a step back and looking at that 17 we had out there today, coming up against an established championship side. There was a hell of alot who have either never played semi pro before this season, or only had one or two seasons in league 1! Shows what a good coach and support staff we have at the club.
  18. Thought we were as equally great as dewsbury were poor today. That 1st half performance was as good as we've been for a while. Thorman is right, the drier conditions will suit us better. Teare was superb today. Thoroughly deserving his mom. Ran hard out of yardage and read the game great. Doran was excellent in that last 15 minutes I thought. Almost toying at will with them. Can take great confidence from that performance, as well as the performance vs fev. Well done lads!
  19. Expecting two evenly matched teams this weekend. Although there is no doubt a cup run is far from our priority, its is probably our best chance so far of getting our fist competitive win this season? Do we think Chris will give some of the other guys a run out who haven't featured so far? I'll go for a town win. Just. 24-20
  20. Last we heard was the overseas guy was hitting a few snags and maybe unlikely. But others were on the radar? Could do with another middle as Stevie is still a bit away from returning.
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