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  1. To be fair other than the top 5/6 EPL clubs the majority of football sponsorship is betting companies
  2. Do they use the same model of the RFL? 30,000 expected at game 23,000 attendance. Or announce a stand sold out only to have it a quarter empty on game day
  3. Similar to boxing. You'd have old granny's watching Eubank, Benn, Bruno. They would be on every prime time tv show. Most of the population today would struggle to name a boxer today.
  4. As said before Darts was always massive with household names. Me Nan used to go to Lakeside every year in the 1980's and 1990's. All Sky and Hearn have done is turned it into an awful stag party, pantomime. I love darts but you wouldn't see me going to watch it live.
  5. Was gonna say have they improved? Got one a few years back and the fit was awful. Never seen a shirt like it.
  6. This is a fallacy that is used on here alot. Smaller venues don't carry the same crowd making it a better atmosphere. Most always smaller venues just bring smaller crowds.
  7. Nearly 60k for our secondary cup final is something most sports could only dream of.
  8. Well at least they are not trying to flog £95 seats this time. From £95 to £50 for all 3 games rugby league is funny.
  9. The ashes crowd was like a darts crowd this year, awful.
  10. Only disappointment is, there should have been at least on marquee stadium used. Two of Headingley, Hudds and Saints is fine. But should have had one in a large London stadium.
  11. Great news some of us on here have been screaming for test series vs Tonga/Samoa for years. Will we sell these tickets proactively, or just hope people buy them on the day like the WC
  12. What about not really wanting to go to Warrington? Is that an excuse?
  13. Not the first time they steal our rules and call it Rugby Union. Touch rugby being one
  14. Don't understand why Headingley never get these games anymore. Only city that will guarantee a good crowd whether at ER or Headingley. Maybe they charge too much to hold the games. So many games have been held over in Leigh and Warrington and have never got a good crowd.
  15. A small mercy is that its not being held in Leigh. But honestly that's all, nobody wants to watch an event in Warrington. 6-7000 at Warrington to watch this what is the point.
  16. Was just about to post this, she promoted the ball with her other hand. Should have been no try.
  17. In days gone by, they would have put 20 points on NZ in the last 15 mins.
  18. Absolutely no chance any Aussie gets a ban. They could have decapitated a kiwi player with a samurai sword and still not get a ban.
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