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  1. Can't afford a couple of grand to fly a winger out for our elite playing squad.
  2. Sorry but this tour has become a complete and utter farce. We seemed to have gone back in time. We have been looking like a professional outfit for the last 8 or so years up until this tour which as other posters have pointed out looks exactly like the tours of the 90's
  3. I'd say very true. SBW was undoubtedly the pull in packing out Headingley for the 2013 WC. Plus a big factor in the big crowd at Wembley IMO.
  4. He is still the most well known Rugby player in the world. Alot of people on twitter asking why they don't just sign a current top NRL star. No one currently in the NRL is a bigger world wide star like SBW is.
  5. Yeah why play in front of 20k at Leeds or Hull when they can play in front of 1500 playing Wales or Ireland.
  6. He does only say he won't be playing in the NRL next year. Nowhere does it say he is retiring.
  7. And when he pulls on the green and pink or what ever we have next season.
  8. Fair enough but he also tried to get out of the deal before he even landed in the UK. But I will be supporting him once he puts the blue and Amber back on.
  9. Fair enough he's a great player but are we really sure that we want a player who has tried to get out of his contract twice in 12 months
  10. Honestly for the money that will be lost on this tour and the embarrassing crowds that will occur. Im sure we could have flown the whole of the Kiwis, Tongans and Papa new guinians over here first class and played a few tests over here and still come out better.
  11. I don't know why anyone is shocked NZ vs Oz can hardly draw 5 figures. NZ games in the 2017 RLWC played in NZ were horribly attended. The only saving grace was going to be the Tonga match but that has been wrecked and the Port Moresby game will be great but holding a game in 3rd world country although great as it may be will not make a dime. This forum called this happening 18 months ago, why the didn't scrap it and take the Australian offer of a UK tour this Autumn is beyond me. Although some on here still argue we shouldnt have taken the Aussies offer.
  12. Proves that the insistence of taking England games to places like Leigh and Doncaster were ridiculous.
  13. This is why a short form of the game is good for the sport. Just like in 7's in Union it gives the minnows a chance at success.
  14. What an awful team selection for a 9s comp. Not sure all the hate Mcgillvary is getting! He has been our best performer over the last 3/4 years
  15. There is quite a lot of interesting information and a good BBC doc that says that the Irish being Celtic is nothing but a myth with little to no proof of celts ever settling on the Island.
  16. So the GB team isn't to include Welsh/Scots and Irish but Australians hmmm
  17. At the end of the day Saints are deserved winners over the season but the ref ruined the contest in the 2nd half.
  18. Shame for Salford there. Wrong end of a few 50/50 calls then Saints score. Great kick and chase though.
  19. Salford remind me of the 2015 Leeds side. Off loads anywhere on the park and never give up on a play. Big first 5-10 mins of 2nd half coming up. Saints score first can see them winning relatively comfortably but if Salford keep up this pressure and score I can see Saints wobbling.
  20. Just like Yaha, he will play the winter in Treviso and resign just in time for pre season in SL.
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