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  1. My under resourced council (wakey) raises its council tax by the maximum 5% every single year. Probably to pay another diversity coach 150k a year.
  2. Exactly like the shirt I was on about earlier. God knows what templates they are using and it can't be difficult to sort it.
  3. Yeah I went and bought one of the retro leeds shirts which look good on the rack. But as soon as you put it on you realise how bad oxen are. Material is the worse than market tat. And the cut is just really poor collar too small and sleeves are massive.
  4. I don't buy this argument. Everyone loves winning. I don't think suddenly losing will bring the fans back. The All Blacks have won 80% of their matches in their 100+ year history.
  5. I'd wager if it doesn't go ahead. That will be time for the RLWC for a long time.
  6. Would you trust Aus to take part in 2022. I wouldn't.
  7. The RFL and IRFL have no backbone so it is likely to be postponed. But in my opinion. You can easily make up two Australian and NZ invitational teams from players over here and players willing to break ranks.
  8. Unfortunately we now have to act as if Australia and NZ no longer exist in the international game. It will be difficult but it must be done. We can no longer depend on them to act as a friendly partner.
  9. He will be back in SL sometime next season IMO he is a shadow of his former self after his injury. Would go OK in a Salford or Wakefield type club.
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