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  1. Mismanagement is certainly rife in this sport but you cannot blame a club or its directors for getting financial turmoil after relegation. Its like you going from a 100k a year salary professional job to a part time supermarket Assistant on 10k a year overnight. How would you deal with that?
  2. That's the crux of the matter, in an ideal world maybe P&R in Rugby League could work but in reality you are risking killing off a club that our game can ill afford for some ideology that P&R is in our sporting culture. Which in reality is wrong. Our sport has not had P&R for the majority of its history. Its only when we started trying to emulate soccer in the 70's and 80's that we brought it in.
  3. Problem is sport in this country (not just RL by the way) is still in the 1980's where your lucky to spend half an hour lining up in a ###### smelling dank concourse for your watered down beer and microwaved pie. It is slowly changing, the new Spurs stadium is as good as you get in the US for stadium amenities but that is only one stadium in the whole country. The biggest clubs in this country Man Utd and Liverpool still play in delapalated century old stadiums with different additions from different decades.
  4. By revenue yes, because they are the richest country in the world. But by gpobal viewership PL is more watched
  5. Even the Champions League has fallen in relevance lately. Hidden away on BT sports and the same teams playing every year has made it rather stale (sound similar)
  6. Or is it just the trend, the FA cup final used to be the biggest game in English Football now its been demoted to almost a reserves competition and most Recently they don't fill the stadium for the semi's at Wembley.
  7. I know the RFL can't win here, as people on here have spent years bemoaning our low Groupon style ticket prices for our marquee events. But on the other side who is paying £45-£55 for this? Its more than Leeds Utd charge for Premier League games which is arguably the biggest sporting league in the world.
  8. 6 hrs in a cramped stadium with poor/Expensive food and drink options. And that's not a slight on Elland Rd in particular. I couldn't think of any stadium bar maybe Wembley where I could comfortably spend 4-6 hrs in.
  9. Are you on the wind up? Leigh is used all the blumin time. And that trick about putting the crowd into a smaller stadium never works. You just end up with a smaller crowd period because nobody thinks going to a small stadium in Leigh for a semi final is an Event.
  10. You can tell by the awful cut they are Oxen, just look how long the sleeves look and how the shirt tightens at the midriff.
  11. One of the biggest problems for French clubs and French players is that once P&R came back Catalan had to pack thier team with more foreigners and scrap development of French players
  12. Sorry I just can't believe that. Its not just bad design its the whole template/cut that is wrong and the material is Spanish Market quality.
  13. I honestly have never seen a worse brand than oxen and that is not hyperbole. The cut of the shirts are completely wrong. I've never known any brand that can't get a t-shirt template right.
  14. TBF there was a big Leeds United game on too. Probably took a bit off the attendance.
  15. Yep, we still have players who are supposedly "up and coming" yet are like 25-26 years old.
  16. People will complain that England always win and no one wants to go and see it. Meanwhile Italy haven't won a 6n game in Union for 7 years.
  17. Yep, Catalans had many more French players when relegation wasn't a factor. When relegation was brought back they had to make sure they stayed up to the detriment of thier French players development.
  18. Yeah I thought that, obviously trying to cash in on the past popularity of the pink jersey's but they look completely different and more tacky. May still be popular though.
  19. Did we grease our hands up in butter before the game. Never seen such bad handling
  20. SL referee in inconsistency shocker. You'll see loads of tackles like that a game that won't even get a penalty.
  21. We have a rubbish coach. Why invest in better players if you keep on with a middling coach.
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