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  1. So the GB team isn't to include Welsh/Scots and Irish but Australians hmmm
  2. At the end of the day Saints are deserved winners over the season but the ref ruined the contest in the 2nd half.
  3. Shame for Salford there. Wrong end of a few 50/50 calls then Saints score. Great kick and chase though.
  4. Salford remind me of the 2015 Leeds side. Off loads anywhere on the park and never give up on a play. Big first 5-10 mins of 2nd half coming up. Saints score first can see them winning relatively comfortably but if Salford keep up this pressure and score I can see Saints wobbling.
  5. I get it. But England RU and cricket have gone leaps and bounds since they have become a foreign legion and no one seems to care. Why should we be any different.
  6. It's a shame that we have to wait until it goes to a tenner for us to buy it. But at the end of the day it will not be seen again after the one off competition. So why should we feel obliged to fork out 50 quid.
  7. He will be back in SL sometime next season IMO he is a shadow of his former self after his injury. Would go OK in a Salford or Wakefield type club.
  8. Just the usual Brits aren't good enough for the NRL tosh. Thought the myth would have been totally squashed in recent times. But still people peddle it.
  9. To be honest I'm not sure why the RFL didnt organise some midweek games versus clubs. The attendances may be higher for them than the NZ test games.
  10. I don't disagree with you I'm just pointing out that Im sure you know a game versus Saints or Leeds could raise half a million quid or more half going to Aussies could make the tour a viable business opportunity. The NRL is not a charity and with them already losing money on games in NZ I'm sure they don't want to just carry on losing money every time they play international RL.
  11. I suppose the difference is vs Saints, Leeds, Wigan etc they will get a 20k all paying crowd and make a big chuck of change versus a 3k or 4k against Wales or Ireland.
  12. I did forsee when we developed both sides at the same time and didnt move to Elland Road for the season we were going get people getting out of the habit of going to games. It seems we have lost about 3k fans or so. We can't even sellout the South stand.
  13. Lets hope we can get the fans back in. Crowds at 11k are quite worrying.
  14. I always felt they could build a couple temp stands like the do at Bath RU ground and what Leeds had last year and it would look 10x better. Surely that wouldn't cost that much.
  15. Are we sure it is going to be a triple header in the same stadium or just three games on the same day? I don't read it as the same stadium ala magic. Ive heard the Aussies use triple/double headers to describe several games over a day in different stadium.
  16. Any number of things, you have nigh on 2 years to book fixtures.
  17. I Agree and said similar earlier on in the thread, if you look at it without the emotion the best course of action would have been to accept the Aussies offer and have the ashes this year.
  18. Mate we will be lucky to draw 5 figure crowds vs NZ The only way that the crowds would have been decent is if we had 18-24 months to sell tours to Eng fans. Now we might be lucky to get 6-8 months notice for people to make plans. Tonga and Samoa should have decent turnouts but it is still only 20k at 10-30 nz$ a ticket
  19. True, but the Aussies could be a total different beast in 2 years where our ageing stars will be 2 years older. My main argument is that yes we have had the rug pulled from under us, and the NRL are bar stewards for doing it. But if we look at if without emotion. It would be have been better to sort the ashes out this year then have plenty of time and a bit of money in the bank (maybe) to sort something decent out in two years time. Now we have a broke RFL with 9 months to organise something out.
  20. think it depends if we won the series. We could then go into the WC as the bonefide no1 in the world. I think we would be favourites if we played them this Autumn.
  21. Either way is fine by me. But we need to scrap this tour and go back to the drawing board and do it properly another year.
  22. The RFL also don't seem to want the work a pacific tour of tge UK would take.
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