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  1. What perplexes me is why does Robert Elstone care about if Toronto are sustainable or not and what they can add to SL. He and SL have not put a bean into Toronto and stand to lose nothing in fact all clubs will be sharing an extra slice of the TV money. If in a few years the money men leave and the go belly up.. So what!! You could say the same about half the clubs in SL. That's why I think it is nothing but a shakedown for an extra few quid and if I were an advisor to the Toronto board and owners I would advise them to get as far away from RL as possible.
  2. We did it this season (Leeds) because of stadium upgrade and ended up flirting with relegation all season.
  3. I think it was from the playoff launch at OT. No link sorry watched on my sky+
  4. Just watched his interview on Rugby am and he is still calling them spurious. I don't know what his end goal is with them. He is much happier making vague promises and far off targets than handing the issues of now.
  5. Yeah imaging all those super rich soccer fans having to travel to 6,7,8,9 whatever European games a season plus a lot that also go to away England games.
  6. It isn't, it's just a convient stick to beat them with. The end goal is either to get rid of them because they don't want the competition or a way too fleece money from them.
  7. Just watching his interview on Rugby AM and he is still calling Toronto spurious and only has good things to say through gritted teeth and caveats. His claims about if they are sustainable and if the comp can handle the travel are completely ridiculous as they have been doing it for several years in the lower leagues. He is much happier making vague promises and targets than actual taking on real opportunites in the now.
  8. So what's your point? Toronto Wolfpack are already as successful as most of this historic clubs in terms of crowd size. Without the need of any Canadian players. The Raptors are hugely successful and the current NBA champions without any Canadian players. No one called them a US team exiled in Canada in fact it was shouted from the rooftops by the NBA that it was a Canadian team winning the championship. Fair enough the try outs for College gridiron players was a gimmick. But it is just the aged all parorichal RL fan argument. As it is only a few old northern club fans that care that there are no Canadian players in year 3 of the clubs existence.
  9. The Blue Jay's and Raptors seem to do just fine without any Canadian players. No one seems to give a hoot. According to the Internet the Blue Jay's have had only 16 Canadian players in their 40+ years of existence.
  10. Yep. Instead of shouting on the roof tops about the possibility of one of two clubs based in two great world class cities, exactly what Super League was created for in 96. We instead start bicciering about a couple of grand and undermining the whole competition. Tolouse and Toronto have been self sustainable for years in the lower leagues without a bean given to them from the sport. Not only paying for their own travel costs but also their opposition including feeding them and hotel costs on a weekly basis. While our historic clubs complain about having to charter a coach for the hour long trip to Manchester Airport.
  11. Honestly pathetic if true. The people in this sport really cheese me of sometimes. Looks as if we are run by used car salesmen sometimes.
  12. He will be back in SL sometime next season IMO he is a shadow of his former self after his injury. Would go OK in a Salford or Wakefield type club.
  13. Just the usual Brits aren't good enough for the NRL tosh. Thought the myth would have been totally squashed in recent times. But still people peddle it.
  14. To be honest I'm not sure why the RFL didnt organise some midweek games versus clubs. The attendances may be higher for them than the NZ test games.
  15. I don't disagree with you I'm just pointing out that Im sure you know a game versus Saints or Leeds could raise half a million quid or more half going to Aussies could make the tour a viable business opportunity. The NRL is not a charity and with them already losing money on games in NZ I'm sure they don't want to just carry on losing money every time they play international RL.
  16. I suppose the difference is vs Saints, Leeds, Wigan etc they will get a 20k all paying crowd and make a big chuck of change versus a 3k or 4k against Wales or Ireland.
  17. I did forsee when we developed both sides at the same time and didnt move to Elland Road for the season we were going get people getting out of the habit of going to games. It seems we have lost about 3k fans or so. We can't even sellout the South stand.
  18. Lets hope we can get the fans back in. Crowds at 11k are quite worrying.
  19. I always felt they could build a couple temp stands like the do at Bath RU ground and what Leeds had last year and it would look 10x better. Surely that wouldn't cost that much.
  20. Are we sure it is going to be a triple header in the same stadium or just three games on the same day? I don't read it as the same stadium ala magic. Ive heard the Aussies use triple/double headers to describe several games over a day in different stadium.
  21. Any number of things, you have nigh on 2 years to book fixtures.
  22. I Agree and said similar earlier on in the thread, if you look at it without the emotion the best course of action would have been to accept the Aussies offer and have the ashes this year.
  23. Mate we will be lucky to draw 5 figure crowds vs NZ The only way that the crowds would have been decent is if we had 18-24 months to sell tours to Eng fans. Now we might be lucky to get 6-8 months notice for people to make plans. Tonga and Samoa should have decent turnouts but it is still only 20k at 10-30 nz$ a ticket
  24. True, but the Aussies could be a total different beast in 2 years where our ageing stars will be 2 years older. My main argument is that yes we have had the rug pulled from under us, and the NRL are bar stewards for doing it. But if we look at if without emotion. It would be have been better to sort the ashes out this year then have plenty of time and a bit of money in the bank (maybe) to sort something decent out in two years time. Now we have a broke RFL with 9 months to organise something out.
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