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  1. SL/RFL should definitely be paying some production costs so that all French games can be telecast. You can then package them up seperate and sell them to C4, BBC or YouTube or whoever. You won't get much but the exposure is great. Rugby League played in lovely sunny South of France gives a different perspective than a game in Adbrigg, Wakefield
  2. Yep there is nothing on Saturday morning/afternoons other than rubbish cookery programmes
  3. Gonna be weird having a Rhinos match not at 8pm fri night
  4. I always preferred Premiers NRL coverage. They used to show every match with all the build up and post match analysis. Obviously they were only piggybacking of the NRL production so I'm not sure what Premiers own production is going to be like.
  5. Jumping over the wall at the cricket ground and running down the stands into the crowd to get into Headingley free and also switching sides at half time.
  6. I actually saw some RL on a Sky promo the other day. I was shocked someone sneaked it on there. I'm sure it was a mistake and they meant to put in the netball superleague on it.
  7. I remember watching a TV programme about Jaywick they were living in prefab ex holiday chalets. Crazy
  8. I find it weird that this country is so against using public funds to upgrade sporting facilities or to provide community infrastructure to a sporting club that has been in the community for 130 years. We have always been so behind in this respect compared to other developed countries.
  9. People complaining about traffic and parking have obviously never been to Headingley.
  10. I rember Leeds v Cowboys in a packed Headingley and Jonathan Thurston walking all around the ground doing a bowing down action to all sides of the ground. I don't think he had ever witnessed a atmosphere quite like it and was quite obviously moved.
  11. What you mean like playing international competitions like every other sport manage to do.
  12. My under resourced council (wakey) raises its council tax by the maximum 5% every single year. Probably to pay another diversity coach 150k a year.
  13. Especially when most of us spend our time watching games in rickety old sheds or flatpack community stadiums. ER is a good old fashioned stadium that holds a decent number of fans and has good hospitality nowadays.
  14. Not trying to get this into a political discussion but RL has lots of stories that will fit right into C4 lefty ideology. Its amazing how long its taken the wider sporting community to recognise that we had Black captains and managers 50 years before any other sport.
  15. Yeah you might be right. I tend to turn those games off and prefer games in the older smaller grounds that get filled.
  16. Have you seen NRL games? I've seen loads of games with about 6k rattling round the SCG or the SFS doesn't seem to hurt thier broadcast figures.
  17. While it seems great news. The problem comes when the details of the deal are leaked or announced like Papa Johns paid in pizza debacle or the Stobart deal.
  18. Sorry thats a load of rubbish. There are loads of jobs that are much more dangerous than playing RL for alot less money. Military for one, roofers, fishermen, refuse collectors etc.. but none of them or there families are able to sue thier employers if they die or in later life have difficulty. If these people could sue, society would literally stop.
  19. I agree to some extent, but RU was just full of weak jessie's just look at what the bulls did to them in the sevens. RU just had to catch up in defensive skills and training. We were 20 years ahead of them.
  20. Even if it is the best stadium in the world we really shouldn't be staging WC games on a pitch 10 yards too small
  21. Exactly like the shirt I was on about earlier. God knows what templates they are using and it can't be difficult to sort it.
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