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  1. Mate we will be lucky to draw 5 figure crowds vs NZ The only way that the crowds would have been decent is if we had 18-24 months to sell tours to Eng fans. Now we might be lucky to get 6-8 months notice for people to make plans. Tonga and Samoa should have decent turnouts but it is still only 20k at 10-30 nz$ a ticket
  2. True, but the Aussies could be a total different beast in 2 years where our ageing stars will be 2 years older. My main argument is that yes we have had the rug pulled from under us, and the NRL are bar stewards for doing it. But if we look at if without emotion. It would be have been better to sort the ashes out this year then have plenty of time and a bit of money in the bank (maybe) to sort something decent out in two years time. Now we have a broke RFL with 9 months to organise something out.
  3. think it depends if we won the series. We could then go into the WC as the bonefide no1 in the world. I think we would be favourites if we played them this Autumn.
  4. Either way is fine by me. But we need to scrap this tour and go back to the drawing board and do it properly another year.
  5. The RFL also don't seem to want the work a pacific tour of tge UK would take.
  6. My first choice. But that would take a bit of sense. Which the RFL seem to lack.
  7. I get all that, and you are right. But there is no point crying over splilled milk as they say. The Aussies made thier decsion and the RFL should have made a pragmatic choice. If you take the Aussies on thier word they lost half a million taking a couple games to NZ. How much would the RFL stand to lose? My first choice would be to scrap the tour and get some Pacific nations over here this Autumn and play ashes next year.
  8. I think your right. If they were pragmatic they should of bit the Aussies hands off with the offer of a ashes series this Autumn. Because 1. RFL are broke 2. Aus are looking pretty poor as they transistion away from losing 5 of there probably greatest ever players. As you say I think the offer was refused on emotion.
  9. Should be scrapped now. Lets bring over any of Tonga/Samoa/PNG and a game in France. Play them in some of the bidding WC host cities as a test run. Lets build some momentum for the WC.
  10. I understand your position but at the moment it is probably about right, as with the current ownership there doesn't seem to be much motivation to create bigger crowd figures. We have very little footprint in the city, no marketing other than a bit of social media. For example you would have never known we won the championship in 2017 or that a Rugby club exists in the city. No posters, billboards, no city centre shop, no campaigns on the plethera of LED screens around the city.
  11. Yes I think increasing the coporate ££'s is the way to go. NBA teams are very rich despite only having 15-20k arenas to play in. But thier VIP/Corporate offerings are fantastic.
  12. Crowd looks alot more healthy 30 mins out than last week lets hope its a good sign.
  13. Right, although all the NZ players play in the NRL and Sutton is an NRL ref so it isn't perfect. But its better than having an English ref for a England game.
  14. Was just going to post the same thing. Im sure Maguire was the main man behind this change in tact. No complaints from me, should have been obvious from the start.
  15. Where did you get the notion it would be cheaper to build a new stadium elsewhere? The money for the North stand is only there because of the cricket. The club put the money up for the SS I believe So where would the other approx 20 - 30 millon come from to build a new stadium elsewhere in the city. Also any new land would have to be on the ourskirts of Leeds. You'd never get any land in leafy North Leeds in this day and age.
  16. Yet no one ever gets held to account. RL media do nothing
  17. So any more news? Not gonna be much of a tour for GB if the Aussies want to come over here. A tour of Hull, Huddersfield and Leeds. A bit like the old Hale and Pace sketch "if it's outside Yorkshire there is no point even visiting"
  18. I did a few price ups for the WC as was thinking of going until our lass told me we were expecting, which stopped that idea. But I could of done the trip for about half the price of the agents were asking. But some people just don't want to book stuff themselves. I spent my 20's travelling and working so I'm experienced in getting around some people need travel agents, You'd think they would have been ditched as soon as the internet booking stuff came in but there you go.
  19. You are right, the majority of the RU prem have stadiums of 10 - 15,000 and no one seems to mind. We are a strange breed in RL thinking that our clubs need football type capacity's. 10,000 for a club like Cas would be perfect, would look full every week would have a great atmosphere and could sell premium memberships etc as with a smaller capacity you create a supply and demand issue where you may be able to flog more premium priced seats and it turn make more money than if you add more capacity for the sake of it.
  20. A joint stadium in glasshouton would be next to xscape with much more variety of pubs and eateries than around the current stadiums.
  21. No way anything gets announced until well after the NZ series. And no chance getting a shirt until probably two weeks after the tour. Not sure what is happening with the Hummel England shirt. Summer is approaching, which is the time we should be selling the apparel.
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