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  1. I think it will be a better competition than super league Think newcastle will be in the top half of the table
  2. Ex wife of Sam slams the sport for being mysogenistic and characterised by a poor culture. Is she correct. Now in the UK we have always had a string female fan base, and tye womens game is growing at an exceptional rate. But are her comments correct
  3. Maybe they could drop an extra 20 mullion a year into super league or even better complete global negitiations on our behalf
  4. I agree And wigan rugby league should aspire to be one of the biggest brand names in the united kingdom 20K per game is not unrealistic.
  5. If any one thing defines that wigan rugby league club need their own ground, it is the renaming of the billy Boston stand to some none descript corporate name. Its just a disgrace and wigan fans should not accept it
  6. Im personally appauled by the standard of rugby league journalists at this time. Cheap, lazy, untalented hacks scraping around in the dirt and debris to deliver garbage and rhetoric with very little substance. Only last week love rugby league highlighted ben flowers remarkable rugby league career by referring just to the lance hohaia incident 7 long years ago. With such negative summarys it suprises me that many of these so called journos actually like our sport at all. Maybe they are just under achievers
  7. Peter negotiated a billion dollar NRL deal and is proposing a 17th team in the NRL I believe we should pass all sky negotiations onto the NRL
  8. The NRL are expanding to 17 teams when the dolphins are allowed in and possibly 18 teams by 2027 Thats a lot of players taken back to the NRL and as viewing figures increase they already have a billion dollar tv deal. We need to up our game by introducing franchising, and by quitting the nonsense about a 10 team super league as its selfish, insular and paranoid
  9. I think wakefield complained about it more than anybody else
  10. Global pandemic im guessing
  11. Not in a single report have i seen what this deal is worth. Therefore zero
  12. Featherstone may be a small town but they have good support levels from pontefract They have a better stadium than both castleford and wakefield They will deserve their place if they win
  13. Derek is nt really all that rich in all fairness, and his obsession with meaningless job titles perhaps emphasises a great deal of naievity on his part. He perhaps has a bit more cash than your average leigh fan, but he is hardly super rich. Indeed derek reminds me of the old pub owners or garage owners of times gone by who used to run rugby league clubs
  14. Im willing to bet none of us can name a single japanese rugby union team Its a corporate event sport in japan
  15. Im not sure why derek beaumont makes meaningless appointments Is chris chester the coach or not
  16. Aa castleford and wakefield trinity own their grounds, they are in fact in a better position than Hull or wigan who own nothing Hull also pay a rental fee of £600,000 a year to play atca football stadium which to me makes zero economic sense. So Walefield Trinity a far better position than both Hull and Wigan. Incidently both Hull and Wigan have owners who speak loudly and clearly for super league clubs getting the bulk of the sky money when both these clubs have been in relative decline in terms of developing alternative revenue streams, over the last 10 years. Both clubs therefore need their own grounds on the scale of a warrington or a st helens before once great clubs start to drop off the radar.
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