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  1. Best wingers we've had to choose from since the 70,s.
  2. As said above, difficult question , I believe all clubs at what ever level have ambition , personally I feel achievement is secondary to belief and entertainment , my club ( York ) fulfill those requirements .
  3. Yes on paper they look very strong , see how the coach gets them to gel quickly , cos getting off to a good start is imperative in a very strong league.
  4. Cheer's will check it out , we'll all miss our trip to the LSV , great fan's , club and ground , hopefully see you in superleague in the not too distant future.
  5. Sounds wonderful to me john , let's hope we can all have one big party at our new home together
  6. Match now off due to covid , and still we wait.
  7. Forget it , its history , any of the six contenders would have had their critics , let's move on to a better 2021 for all.
  8. Promotion nailed on if you stay injury free.
  9. Hopefully chance to see the new stadium ( live on you tube ) chance for a new start and prosperous future for both the knights and city
  10. Dead chuffed to see Jason bass get the no 2 shirt , this guy has come on leaps and Bound's
  11. Thanks for the stats gav, as I said fringe , that's why there not in superleague now
  12. Fair point , as gav pointed out13 of the current York squad featured at superleague level, but this was in the past and most were fringe players , York need to establish themselves as a top championship club , then try and push for superleague.
  13. Congratulations to the Leigh centurions , will miss my trip there as always a warm welcome , good facilities and a testing match , looking forward to a year in the very competitive championship , Summer bash, a new stadium and last but not least fan's and good mates , up the fantastic kneets
  14. Only want the decision , media will debate it for the next 6 months anyway.
  15. That's the winter fuel allowance gone again john
  16. Hope we get them away in the Fri night fixture before the magic weekend
  17. Watched city on you tube last night. (Yeah I know) ground and pitch looked so run down , shame , the sooner both teams move to the LNER the better.
  18. Probably what you mean is the cas shirt looks a bit York
  19. Not much to choose between them , all could do with updating , but in the new economic era we are entering I doubt this will happen in the near future
  20. York to Leeds quoted as 40 miles , when in fact it is barely half that amount , quality article I think not !.
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