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  1. Thought both wing defences were poor, we must have been bad at Whitehaven to get beat.
  2. Hetherington was in the stand yesterday, wonder if he was keeping an eye on Edwards or someone else.
  3. The Newcastle player had a sly dig at him a couple of minutes earlier, he's young he'll learn.
  4. Think Fordy took O'Hagan off because the game was already won and not to risk any injuries, we're nearly a third of the way through the season and there's bigger games to come.
  5. Intercepted 80 yards out but couldn't keep hold of the ball, the lad was gutted.
  6. What a perfect performance from the Knights, if being full does that to your team glad the Knights are still part time.
  7. Game day, lovely sunny day and the pitch is in a great condition, ideal for fast open rugby, come on the Kneets.
  8. Win on Saturday and we go back to third.
  9. He has to see the doc. just going by the report in the Press.
  10. Ward, Ellis, Oakes and Brinin missing from the squad Davis is back in.
  11. Will Jubb will make his 100th appearance for the Knights against Newcastle on Saturday, well done and thank you, Will always gives 100% every game, hope you get to 300 with us.
  12. That will leave a vacuum
  13. Think the Knights ladies will beat the Rhino ladies this year.
  14. Wonderful player to watch a real talent, speedy recovery Mikey.
  15. Should be a belter of a game they look a lot better than when we beat them in the cup, understand Ogden, Davis who scored 2 tries and two of the young lads played for the Rhinos resereves last week, keeps them fit for us if true, think I'd play Davis and rest Kriss he seems to be getting plenty of knocks this year.
  16. Great game last night on Premier Sports HKR v Castleford, Premiers coverage is so much better than Sky's, the game could have gone either way at 12 10 hope Mikey Lewis injury is not too bad, what a player he's turning out to be.
  17. I noticed that, my son said that's one of the reasons Hull got rid he thought he was something special, too good for them.
  18. What was the year we beat them four times, Godfrey scoring in the corner at their place?.
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