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  1. It's amazing that there wasn't a queue of players demanding a transfer when they were told they had to wear that yukkish green thing on an away trip. Couldn't somebody have left the kit bag on the team coach? Sorry to go on about it but I still get bad dreams.
  2. Must be getting old because as a traditionalist (I can still remember the blue and white hoop days) I have hoped for a return to the Royal Blue with White V for years. I think we have missed a chance for an away strip of White V on Red shirt (the colours we wore at Wembley in 1955). Probably a bit too told to buy/wear a replica shirt but I hope they sell like hot cakes. No more of that lime green-yellow vomit like thing of a few years ago!
  3. Back in the days of mud and fog (80s-90s) there were nine divisions (our A team played in Division Eight) and more than 90 teams.
  4. Come on, BJ - those figures are six years old. The average at Craven Park this season is 2,500-plus (figures available each week in League Express. Unlike some clubs Barrow still announce the crowd figures).
  5. Rowan

    Just Chat

    The reason I remember Tattersfield in particular was that I played one of my very few games for Corby Pioneers which I helped set up in 1969. Pioneers played in the Southern League but fixed up a friendly with Rossington Hornets. Memory can play tricks but I vaguely recall that our match was a curtain raiser to a Yorkshire Cup-tie - Doncaster v. Wakefield Trinity - and we got a good hammering (about 80-15 as I seem to remember) and as we kicked off late it looked as though the game would have to be cut short to accommodate the 3-15 kick-off for the Cup-tie. But Trinity's Neil Fox stepped in to suggest that, as we had travlled a long way the main match could kick off at 3-30 instead. Oh, and I almost forgot - I did my shoulder in when I tackled the Rossington winger and as he got up he accidentally trod on my shoulder. My own fault. I was full back and we were already losing by about sixty I didn't even have to make the tackle. It was my last game so I took up refereeing instead.
  6. Rowan

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    How could I forget the Willows? I think Widnes ground is o the site of Naughton Park - it's just a posher version
  7. Rowan

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    Gone grounds (at least those I can remember having been to them) include Station Road, Central Park, Knowsley Road, Tattersfield, Wilderspool, Fartown, Hilton Park, Athletic Grounds, Boulevard, Craven Park (HKR). There's probably more but one of the results is that most of the clubs concerned now share a soccer ground where they have to play second fiddle.
  8. Is it fair to assume that all those calling to Carry on Regardless are actually playing in 30-degree-plu]s heat this weekend?
  9. Barrow Raiders paid tribute to Phil Jackson ahead of Sundays match with Bradford. For those of us old enough to remember seeing him as a member of Barrow's star-studded backline of the fifties - Lewthwaite, Jackson, Goodwin, Castle, Horne, Toohey - can understand why he earned the title Prince of Centres. And having met him in later life in Wagga Wagga he was the gentleman that we as youngsters always thought he would be.
  10. You would be more than welcome at Barrow's Craven Park; it is such a fun place to be these days, families with young kids dressed in the colours of the local junior clubs, good open rugby by a tam that includes several locals who have graduated through those same clubs and and in the line from Marty Robbins hit song Devil Woman - even the seagulls are happy. It's not Super League but don't let that put you off.
  11. Strange to stop going to a big event because not enough people go to a big event. How does that work?
  12. Aren't Sky more interested in how many people are watching the game on their TV screens rather than how many are sitting in the stands - even if those at home get their kicks from counting empty seats?
  13. Great day out at Walney Central where they were opening a new beer garden facility at the clubhouse and drew in a big party crowd for the game against neighbours Hindpool Tigers. Cents won 28-14. It was a Second Division match in the NWML - a far cry from the club's days in the National Conference and then the short-lived Cumbria League but signs were there that they are coming out of a slow decline and there were plenty of fresh faces in both teams. With Barrow Island and Millom still in the NCL, the Furness area has six teams - Walney, Hindpool, Dalton, Ulverston, Roose and Askam - in the NWML and the Barrow and District League and only last week they provided 11 of the 17 players in Barrow Raiders 44-4 win over Widnes.
  14. Went to today's game thinking we'll do well to keep it down to a 30-point gap - and came away disappointed that we lost by 2 points. That was one of the grittiest performances I've seen by any team - not just Barrow - in a long time. As everybody agrees, Leigh were bigger, stronger and faster - but the fact that they had to rely on a breakaway long distant try to win sums up the Raiders effort. I was proud to be a Barrow fan today -fielding 11 locally-reared and trained lads in a team taking on a full-time squad including a host of expensive full-time overseas players who had just won the 1895 Cup and to lose by a narrowly-missed 35-yard penalty ... a brilliant effort from everyone.
  15. Let's be honest - anybody who did not enjoy that then they don't really like the sport. Same goes for the 1895 Cup Final. It would be interesting to know what our great saviours-to-be IMG thought about it.
  16. Rowan

    new director

    As a long-distance follower of Oldham's fortunes can I ask what a formal partnership with North Herts Crusaders entails?
  17. On my first tour to Australia and New Zealand in 1979 there were 14 full-time fellow RL reporters plus BBC and local radio (it was a 14-week tour).but by the time I was on the redundancy list and then retired it was down to less than half a dozen. After that most papers decided that a full-time RL reporter was a luxury and the game could be covered by freelances and agencies. On reflection, the switch to summer and late night finishes to games did not help and soccer coverage was going through the roof.
  18. One of the problems is that we do not have a local paper worth the name. It's not based in town; it has no specialist sports staff to give either the Raiders or the Bluebirds the day-to-day coverage they need. I'll shut up there because since the buy-out and the closure of Abbey Road the paper's gone up to 90p. And for what?
  19. That's hardly in the spirit of openness that the club whish to portray. There are fans who are more concerned that just nosey.
  20. Just an aside - and different times I know - but when the Bears were in Super League the cost of ground sharing for Oldham Rugby was, according to the chairman (Jim Quinn) at the time was £8,000 a game. Which, again according to JQ meant that cash from the first 1,000 spectators at £8 a time, went straight into the coffers of the Latics. I don't know how true that was - I was only the club's media officer (unpaid) at the time and it was Mr. Quinn who disappeared from the scene one fine morning.
  21. I hate to ask this but who exactly in benefitting from having West Wales Raiders in League One? It can't be the players, their supporters, League One or the sport of Rugby League. So who? I'm sure that like most people I sincerely want a semi-pro/pro club in south Wales but at what price? WWR are no better now than they were in their first season. Another 100-point defeat against, honestly, a pretty average Oldham is no good to anybody. There is such a wide gap in League One these days and those suffering most are the clubs outside what is generally known as the heartlands. I admire those people who try to spread the game in untapped areas (I did it myself many years ago) but there has to be a better way than what we have got now.
  22. Barrow isn't really an either/or town. As a Raiders fan I am not alone in wanting the Bluebirds to get to safety in League Two and by the same token I know plenty of people who support both clubs. There is the odd knuckle dragger like there is everywhere but I never hear any of the hate talk that seems to infect many two-code towns and cities.
  23. Fair enough RSN - but at least they normally join a bit earlier (third round out of 7 in FA Cup) than offering them the chance of a final after three games. Before Super League every pro club started at the same time. - Round One.
  24. So there are 11 Super Leagues sides granted a free pass into the last 16 without having to beat a single team in the competition - and there are still people who believe that Rugby League is not all about Super League.
  25. 18-0 up at the moment
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