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  1. Just asking: How many Super League clubs are averaging 8-9,000? Wakefield, Castleford, Huddersfield, Leigh. HKR?
  2. Salford - even with a team of all-stars of some of the best players in the game under Brian Snape- have never averaged 8 - 9,000 at The Willows so when Ray Cashmere tries to explain the reasons for their plight and for moving out of the AJ Bell to a smaller ground he is told "the club must try harder." If A Grand Final and a Cup Final appearance in the last two years can't encourage people to watch the Red Devils what can they do to "try harder?"
  3. Like you Michael I failed to go but, on a lighter note, maybe the fact that so few turned up is an indication that we believe the Chairman and his board are doing a good job and we have nothing to moan about.
  4. Sorry folks, but before Newsquest bought the T & S and the NW E Mail, the Furness paper had a sports department of a Spots Editor and three reporters plus contacts providing reports from all the local sports scene, Today they don't have a single sports reporter and not even an office in Barrow. Don't expect things to improve under this group.
  5. Request to the powers that be in Super League -can we please play next season's Grand final without a referee and make all decisions via a link with this forum. That way the game can be decided by majority vote and will probably last until Wednesday. For heaven's sake you moaning miseries - if you didn't enjoy that game then go and watch something else and stop complaining about he referee.
  6. Won't go on principle? What principle is that? I Thought this is the Super League Europe Grand Final - not Super League M62 District League Grand Final.
  7. The Harry Sunderland Trophy was introduced in 1965 to be awarded to the Man of the Match at the Championship Final, then the Premiership Final and then the Super League Grand Final as these the major finals outside the Challenge Cup and as a RL award to go alongside the Lance Todd Trophy as a MoM prize in the season's top games The trophy was presented to the Rugby League by the Rugby League Writers Association and was named after a RL Journalist and Australian Team manager. If it is to be changed then the RLWBA should at least be consulted. I understand it will be presented by Rob Burrow on Saturday. And I doubt whether Harry Sunderland lived long enough to ever hear of Roy Powell, Mr. RigbyLuger.
  8. It doesn't seem to have been mentioned anywhere but the Barrow Ladies team gave their all in a tense Championship Final, going down just 10-6 to Leigh Miners Rangers at Thatto Heath. Better luck next year.
  9. The Charity Shield was first staged on August 25th 1985 as an "event" between the League Champions (Hull KR) and Challenge Cup winners (Wigan) and was played at the Douglas Bowl on the Isle of Man and was sponsored by the local brewery Okells as a curtain-raiser to the new season. The game attracted a crowd of some 3,500 to the Bowl and the First Rodstock War of the Roses took place three weeks later at Central Park, Wigan. The Charity Shield eventually moved away from the island and taken on the road - Gateshead International Stadium was the first stopover as I recall - but the concept was killed off after ten years, coincidentally, I'm sure, with the arrival of Super League. Which, did not find time for such diversiona attracting attendances of a few thousand. The Wars of the Roses didn't last quite as long because Yorkshire, under the coaching of Peter Fox,who won all the four matches I believe seemed to take it far more seriously than the teams from the other side of the hill. A mixture of Cheshire, Lancashire and Cumbria was not quite the same!
  10. Is the suggestion of a link up with St. Annes a serious possibility or just wishful thinking? There is no doubt that playing back in Oldham is the only hope of long-term survival and Boundary Park is out of the question. They have enough problems of their own at the Latics and in any case moving in there after Sheddings was the start of the decline. If I can believe what I was told by a previous owner (J Quinn) the first 1,000 spectators through the Boundary Park gates went straight to pay the rent that the Football Club were charging the Bears at the time. Is Manor Park (once the home of Manchester Knights in the ill-fated National League Three) out of the question?
  11. Raiders versus Raiders - should be fun and, all things being equal, a time to celebrate. Let's hope for a good turn-out.
  12. There are times when you have got to get things off your chest even if there is nobody out there listening and you can't do anything to help and this is one of those times. I have mentioned before that Oldham are "my second team" and for my sins I was very briefly media officer (unpaid) for The ill-fated Bears under Jim Quinn's disastrous leadership. Unfortunately if it is true that nobody will touch Oldham RL with a barge pole and the RFL are cutting League One clubs down to £20,000 in order to give SL Clubs an extra £45,000 each to spend on a second-rate over the hill Aussie then not only are ORLFC doomed the game itself will become history in no time. Cut off the roots and you kill the whole plant. AHaF has got it spot on. Getting back to Oldham, engaging with the public via schools businesses and amateur clubs is the only hope. You cannot begin to rebuild a club called Oldham in Stalybridge, Ashton, Rochdale or wherever else CH decided to put in his tent pegs. I really feel for Oldham fans - I lived in Dukinfield for more than 20 years (Mike Ford started his RU coaching career there) but am now back in my birth town reporting for E Express on Barrow Raiders. I believed 25 years ago that the formation of Super League was the most divisive act ever undertaken by stewards of the game and nothing has happened to alter that view. All I can hope is that CH listens to the Oldham public and for Pete's sake get some body on board who will move mountains to save the club. Or is that just whistling in the wind from a hundred and odd miles away?
  13. So nearly 1500 was not bad at all. Just over 2100 at the soccer.
  14. Barrow's gate may be down a bit on Saturday - the football team are at home to Bristol Rovers 3 pm) which, for some folk who follow both clubs is probably a better attraction than Raiders v. Skolars.(2 pm) Don't know why we are playing on Saturday unless it's at London's request. A thousand plus after two defeats at Crusaders ad Donny would be a good turn-out
  15. Despite talking "absolute tosh" according to Deano I was merely commenting on the Hoping Mad view that Barrow don't have the population, don't have a suitable stadium (even though they are one of the few who own their ground)and don't have a sugar daddy or TV money to make it into Super League. So how far does that make them from being a viable member of the elite. And, as for the others most of League One are hanging on by their fingertips and relying on good will and hard working volunteers. Super League's grab-the-lot for themselves may not kill them off but it won't be through want of trying. Gateshead and Sheffield were swallowed up to save two other SL clubs, Heaping all the blame on the the owner for uupaid debts couldn't hide the fact that Toronto weren't wanted, there are constant moans about Catalans, Celtic Crusaders died a quick death and Bradford Bulls - the one club who really embraced the idea of summer rugby under the late Peter Deakin went bust. Paris St Germain was an example of putting a RL team where nobody really wanted one. And despite going full-time and using up the bulk of the cash on wages we are no closer to realising Maurice Lindsay's dream of thumping the Aussies. So what's so super about Super League anyway?
  16. Just for conversation sake and taking Barrow and the Furness area as an example of RL interest it seems that of the 24 non-Super League clubs, l5 will never be big enough to join the top table; six have already been there - leaving just three currently fashionable names - Newcastle, York and Toulouse - who will be considered capable of making the grade.
  17. The Raiders don't travel well. The only teams they have beaten away from home are the bottom four - and of those - Coventry and Skolars were a bit of a struggle. Yet the three trams that have beaten Barrow - Keighley, Crusaders and now Donny - leaked a total of 115 points at Craven Park. With trips to Rochdale and possibly Workington to come, unless this is put right we can forget about the title and automatic promotion. As Cresta said after the Donny match, we had enough quality and enough ball to win the game so why can't we win tight games against better opposition? Or is this view just the born pessimist in me?
  18. Well I haven't read 89 pages that's for sure but there are protocols for the Olympics and there are still cases in the British camp. Anyway, it's a moot point. I wasn't looking for an argument. Cheers
  19. Thanks, I was just asking the question - didn't realise this forum was full of Covid experts.
  20. So, in the week that three more of the planned Super League games are called off because of Covid are we still trying to say to the Aussies and Kiwis - don't worry everything is fine there's nothing to worry about?
  21. Can I throw in a brief history of one attempt to launch a community club carrying the Manchester name? After 15 reasonably successful years as members of the Pennine League under the title of Tameside Brough, playing at Droylsden (about four miles from the city centre (and barely one from the current Etihad set-up) we were invited by the new Summer Conference (soon to be National League Three) to change our name to Manchester and apply for membership. At a meeting in the Ramada Hotel off Deansgate, Manchester Knights were born in 1997. Our home ground in the first year was Aldwinians RUFC and our first match, against Wolverhampton Wizards, was show on Boots 'n' All and drew a crowd of some 3 to 400. Unfortunately it was a one-sided game and for that I got a rollocking from the League because it supposedly showed the new league in a bad light. After a year we moved in with Oldham RUFC at Manor Park but that did not go down too well either and we were instructed to leave Oldham by the League because Oldham was not a "development" area. From there we moved to Dukinfield RU (about three miles away) and stayed there for two years before eventually ending up at Ashton on Mersey. Interest faded fast, players found other things to do and in the end the whole thing folded despite the best efforts of some committee members. S in the space of five yeas and four homes the Knights had gone, Tameside Borough which occasionally ran two open age teams and Under 16sand under 13s (helped by Mike Ford) was a name of the past. Sad but as chairman, that was my memory of attempts to to make Manchester a name in Rugby League.
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    Good news about Dallimore's sending-off against Doncaster - no case to answer.
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