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  1. I'm interested to know when the games are being played. Initially it looked like all the east games would be played on sat and west om sunday. On chashing kangaroos the chap that is heading up the narl was suggesting games would all be on a Saturday and would be timed to run one after the other to try and get the maximum global coverage; one advantage of playing in two time zones 3 hours apart. Whatever they end up doing, spinds like a nice little evening and night slot at the weekend, about the only one currently where theres no league to watch. It would be good if their website clarified the fixture schedule and timings soon though.
  2. I work in rail, and I genuinely have no idea. Someone needs to tell me; why is Hunslet famous?
  3. https://www.facebook.com/106656368190683/posts/126162739573379/?sfnsn=scwspmo They've used a picture of a scrum with flankers!
  4. Some of the more vocal people in my tale (I don't know them - I just met these two chaps on a train and got talking to them) were actually councillors. Or regional elected members of come description I'm not sure. They f'ing hated League and made it very clear to me that they did.
  5. As someone on Fox League pointed out, the big losers to this would be Raiders and Knights. They would need to be compensated.
  6. I have met a lot of people from Wrexham through work and various travels and they all seem to be mad football fans (we tend to talk about old Wrexham v Barrow matches, typically always played in a foot of snow in our memories), and with a sense of nationalistic pride in rugby union too. When I happen to mention they have a rugby league team they have all pivoted and provided incredibly negative comments ranging from laughing at the club, and League as a sport, to one chap almost becoming incredibly angry and almost asking me outside in the car park because I was a league fan. I fully appreciate this may not be reflective of Wrexham folk in general, and more just the circles I hang around in. But I've always had in my mind the Wrexham doesnt like TGG. Colwyn bay on a summer day looks a good day out. Let's hope it works out.
  7. Some West of England clubs played friendlies today (with no spectators allowed). Was that the same across England? Or have NCL clubs already played matches? Jaguars in their first game lost to the much more established Swindon St George. Looks like it was close until into the second half though Cant wait to walk down there and have a pint at their first ever home league game!
  8. I have a memory of an english bowler, think it was phil de fratis, running in at full speed, stopping suddenly, and violently depositing his lunch at the batsmens feet at the non striking end. Think it was a test in india, also seem to remember seeing it live possibly on grandstand.
  9. Cheers for that mate. I was eating a sandwich when I read it
  10. That wont happen though will it. I remember reading a much less ambitious plan in a few newspapers back in 1996 involving paris, Toulouse, Cardiff and Calder.
  11. On the Facebook chat today Colin Kleyweg was suggesting Red Star and Partizan were on a par with the bottom end of League 1 and all of Elite 1. He did admit that over a full season they would fall off the pace as they are only used to 5 or 6 intense games a year (when they play each other). I dont buy this at all, but interesting discussion about what level the Serbian big two are currently playing at.
  12. I think pretty soon, maybe 5-10 years, if someone says Super League the average person in England will think you are talking about Women's Football (Association). What's wrong with "Rugby League". It's what the rest of the world uses. ... apart from France of course. Maybe we should use "Super Game of Thirteen"
  13. As I've asked this question lots over the last few months, and have finally found the answer, thought I'd update. The chap that owns red star was on a chat on facebook and he explained how the league structure works. Basically it's just the 6 clubs in the top division playing each other at the moment: red star, partizan, dorcol, nis, new Belgrade and Souths. Once they've played each other the bottom two teams effectively get relegated to division 2 for the second half of the season, and are joined by a stack of other teams currently only playing friendlies and in the serbian cup. The top 4 play each other again for the first division championship in the second half of the season too. I guess this means new belgrade, nis and souths will be fighting it out to stay in the top 4. I hope I got this down right. I'm not sure how the 2nd division highlights in one of the posts above works, I guess this is a cup (kupa) game - the red star guy specifically said it was just the 6 playing league. He also said red star were unlikely to take part in the Balkan cup this year - so another Balkan cup win for Partizan I guess.
  14. Should all be great games! I dont have sky, but happy with bbc getting any 2 of those.
  15. Glad I sparked some good debate (even if I did just cherry pick a few of Vossy's words knowing they would touch a few nerves, and then sat back with my popcorn:-) - I'm never sure if that sort of thing is good form... but whatever)
  16. To be fair, if we have a new competition in a new RL country that is a "like Elite 1" in a two or three years that is a huge gain for the sport.
  17. Eddy Pettybourne has just been signed from Villeneuve.
  18. Does anyone know when the Serbian season runs until? It is very difficult to find a fixtures list anywhere.
  19. Theres a weird think on wikipedia about the old union team Breakers being massive in switzerland ? Bizarre.
  20. Andrew Voss: "If England were picking a side tonight Sutton has to be in the 17...... Hodgson, Whitehead, Williams.. now Ryan Sutton is on the same level.."
  21. I still reckon I'll sign up for a few months to see if I like it. I'll get this new US/Canada comp (which will be on at a nice time to watch hopefully), but also I assume I'll get a few Serbian/Balkan (or is it only Red Star) games. I always said that once you put a few things together in a package it seems like a much better product and deal to me. I'm struggling with the OurLeague product if they continue with their subscription price. But if they managed to roll it out with some French games with English commentary, or something else I'd probably bite their hand off. Think it's just the way my brain works. I'm so happy with WatchNRL I think because of all the extra games and chat programmes you get as extras (and the games are so good!)
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