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  1. Actually £8.39/month once you try and subscribe. They are a bit Ryanair and hit you with tax on top, for some reason...
  2. They're all overrated. None of them should make the england team for the world cup; particularly hodgson who at best is our third choice hooker.
  3. Was Roby better than Hodgson in SL? Or was it maybe just that he was at saints and hodgson was playing behind a hull kr pack? It's a lot easier to look good at dummy half if your pack's much better than the opposition. If they swapped places...? Would roby have made it in the nrl? Maybe. But Hodgson has. And hes certainly become a multiple times better player, far better then roby ever was, because of it. I'm probably a bit biased but I feel hes the best hooker in the world at present. When have we been able to say that about an english player in a spine position in the last 20 or 30 years?
  4. I thought Greenwood was alright. He's a run of the mill forward and I thought he did a job when he was asked, which was basically fill in for others in a few games. I think the problem with signing english players is that they are hyped up and they either need to be stars or they are failures. Which is mad because I suspect they are on a lot less than a lot of the Aussies. Clarke isnt Hodgson. I think hed do a good job for you, off the bench or an stand in for a few games. But I think if he does get signed he'll be big news and then dubbed a failure pretty quickly. I think the same is about to happen with thompson at the dogs btw.
  5. Bit odd that they are sponsoring and arent up and running yet. Probably not paying much, if at all, for the branding. Maybe just throwing the clubs a few free pizzas
  6. I think it was no one. I think I may have been talking b0110ck5. (TJ was born in Germany by the way) I suspect Sam Walker will torment tired English forwards for the majority of the period 2025-2030. On the basis of the one match I've seen him play, he looks way too good to need to think about playing for England.
  7. I heard Tom Jonstone's been barred from playing for England.
  8. I've tried to find this out multiple times, and asked repeatedly. I cant find a league table, or even know how many teams are in the top division.
  9. I was desperately looking for the intentional grammatical slip in your post. I'm hoping there wasn't one there
  10. Incorrect use of apostrophes is unpatriotic, comrade!
  11. Not convinced. Broncos looked a lot better today than people were predicting. If they can work on a few things through the season and keep Milford fit.... I'm not saying that they are going to win it, but if they can be scrapping for a playoff place at the end of the season I think a lot of fans will think that is a lot better than they ever could've hoped. I do appreciate I'm basing this on one, losing performance. Let me come back to this at the end of April and see how they've stood up.
  12. From their Facebook: "Author Red Star Belgrade Rugby League Club Some pretty questionable refereeing calls in the last 5 minutes, but also some poor defence from Red Star. Partizan 32-18"
  13. Think they play up inside the M42 these days; bit further north than Redditch. I was cheekily referring to the Jaguars, (based in Droitwich Spa which is a lot closer to Redditch) who I think have had a bit of an online spat with Coventry Bears. But as someone else said, they will be playing in the West of England league, despite the Euro games being played up north of Birmingham.
  14. And red star blaming the ref :-). I have nothing against red star, but I always want partizan to win whenever I watch, just because they are the underdog. So hoping that doesn't cloud my judgement, but whenever I've watched in the past its always seemed the dubious calls have most definitely gone red stars way.
  15. £6.99 to watch. Is anyone actually going to pay that for a sub NCL standard game? I hope this brings some finance into the Serbian game, but I cant see how the pricing works.
  16. I dont know why I watched some of it, but I did. They flashed up a picture of Jimmy Peters. How the RFU can reclaim this, and I guess his international call up as their first black English international player, as a celebrated part of their 150 year history, is a joke, surely.
  17. No. I think you'll find its WT Actual F.
  18. I kind of feel sorry for Eastmond in a way. He clearly had a plan to sign for Union (with the backing of the RFU to change codes...they probably sold him on the rest of this sentence) , understand the game, and work his way up cement his name at centre for Bath and England in time for the home World Cup and certain fame and glory... then the RFU signed Burgess and kind of screwed it all up. You kind of think if he was after a bit more money and fame, would it have all worked out better if he took the plunge to travel to the other side of the world, rather than to the south west. Hopefully a lesson to other young players - a change of sport might be more difficult than you think, and the RFU will happily pull the rug out from under you. Eastmond now is 31 and will be remembered as a decent Union Premiership player but no more. Unfortunate given all that talent when he started at Saints. However I suppose he's aren't a lot more money being a standard Premiership rugby player than an outstanding Super League talent. So perhaps it is a lesson for young League prospects.
  19. But I think streamed behind a paywall this year which is a shame... for me that is, not serbian league.
  20. I agree with this post. However, have I missed something? Can I pay 100 quid a year and watch all super league matches?
  21. Oh no, sorry. It's definitely Canadian https://canadachamprl.com/ Perhaps "Canada Club Championship Rugby League"?
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