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  1. Yes, but they were both household names when I was growing up. Much bigger than any league player at the time.
  2. Leeds close to signing Will Carling. Jeremy guscott had offers from saints, wigan and bradford I think.
  3. great game. Much respect to all involved. CARCASSONE v TOULOUSE for me tomorrow I think? Everyone watching that live, or will anyone be watching the SAINT-GAUDENS v LIMOUX game?
  4. I've also just clicked on your link: https://treizemondial.fr/programme-tv-rugby-xiii/ Good work. I hopefully won't have to ask you again next week
  5. 1300 and going up! Think that's Albi done now, though.
  6. there's quite a bit of French in the chat, alongside the english
  7. there's over 1200 people currently watching on Youtube too!
  8. Hopefully... not just multiple walkovers and the odd close shave (and loss) against Partizan. Let's hope Dorcol, Partizan and clubs like New Belgrade start to win a few championships, and they all get their chances in the Challenge Cup.. or Lord Derby.? I've said this before, but it would be great if Our League could bundle up the League 1 and NCL games, with French and Serbian (i.e. all the countries playing the RELF game in Europe) in one product of live games and highlights. I've really enjoyed the live streamed Serbian games, and they deserve a wider audience.
  9. Is the new Dorcol team a merger between the Spiders and Belgrade Tigers?
  10. In term of the West Midlands: There's also the Droitwich Spa.... sorry I meant Worcester,... or possibly Birminham Jaguars. Yet to play a game but appear very organised and playing at great facilities and an existing under age setup. They are pretty strong on the media side. I'm sure someone on here is involved in the Jaguars and can provide an update on what they are about and their plans.?
  11. Amazing..! I'm slightly worried about how I'm going to stop my family from basically moving out... or worse me not realising they've moved out If I watch 8 NRL games a week, plus this, plus Womens NRL, Fox Memorial? plus the end of the Elite 1 season, plus games from Serbia! Roll on 2021. Who cares the UK is F&*£ed. I'll just just watch the rest of the world play TGG
  12. He can't be surely... unless I'm getting confused (which happens!) I thought I saw him play pro12 years ago. And in NZ Onion? I'll check. There's a distinct possibility I'm getting my Ratuvas mixed up!
  13. I do hope Farnworth develops into a fullback. Until we get a decent English 1, 6, 7 and 9.. or at least 3 of those, playing consistently in the NRL I don't think we'll be placed to sneak the odd win against the ozzies for years to come. Hopefully Hodgson junior can develop into a halfback too ?
  14. Some Union chap. TBH not sure he'll make a game. I've accidently seen him score a few Onion tries, and looks like a bit of a finisher. Just interested to see if and how he gets on, if at all; particularly as he's a "rookie" but I think 30
  15. "Where do we think Rugby League will be in 5 years time?" Probably not on Sky Sports.
  16. Presumably if it is dave buchan producing it there will be non english versions too?
  17. Oh wow. So mo Elite 1 matches! O didn't realise, thought it was just the one game cancelled. Nightmare. I'm going to have to clean the car out, or talk to the kids, or something then !
  18. St Esteve v carcassone for me. Like you say some of the lower teams are competitive thou. I did think st gaudens looked really good. I'd also love to see Avignon mount a late charge to the top
  19. That winger for St Gaudens (Minga the winger?) looks like a bit of a finisher! Did I translate the commentary right that some union clubs are after him?
  20. He's an embarrassment to our great sport. Let's hope he's off to Sale or Saracens. He'd probably feel at home there
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