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  1. Sorry I hadn't read the posts below where people had asked the same question, and youd said as much. Honest mistake.
  2. Anyone can update Wikipedia. Anyone. Perhaps you could have go to make it a bit less woeful and tin-pot ? You might be best placed?
  3. Is there an up to date league table online anywhere?
  4. Or even better rfl and french pool their resources and offer one Anglo french product that covers everything below super league. I suspect there is a lot of crossover of interest in both countries. If the app gave you championship, league 1, ncl, french and a few rep games - that's a product!
  5. Indeed. A shame they bbc couldn't be bothered to show the home nations' games iirc. All the ireland games were brutal. And scotland Samoa was amazing albeit a dead rubber. Think Tonga v nz was on premier too? I accidentally get into nascar then too because that's on Premier as well, I didn't meant to it just happened.
  6. indeed, but there is an article on the BBC sport site that still says 61 matches. I guess they meant 16. It's not the Guardian though so I can't be expected to assume everything is a typo
  7. So I think, by my count, there is 31 matches in the Men's WC, I think 17 in the women's? And some unspecified in the wheelchair and PDRL. So it may be that not all the men's are shown on the red button, and certainly guessing not all the Women's... and will be hard pressed to watch the others? Unfortuanatley I feel deflated as this morning I had read that BBC 1 and 2 would be a RL feast this autumn. If I'd read the coverage the other way around I would have been over the moon
  8. But you can see why many have cynicism re the bbc when that promise grand things and then deliver watered down, albeit still to be applauded, output
  9. I've just realsied, on Sat 13th November there are 4 games on, starting at midday and ending about 9 o'clock! With the games likely to feature both the Men and Women's teams for both England and PNG! Sounds a great day! My family are going to be really p***ed off with this
  10. Let's see if it is, and there is no U-turn Remember now what they said "61 games shown live on BBC One or BBC Two" ! I'm only being cynical and hinting this my not happen as I can't believe on Sunday 7th November BBC2 is going to hand over it's entire afternoon schedule of say 5 hours of Tonga V Cook Islands and Lebanon V Jamaica. Clearly I will be watching whatever channel/stream it is on and I truly hope it is BBC1 or 2.
  11. " 61 games shown live on BBC One or BBC Two" Bloody hell! Fair play BBC, that's all the men's, women's and wheelchair's games is it? All live on BBC1 or BBC2 terrestrial?
  12. Really? I find that unlikely. I didn't realise they were planning that; Premier Sport picked up all the ones the BBC didn't show last time
  13. Just not for England. Perhaps getting to a quarter final is all England RL are trying to achieve.
  14. With the first PDRL World Cup taking place along side we should probably get him to be an ambassador for that too. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3251349/That-s-foul-John-150-000-week-Chelsea-captain-parks-disabled-bay-blasted-doing-thing-seven-years-before.html
  15. Interestingly he has chosen to play for Fiji again now. I assume he would qualify for France, and soon England, and would certainly walk into the latter's onion team. Does that say anything about international League?
  16. Still going on, or rather restarted (outside of World Cups). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_Emerging_Nations_World_Championship And a good watch it is too for anyone that didn't catch it live: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLbndrFn51_mAiYRbguYmah2u6xkcbPLf Too many Australians in each team, and would be great to see this hosted in say NZ or France... or even Serbia going forward. Have to say I don't like the implications of this thread. Indigenous teams and the Actual Australians, NZs etc. Aside from the dodgy implications, as someone said we tried this before and was d0g5*1+. We should never repeat.
  17. I remember reading that Sunday Times article! wow, proper jogged the memory banks!
  18. Yeah, it's just the west, and the middle, and the south east, with a couple of clubs in the north. It's just a parochial little regional competition
  19. Fantastic stuff. Great crowds! Jacques Fouroux was one of the leading lights behind it; that's why hes being interviewed. Seem to remember him saying rugby's future only lay on League / XIII. Think he was a bit involved in PSG XIII too? He soon flipped back to union once the pro money was flowing in. Theres a great chapter in it in Seasons In The Sun: the chapter's called "Fouroux the Bell Tolls"
  20. Just watching Perth V Manly on NRL - they are replaying some old matches in the offseason and think this is from 1996, Barry John-Mather and all. What a missed opportunity that seems.
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