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  1. I hope you are right. But there are already quite a few calculators on the internet based on current estimates, all seeming to say they don't start phase 2, I.e. under 50s, until the back end of this year. The Guardians also stating they need to do 2M every week from this week to keep up with the aspirations. Like I said, I hope I'm wrong and Boris and you are right.
  2. But most people under the age of 50 are unlikely to be vaccinated this year. How do we open up gatherings and the community game again until most of the population is jabbed. I really feel this summer's championship and below, all levels, may not happen.
  3. Has to be the Euro XIII launch . But seriously Panthers were a joy to watch (Nathan Cleary's only 23 - makes you sick!), and Canberra also from an English perspective. We really missed a trick as a sport not naming Joran Schoenmaker as the Golden Boot.... could still happen before Thursday (?) and if it did that would be my highlight of the year.
  4. how often do Aude Cathares get a run out? Could they become a club with SL ambitions above Elite 1? I assume they would play out of Carcassonne?
  5. There seems to be two teams every year that claim to be Bucs Super Rugby champions; if you look on the uni teams pages.
  6. It's amazing how many uni union clubs claim they were the champions each season. BUCS seem to crown about 3 every year
  7. I played for my Russell Group team in their first season. They were pretty bad, hence I got a few games! They are now pretty decent. I'd love to see more uni v uni on youtube rather than just the student home nations. If we had half the quality and coverage of the union BUCS super rugby we'd be onto a winner
  8. latest match in Greece doesn't look what I'd call packed However I have now just subscribed to the Greek League youtube channel as it looks quite good
  9. I would too, I guess. But I think any more than a couple of hundred is probably fantasy.
  10. Would games in Greece and Italy really get decent crowds? What's a decent crowd in Greece; a few hundred?
  11. Carcassonne! Do there as a minimum. City and citadel a must. The surrounding area is pretty cool - Revel, castalnaudray, lac de saint Ferreol. Toulouse is okay spent a day there. Sure you could entertain others with the magic of Languedoc and take in 3 or 4 games in June. It is a fair distance from perpignan thou if you were thinking about the clubs down there.
  12. Someone needs to pick this up for 2021 so we can watch live. Who has the rights? Could Our League acquire them?
  13. Now it's off season, I tend to trawl through youtube watching old classic matches. I'm going to be watching internationals think this winter. I might start with these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l93gSm96Gg8&list=PL_Y21QRRDNr9ztCm9RtG5thW2T50dcEYR&index=1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SZFl6fxyGI&list=PL_Y21QRRDNr9ztCm9RtG5thW2T50dcEYR&index=3&t=7s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtcvpQUCZwo&list=PL_Y21QRRDNr9ztCm9RtG5thW2T50dcEYR&index=4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l25Cu7BuqtE&list=PL_Y21QRRDNr9ztCm9RtG5thW2T50dcEYR&index=6 .... and for a bit of a leftfield one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X01a_9h3a1A&list=PL_Y21QRRDNr9ztCm9RtG5thW2T50dcEYR&index=10 Any other good suggestions welcome.
  14. Like I said, you'd want a few 'others' to try and balance out the cosmos. I.e. a few Championship and League 1 players that are on the books at the Broncos (or Skolars?) Worry would be that a BARLA Cumbria would probably beat Skolars.? Perhaps not?
  15. Lancs V Yorks. Cumbria v The South. Start of the year...in the snow. Proper rugby! No one in any international squads the autumn before is allowed to play. I'd watch.. but then again, as I'd said before, I'm odd and I like NASCAR ... I enjoyed the 3 Counties matches on Our League recently. How do you think a Southern Conference team would fair in an expanded competition if they were allowed to bring in say 3 Semi-Pro ringers that had come through the London ranks?
  16. How many people use OurLeague? Would they be able to ask for a nominal subscription? I'd pay (if it was "nominal" anyway)
  17. What games on next weekend then? Hopefully get to see Carcassone streamed again soon.
  18. Are you one of those people who don't admit when you are wrong?
  19. Pass. I just tried to point out fake news. And still m4, bristol coach led kiss... o have no idea. Cant people just admit they are wrong. I'll give up.
  20. I'm a long exiled Barrovian by the way
  21. But "6 are in the west" isn't right, surely. Unless you're counting Sale? Surely not. I Think 5 at best? and I think Worcester would disagree with that. Some would even say Gloucester was more midlands than the west country (although I draw the Midlands/West line at Strensham Services. I seem to use services for some reason - Midlands ends and North starts at Keele Services in my head :-)) Saracens still play in London but relegated. Now London Irish are back in London (I could never understand why they weren't English Reading ) So there's 2 in London, not 1. So not correct saying 1. I can confirm Coventry is still in the midlands, yes. I've just checked. There's been no significant continental drift since you last looked. I don't think Bradford Bulls should move to Nottingham. Not unless that's another way of avoiding an HMRC bill. I think RU don't get hung up on any motorways as there is a reasonable national spread at the top level. Once you scratch down a division, however, as you say it looks decidedly less so.
  22. Eh? "There is only 1 in London" Eh? "3 in the Midlands." Worcester may disagree with that but we'll let that one pass. "Rugby League is in a major important conurbation with many many million inhabitants. It's true we can and should cover a wider spread, ...." Agree with both of those. We should cover a wider spread, but currently don't. We need to make the right decision to not jepordise the precarious financial position of the game and so we probably shouldn't make a choice of who number 12 is just to suit expansion. That said I suspect it will be a toss up between Bradford and Toulouse.
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