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  1. Okay I was just having some fun. I'll duck out. I was just fishing I guess.
  2. Because that it isn't actually a story? Is it? Am I going/gone mad? Someone who could qualify for Brazil in presumably a number of sports, who plays some amateur sports, is thinking about playing another sport she doesn't currently play, and has never played, because she met someone in a gym and had a chat about it. I mean, fair play to her (a) for her obvious talent in self promotion and (b) for thinking about having a go at League. ....but the fish may not have even died, FFS. They might not have died! And yet there was an article about a mass fish killing in Droitwich! On the front page!
  3. Not being negative. Just confused. There was once an article on the front page of my local paper that read "Mass Fish Death Blamed on Local Industry". I remember thinking how bad this sounded so I read down. It turned out one person had reported it about four fish.. and they might not have actually died. The article reminded me of that.
  4. I'm still confused. "Someone who's not played League, might play League". I assumed I'd gone mad. Maybe I have
  5. people post on youtube "condensed" games which is just basically the hour the clock is running. Very watchable.
  6. I actually love all that ESPN stuff. Going back on topic (sorry) but I have BT and I love the college football (much prefer it to NFL). But I also love NASCAR (over F1 any day for me) so appreciate I'm just clearly weird!
  7. Wow. I think the correct response would have been "well emigrate then" or something similar. Not "stop watching Rugby League". Charming
  8. Okay. You're obviously half full kind of chap and can see the positives. I'm just depressed about it all over here, that's all.
  9. NRL I mean. They've been able to deal with it very well. And I know the situation between there and here is different, but they've put they've all made a plan, made very considerable sacrifices, and finished the season.
  10. it was much a wider political point as RL. I'm just depressed with the whole thing, to be honest.
  11. i love this forum. You guys make me laugh . Thank you.
  12. so are Featherstone and Leigh doing a video too
  13. they've just sorted out working with covid, haven't they. And we started a season with 12 clubs and finished with 10. can't think of any other elite sport competitions that seem so shambolic as Super League seems. ... and I know people will say "extraordinary circumstances" etc etc. But is there a league in any sport that has coped worse. Looks shambolic from the outside I'm sure
  14. Can everyone stop using "less" when they mean "fewer". Sorry I know I'm a pedant, but I can't read this thread without it grating.
  15. Go on, take a punt: Bateman sacks it off and signs for Wasps instead Chappers be replaced by Robbie Hunter Paul at the Beeb Pappa Johns say they don't want the bad publicity and withdraw their post match pizzas
  16. And tomorrow Queensland play New South Wales in Adelaide. What a complete mess we are in over here.
  17. Oxford, Gloucestershire,..... Northampton (remember them, they didn't even sign a player)
  18. Think they might be joining the USRL? https://www.facebook.com/USARL/posts/4905526102820698
  19. Think you missed a couple out their. London Crusaders and London Broncos again
  20. My guess for next SL season is 11 teams. I suspect catalans will find 2021 very difficult due to on, off travel restrictions and can see them being a likely relegation candidate in 2 to 3 years time. As for toulose, Ottawa, belgrade, I think that will be the end of that. So, without wanting to risk getting back on topic, I actually think the idea of a "heartland" league is where SL is inevitably heading (with inevitably less funding flowing in) by 5 years time. I suspect the amateur game to still be played far and wide, but the very few viable pro clubs left will be m62. This might fill people with dread, but I suspect it now as inevitable and maybe we should just embrace it, alongside enjoying amateur expansion, and the nrl at the top.
  21. I think we can safely say Ottawa wont be in league 1 any time ever. Nor New York.
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