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  1. Monday 31st January. Premier Sports 1: 7pm Trans World Sports Premier Sports 2: 7.20 pm. Top 14 Highlights. Freesports: 8:30. European Tour Rally. La Liga TV: 6pm Clasic Match Repeat Barce V Athletic. From their own listings.... just saying (or rather causing trouble )
  2. Interestingly I have Premier subscription and on the App, under schedule, for Mon 31st Jan they have a full listing for all 4 of their channels and no Rugby League to be seen.
  3. I would have thought so. Now Love Island's finished anyway.
  4. I'm watching college basketball. It's that desperate.
  5. I tell you what though on a bit of a tangent, I have BT Sport (kind of by accident/default), Premier and Watch NRL. And at the moment there is NAFF all on! Its bleak the sport on at the moment. Wife is out tonight and I have no idea what to watch.
  6. Ove just read the trust pilot reviews. Wow Premier is like marmite. Mainly either 5 stars or one. I have Premier Sport Player and never had any issues. I bought it for 60 quid, but there is other stuff on there that I watch and bought as a separate package last year, so actually I am saving money in my head by subscribing. And then I get a game every Monday night. If it was just those Monday night games, for 12 quid a month, would I do it, not sure. I have emailed them and suggested that it would be great if they looked at other RL content (frence, Serbian, nz, home nations international etc) too and they wrote back and said they were looking at all options.
  7. Apologies, I don't understand what this post means. What are Trust pilot reviews?
  8. The ground in Penzance is even nicer! And, in Cornwall perspective, a lot nearer.
  9. Could have been a different game. Sorry, I know I'm a d%^k, but couldn't get passed that in your header so didn't read the stuff below.
  10. I'm a bit in the dark about this. I read on the French forum something about it but u didn't really understand. The general vibe in the UK is the French administration they've got at the moment is the best they've had .
  11. Do you know what, from the rest of your posts, I'm sure you didn't mean to polarize. So sorry and probably shouldn't have posted it if I'd thought about it longer. Good rule for general Internet posting there I think.
  12. And RL land (Carcassone, Toulouse, Perpignan, Langdoc ) is the most wonderful part of the world! I would love them to hold it in August or September when it is at its most beautiful.
  13. I agree with this post completely. And also want to say I love The Rocket's post and have nothing against him. However, there is a general view here that aus rl has screwed the game in Europe.
  14. I don't agree. I think there will be a few that will take the chance this season you watch. And we'll only know about the ones we know about. Be interesting what SL will do if they find this out. The punishment will surely need to be much much greater than a 48 - 0 forfeit.
  15. Or it could ensure both catalans and Toulouse finish mid table if enough flights to France are cancelled. The cynic in me thinks have both clubs free from both relegation and the playoffs fir a couple of seasons would suit most people well.
  16. Just heard former Arsenal goalkeeper and Grandstand stalwart Bob Wilson on R4. I'm sure I heard his obituary a few years ago. He sounds very alive and well!
  17. So as the first draft is supposed to be happening now in Brisbane, can we officially pronounce this dead?
  18. https://www.allgoldsrugby.co.uk/bristol-all-golds-to-return-to-pro-ranks/?fbclid=IwAR1ygI3PPMZ6uUH3fA_CSW2_2cvpT8KcRlKQkch41vTmL31IJ03Asq9F1ls Other community clubs in the south have also been stating they will be going Pro next year. Is this even allowed. i.e. non-amateur? Or is there another league they will be playing is? Or is it all made up?
  19. So why don't the other 4 hookers above him not get paid more? Maybe no one wants to pay Roby etc that much? Whereas Josh has been a proven NRL performer for years.
  20. I fancy watching the Avignon - Carc match so hopefully they will confirm something soon
  21. I think the college stuff, you need to be into the US sport mindset. They dont have academies or u21 teams aligned to the professional clubs. Kids rarely get a chance at 19, 20 to play in the top league. For them pretty much everyone goes to a college to play sport because they are a top sport college. Within that college they know they get the best facilities, better than any pro club would throw at them at this stage in their career, and get to play in front if packed houses and on prime saturday afternoon tv. If they are good enough when they finish college they get drafted and usually stay at that one pro club (appreciate there are many great players that get drafted to be the exceptions to what I've just said) for their period at the top. For me this makes more sense to me than farming out an 18 year old to Keighley rather than having them train with say Loughbouroghs sports science set up. Mark my words, union in this country is going somewhat the way of the US and at some point BUCS Super Rugby will have a decent broadcast deal and people will watch.
  22. If anyone wants to see what NCAA is about, I'd recommend the highlights from this game at the weekend:
  23. It's because it's where the history is. NFL is relatively new in comparison, and professional American football isn't as old and was always viewed as a bit working class by the so called purists back in the 30s... sound familiar? But it does show that the model of club based teams playing in cup competitions and leagues, based around the world on football, which itself was partially based on the MLB, isnt the only model for all sports to always follow. I, rather sadly, predict that in 20 years there will be a fairly big product in watching say Loughborough v Cardiff universities play each other..but not in football, in union. They are already doing an excellent job of promoting it, and they know they have a set fan base of students and an alumni many with ready cash to spend. Sadly League wont be willing or able to follow the same in unis I think. (For the record, I too dont have any interest in NFL, but love the NCAA and there were some great games and a big upset over the weekend just gone.)
  24. NFL. CFL. NCAA Mexican league Various other european and asia/australian competitions. ... think second rate would be massively over selling it tbh.
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