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  1. As the world cup isn't happening, are they going to not have a golden boot again this year?
  2. I know, I know. I was pulling the leg a little with my post and elaborating a little I think on what people have said. I was really just highlighting that whenever I say that in my opinion Hodgson has been a better hooker as hes proven in the best league, it's like open season on me and josh, and I am in a minority of one... well me and wayne bennet perhaps but what does he know?
  3. Thinking about this again, I suspect Premier would see a tournament below the top 20 teams as being similar to the scottish semi pro union tournament they broadcast, and I dont believe they pay anything to the SRFU or the clubs for. On the positive side however is that theyve agreed that those matches all go on Freesports, and at a decent weekend afternoon spot. So provided they did the same it would be free to air broadcasting that surely is only a good thing, or the next best thing, for the sport and clubs if they are unable to monetize live broadcasting. To me this just looks potentially more of a relaunch of the NCL coverage that uses to be on Freesport rather, as the structure will be radically changed by the time this has settled in.
  4. Mate, get tested again. I had 2 pcrs come back negative and the 3rd positive, all I had to start with was a headache and a sniffle. Hopefully you've just got a cold, but I remember some of them were pretty bad in the old days too (pre covid, I'm struggling to remember). I'm just coming out the back of a covid though; double jabbed, 42, pretty healthy, and it destroyed me and wife for over a week. So take care Kent Man, and everyone!
  5. This covid thing is a nightmare on the brain. I cant believe how much it seems to f%$# up the grey matter for a couple of weeks.
  6. Absolutely brill! I love a bit of Nascar. And they do some NHL games too. I also believe they do the French union league which, even if you dont like union, you must admit has the best rugby players in it outside the NRL. So I'll be signing up if Barrow and other matches are on..
  7. Entertaining player who's time in an NRL salary cap spot is now over. He should learn some Japanese and top up the pension pot for 2 or 3 years. Point for the future, if we derided "past their best " Aussies coming over to Super League, I suspect that time may be ending sometime soon, as Super League wont be able to afford them
  8. Pending retiremant announced today. Everyone on this board seems to think he is miles better than NRL era Hodgson, and Roby would have been better than Cam Smith and would have found the NRL too easy for him so he stopped in St Helen's. As great a player as he is I have my doubts. Thoughts? (btw I do think he is a great, great player, just not the best no 9 in the world for the last 10 years and as such I seem to be in a minority of 1)
  9. As I've mentioned before, I dont agree with your first paragraph at all. The rest you cant argue with. A quality hooker, and a fantastic role model, in a quality team.
  10. Or both, and facebook, twitch, carrier pigeon updates. Of its going to be free online why not spread everywhere?
  11. Hopefully similar setup to the Pappa John's sponsorship. If so should make the after match interviews interesting.
  12. Even if the above speculative list by the storm isnt correct, it isnt going to be miles off. When you start to think about what that means for teams that 100% wont get in, and the ones that might but then dont, it's crazy. Seriously, I'd encourage people to start listing them out and thinking about what would happen one by one to each club if all their funding was withdrawn. Then start lististing out how many clubs will not then exist in 2 years time. This is a massive, seismic change to the sport in this country. Bigger than 1996 surely. But its going to happen, there is nothing the clubs that will miss out can now do a out it. Goodbye expansion. Goodbye historic clubs that are currently on a tiptoe nomadic existence. The ones that will survive and perhaps make it into the NCL will be fundamentally changed. Scary. But a done deal. I genuinely cant believe this isnt generating more headlines (even in the friendly press) than 25 years ago.
  13. Or the Army Union team going by the recent match
  14. Can teams pay their players in the NCL or the southern conference if they go down and have the money to pay them? Or are they strictly amateur?
  15. Are they shown live? I've not found them this year. I've only found highlights, but they are very good.
  16. fingers crossed it will be shown live on here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVVufJg-CFctKL1-xpOt16w/videos. I'll keep checking to see if a link is put on there a day or two before.
  17. This is it. 100%. If it's a call between do we let Hunslet go amateur/fold or do we we let Coventry go amateur/fold do we chose the former or latter? Do we base it on which club is potentially more resilient to zero funding and which club if it just went under would their still be local strong amateur clubs. Or do we not. "The game" will choose Hunslet, Workington, Swinton, Oldham every time.
  18. Hope you chaps are right. I hope no clubs go, but me thinks the rumour mill circulating is lining us up for a cull, albeit a lesser one. And as with always it will be the Covs, Skolars etc who will be wound up and driven back to the amateur game.
  19. As I've mention somewhere above, when you start to list those 16, think about their history, and the future which in most cases doesnt fit with the NCL so will mean most of the 16 will be wound up, it is a horrific vision of the potential imminent future for our game in this country.
  20. Well they have their own languge. And so do the Catalonians.
  21. Theres a theory lindsay and Murdoch judged the situation perfectly. The real key to the wonga being released was summer rugby to provide content through Easter till september when theres was a bit of a lull in sky content. Summer rugby was objectable to a number of tradition fans, but this was accepted without any sort of fight- everyone was busy fighting the mergers which, so the theory goes, was just a massive bluff which the rfl and sky had no intention of funding (and it would have required a lot of cash to set up and market effectively 8 to 10 new "brands")
  22. Theres a book called Seasons in the Sun about the first 10 years of super league where they hypothesise just such a solution would have worked out best for the sport. In not convinced myself, but an interesting book. We've kind if got this in cricket now havent we, with the hundred; where the traditional counties are binned for a month for some shiny new allegedly "merger" type clubs where the smaller county fans are supposed to travel to support another slightly less local team for a bit. (Its not worked with me, I am in Worcestershire I have no interest in Birmingham cricket club other that to quick check how moeen ali got on - did Birmingham edgbaston win yesterday? I have no idea)
  23. Sound. And to be fair they were pretty successful in the period post merger and before they were involved in the business venture abroad.
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