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  1. Can teams pay their players in the NCL or the southern conference if they go down and have the money to pay them? Or are they strictly amateur?
  2. Are they shown live? I've not found them this year. I've only found highlights, but they are very good.
  3. fingers crossed it will be shown live on here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVVufJg-CFctKL1-xpOt16w/videos. I'll keep checking to see if a link is put on there a day or two before.
  4. This is it. 100%. If it's a call between do we let Hunslet go amateur/fold or do we we let Coventry go amateur/fold do we chose the former or latter? Do we base it on which club is potentially more resilient to zero funding and which club if it just went under would their still be local strong amateur clubs. Or do we not. "The game" will choose Hunslet, Workington, Swinton, Oldham every time.
  5. Hope you chaps are right. I hope no clubs go, but me thinks the rumour mill circulating is lining us up for a cull, albeit a lesser one. And as with always it will be the Covs, Skolars etc who will be wound up and driven back to the amateur game.
  6. As I've mention somewhere above, when you start to list those 16, think about their history, and the future which in most cases doesnt fit with the NCL so will mean most of the 16 will be wound up, it is a horrific vision of the potential imminent future for our game in this country.
  7. Well they have their own languge. And so do the Catalonians.
  8. Theres a theory lindsay and Murdoch judged the situation perfectly. The real key to the wonga being released was summer rugby to provide content through Easter till september when theres was a bit of a lull in sky content. Summer rugby was objectable to a number of tradition fans, but this was accepted without any sort of fight- everyone was busy fighting the mergers which, so the theory goes, was just a massive bluff which the rfl and sky had no intention of funding (and it would have required a lot of cash to set up and market effectively 8 to 10 new "brands")
  9. Theres a book called Seasons in the Sun about the first 10 years of super league where they hypothesise just such a solution would have worked out best for the sport. In not convinced myself, but an interesting book. We've kind if got this in cricket now havent we, with the hundred; where the traditional counties are binned for a month for some shiny new allegedly "merger" type clubs where the smaller county fans are supposed to travel to support another slightly less local team for a bit. (Its not worked with me, I am in Worcestershire I have no interest in Birmingham cricket club other that to quick check how moeen ali got on - did Birmingham edgbaston win yesterday? I have no idea)
  10. Sound. And to be fair they were pretty successful in the period post merger and before they were involved in the business venture abroad.
  11. I suspect australians do. But you do agree the st esteve and catalan xiii merger has worked out well?
  12. They merged to form UTC in the elite 1 competition. I think between us we are delving into semantics in terms of what we define a merger to be. I would say Wests Tigets are a merger, but West Magpies still exist.
  13. There were a lot of people in st estate and Catalan xiii that were opposed along with those that wanted UTC to go ahead. It certainly was, and still is a successful merger. Andvtheyvwre very successful as UTC in the elite 1 for a few season as that merged club let's not forget. Both the original clubs have long and colourful histories, given up for progress, and currently writing their new history in their new era.
  14. Wests. They are the perfect example of a merger that was as good as you could get - where fans were up in arms, left, and then came back to see them win a GF When you listen to Michael Carbone's route through this himself you can see it can work in spite of all the history. Catalans are a good example too - two clubs with huge history, albeit they merged with a common purpose to move out of their league and into another, bigger league Bad examples are Hull-Gateshead and Huddersfield-Sheffield. Maybe we just do them really badly in England. We shouldn't rush to merge if our standard is these.
  15. Are you even allowed to pay players an compete in level 5 community leagues?
  16. Think it's safe to say this wouldn't fund the clubs on it's own.
  17. I've not read most of the above posts, apologies. For me though, and I'm a member of Our League but not a subscriber, if Our Leagues ourput gave me a few random free games in the Wonenens Super League and the Championship, league 1 and academy, and a decent highlights package which included the french league, I'd happily part with 10 to 15 quid a month. If they wanted to put big games on as add on subscriptions on top of this, that would be fine with me.
  18. Yep. Saw that a while back and keeping quiet. Wanted to raise here but scared what people would say. What division are they in? No one seems to know. I posted a bit if a blind "are they starting a super league south" on another post but I'm sure that isnt what's going on. Not convinced there is a plan... Worried. So, now you've raised the semi pro post theyve put out there (with no indication of what league they'll be playing in for Jaguars hierarchy...) ...thoughts? Does anyone know their plan? What's happening with Bristol and All Golds (and Bath?) next season too?
  19. Assuming current positions that would give: Super League Premier League: Catalans Dragons; St Helens; Warrington Wolves; Wigan Warriors; Hull Kingston Rovers; Hull FC; Leeds Rhinos; Castleford Tigers; Huddersfield Giants, Toulouse Super League Championship: Salford; Wakefield; Leigh; Featherstone; Halifax; Bradford; Batley; London; Whitehaven; York. Teams left out of any funding: Sheffield - assume that would finish them; can't see them going into the NCL Widnes - would they really join the NCL? I'm thinking they'll try and get it in court Newcastle - 50/50 go under or join NCL Dewsbury, Oldham, Swinton, Barrow, Workington, Keighley, Rochdale, Hunslet - they'd all have to go amateur and into the NCL? I'd assume both the Welsh teams would fold instantly, and Cov and Skolars would have to move and reform as local clubs scaled back clubs. Zero chance of any semi-pro expansion any time for the next generation: the drawbridge will be fully pulled up for any French, Canadian, American, Serbian, Spanish etc teams. Probably kills off Super League expansion for good. Bit of a massive F^&*ing change to the British game isn't it! Is this really what is about to happen?
  20. So assuming all the gossip is right and it will be two funded divisions of 10 each and the rest cut lose; who do we think will be in the top 10? Who will miss out? Will sky really want a top10 where 2 of them are French? Surely all of Cov, London Skolars, and the 2 welsh clubs wont make the cut so they will need to go amateur again which might finish them. Will Newcastle, or even London, make the cut? Could they be trying to organise a Super League South like the women's game with a bit of extra negotiated cash? Lots of possibilities, but for expansionists I dont see any of them playing out at all well.
  21. Ah, sorry. They are calling themselves "Birmingham Moseley" for some reason now, so I thought you meant them
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