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  1. So assuming all the gossip is right and it will be two funded divisions of 10 each and the rest cut lose; who do we think will be in the top 10? Who will miss out? Will sky really want a top10 where 2 of them are French? Surely all of Cov, London Skolars, and the 2 welsh clubs wont make the cut so they will need to go amateur again which might finish them. Will Newcastle, or even London, make the cut? Could they be trying to organise a Super League South like the women's game with a bit of extra negotiated cash? Lots of possibilities, but for expansionists I dont see any of them playing out at all well.
  2. Ah, sorry. They are calling themselves "Birmingham Moseley" for some reason now, so I thought you meant them
  3. Where will the Play Off Final be played? What happens if there are more travel restrictions and Toulouse can't fly in. Let's see what happens then.
  4. Gigot's a legend as well. I'm not sure he'll get on that well in SL, but great to watch,... another Toulouse try!
  5. I've not watched Toulouse in months. They look good! better than some Super League teams, perhaps.
  6. Anyone not watching this game, I'd suggest you tune in for the last 10 mins! quality and I have no idea if Tigers will claw it back. https://www.rugby-league.com/dashboard
  7. I thought Gloucester did as well, but I might have rememebred wrong. Lovibg the " Rugby league still uses this "correct" numbering system" comment
  8. Do we know if the 7s competition that Strathmore played in was planned before or after the date for the League grand final was set? I appreciate union 7s is importantly to them in Scotland but it's a bit bad that you get all the way to a final of a competition, then pull out as you rate a random union 7s weekend over a national League championship.
  9. I remember years ago remarking on a Union board about something and referring to their Stand Off. They piled into me and said that was a League term and how dare the use it in their presence. I said that it was also used in union, particularly at northern union clubs like Orrel, and they should know their sport a bit better if they insisted on coming on the internet and talking about it, disapointing with the education they'd paid for, clearly just a game for southern part time fans, etc. Such fun.
  10. Interesting as well that Partizan have less than a 1/10th of the Facebook following of Red Star but have been consistently kicking their @r5e this year :-).
  11. I believe Toulouse should have snuck onto this list in place of London
  12. Why not have England, Wales, France, Ireland, Scotland, Jamaica, Serbia and An Other and have a proper tournament. Call it the Covid Cup or something. Yes there will be some blowouts, but there would have been in the way the world cup was organised. And yes there England will win, but Australia would have won the world cup. Just think we are in desperate need of some internationals that are meaningful and have a trophy at the end. It is the way other sports are going.
  13. They said there were a few last minute covid panic reshuffled. Maybe that is where discrepancies occurred. I'll keep digging around tinternet.
  14. Team sheets here: https://www.rugby-league.com/article/35811/yorkshire-earn-comfortable-academy-origin-victory
  15. If you have a looka the replay on OurLeague they run thru the team sheets for each at the start. I cant find online written teamsheets anywhere as yet.
  16. I've just spotted him. He's walking round in the woods in Leeds, next to where the Yorks v Lancs U18s game is being played. He was wearing tweed and had a leather manbag.
  17. Is there team info, with who they play for, anywhere does anyone know?
  18. They are: Saturday 13th November INTERNATIONALS England V Australia. Oh, hang on....!
  19. Whenever I hear the name Rom Navarette it always makes me start singing the 1978 hit by The Normal.
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