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  1. I've got the wrong end of the stick then. My mistake.
  2. Sad. Like you say started well. The Jaguars and oxford postponed a fixture due to covid, and they dont seem to have got going again. Has the league official been cancelled, or is it still going then missing the two teams? I did suggest to the jaguars that their view of what had happened was 100% opposite to what some people were putting on certain forums. And they might want to come out with some sort of statement.
  3. That's not how they sell it. I'm not involved with them btw. I'll try and find out more but they told me they didn't know what was happening with the league.
  4. I got the impression the rfl werent really doing their job and no one knew what was going on. The West of England clubs, some of them, appear to have organised their own "plate" and "play off" matches independently from the rfl too. This sport I love, man! Drives me mad.
  5. I was messaging the manager of the Jaguars yesterday. They have played a few matches (I was able to be at one), and would have played yesterday had the RFL not cancelled the West of England league.
  6. I love the idea someone cant have got a lot better playing in the nrl and is the same player he was in super league playing against second tier opposition. He was almost dally m one year. Again appreciate everyone else's opinion and I'm in the minority on this super league forum, but you're all wrong
  7. Ah, moseley. My old stomping ground before the kids and my move to the shires.
  8. Neither walking distance though = no pints. You are far more committed than I I think. What's the other Worcester team? Is it NEW Ravens? They used to play in Bromsgrove which is one train stop, but I never managed to get down there (kids too young) until they left for somewhere else. There does seem to be a nice pool of middling local teams round here.
  9. I need to buy your book, dude. When you get round to writing it. Can you do a crowd funder thing? I can see me lapping it up by the pool when we are allowed to go on proper holidays again. If I get a bit more involved in the Jaguars, if they keep going, next year, perhaps I can suggest a match that will be 100% on for you to pop by; I'd love Droitwich to be in the book. The set up now is amazing. Bacon butty on me if you do.
  10. You're all mad. Hodgson = best English hooker by far (Appreciate this is a forum to state sporting opinions and you all have a different one from me and you arent actually mad, you just have a different opinion to I)
  11. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/political-football-why-boris-johnson-is-hell-bent-on-rlwc-going-ahead-20210729-p58dyi.html This is probably the most balanced piece I've read to come from the Australian press (when theyve bothered to report it at all) but it's still so far off the reality of the state of affairs and our mindset here. You Aussies havent got a clue! And your journalism is bad; on a par with ours. Fingers crossed good news on Monday from the world cup committee and it will go ahead without nz and oz. And they'll have to qualify for the next one in France.
  12. Thanks. That doesnt really tell us what's going on though. Rather than being postponed, Bath are playing Oxford today in what they are calling the "West of England Plate Final." Others seem to have just stopped. Theres no media as far as I can see about what's actually going on.
  13. I wish it was all a lot better published somewhere so we could understand.
  14. Just been informed the RFL have stopped the West of England League for 2021. So perhaps neither team have ceased, just the league has stopped.
  15. Bizarre. They seemed like a great start up set up. I might bowl down there this afternoon anyway and see. Such a shame if theyve gone pop. They were signed up for the euro xiiis too.
  16. I was going to walk down to Droitwich Rugby to watch Worcester V Gloucester today; but I've been looking on social media and can't find anything about it. Does anyone know anything about the West of England league and know if these two clubs are playing today?
  17. So I signed up for a year a couple of months ago! I've just emailed them and told them they Murdoch needs to at least give me my money back for this morning.
  18. Where the same money wont be on the table and it will be lost in the other, bigger world cup. They actually just don't want it played at all. Watching watch NRL they arent even bothering to talk about this; doesn't get mentioned on their daily NRL 360, NRL tonight etc programmes... and theyve cancelled all their games today because of covid. !
  19. It never used to be a pro-onion paper. Not sure what happened.
  20. I was there. Great day. Great League. Rubbish atmosphere. And that was with lots and lots of northern fans in attendance. Missed the last train home too. Had to get an expensive, ###### taxi ride all the way back to Worcestershire (with my Welsh mate berating the taxi driver for hogging the middle lane all the way there!- I still berate him for it now, the chap was just doing his job) fun times
  21. I'm running over a lot of this in my head today, and I remember a summary Tony Smith made a week or so ago to the BBC. He suggested the whole thing, and how I feel vs how a fan of an NRL club feels, is massively biased by how the general public in the UK vs Aus feel about Covid. Here, almost everyone know someone who's had it, if not had it themselves. Most have also been double vaccinated. In my case I have had 2 jabs, I suspect I had it in March 2020, and I spent the weekend hanging around a load of 20 somethings at musical festival and I'm fine now. We've had Wimbledon, Silverstone and the Euros. Yes 130+K people have died, but we need to start coming out of this, and we understand we need to be careful, but we can't put off these big events for ever, and we've proved we can manage it ok. Oz: No one is double jabbed. If you go to the UK as a player it is likely you will get it. We don't know anyone who has had it. It kills people. We don't understand what massive outbreak looks like and we are scared. Are we as nations juts so far apart in our heads for this to work this year, and 2022 too (I'm not sure how Aus will ever open up TBH). ... or is it just coup as I originally thought?
  22. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/jul/30/nrl-clubs-stand-firm-with-australia-and-new-zealand-over-rugby-league-world-cup "NRL clubs stand firm with Australia and New Zealand over Rugby League World Cup" I love this headline! the NRL clubs are Australia and NZ. This is not new news! It is just basically the people behind the throne coming out and publicly saying what they whispered into their puppet's ear a week ago. Why is it a new thing, deserving new headlines, to give their side more credence?
  23. Why have Souths and Raiders been put at front of house to deliver this message from the 16? Is it because they are the only clubs with more than 1 English player, to apply a bit more informal pressure.? If so, that stinks.
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