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  1. I'd agree. I'd still have the later three on my England team though.
  2. Going by that game, england would do well to keep within 30 points of NSW let alone Australia. Worrying!
  3. I appreciate a lot of SL lovers over NRL will take umbrage with this side, but looks pretty alright to me. But you have to pick William's in the halfs, surely!
  4. No, arguably Partizan are better this year. But after those two theres a big gap to Dorcol, then another big gap to Nis, New Belgrade and Souths. That's the top division (sort of, it's a bit complicated) but even with just the 6 teams theres some impressive blowout scores, one in the three figures if I remember right. But Red Star do face serious competition and I suspect they might not win the championship this year.
  5. Particularly as the hype and marketing was all pretty lame. One of the main social media videos was just that rib curtis guy in a gym, stepping off some weights, and saying how great it was going to be. The club logos were mainly poor. The website rubbish and mainly illegible. And the statements being made about details on various podcasts by the main organisers confusing, at best. If that was their shot at bringing money in that vital for it to go ahead, it really does come across as wing and a prayer stuff Has anyone heard how chasing g kangaroos or Rugby League in the Americas people have come out about this yet? I've not spotted it but interesting how supportive they were, and disparaging about Usarl in terms of the latter.
  6. My word, you really are well travelled, Groundhopper!. Interested to get your thoughts on Droitwich, I mean Worcester, Jaguars if you catch them at all versus the others on the Western League you've seen. Think the Jags may struggle this year.
  7. Yesterday I wandered down to watch the first home game of Worcester Jaguars v Somerset Vikings in the West of England league. Final Score Jags 28 - 52 Vikings. Bizarrely Worcester Jaguars play at Droitwich Rugby (Union) club WR9 7DU and not in Worcester, but that suits me just fine as I can walk there The Vikings looked a well organised side with some big units, some skillful (and rather cocky) backs (one clear uni union player shouting "kick to me, Worcester, kick to me" at restarts). The bench and coach looked very detailed and communicative with the team throughout - he even had a clipboard.! Jags looked a lot less so. There was some really commitment in the ruck, but they lost their shape out wide on lots of occasions. The real difference though was the play the ball. I couldn't see any huge difference up front. But the Vikings play the ball was so much faster, not sure if it was the ref not cracking down till well into the second half, that Somerset were clearly holding down for ages as a tactic, or Jags were being naive and werent. A few big individual efforts with a ball steal try from the right wing, and one of the forwards somehow wrestling himself over with three Vikings on the tackle, and some good kicking, kept the Jags in it at 22-24 down at half time. Sadly territory pressure told and led to some Viking walk ins in the first 20 mins of the second half. Once Jags started to throw it about and go for short kick offs some quick 1st tackle tries led to a bit of a blowout score. Still, even with some covid restrictions at the bar and the result, a great sat afternoon in the sun. I cant make the next home game, but will be there for Bath's visit in early July.
  8. Amazing. A league that will never play a match and seems to have been set up by some chancers causes random people across the globe to fall out on internet forum. Would be a lot better if this NARL had never been mentioned if it was just a pipe dream. Hoping the euro xiii isnt the same. Speaking of which I'm off to watch the worcester jaguars first ever home game tomorrow. A new club with what seems like a good community based setup built from the ground up. This surely is the embers of proper sustainable expansion.
  9. Forest Green are actually a very old team. It's just that Ecotricity chap found them ion the lower league and flooded the team with talented vegans, built a new stadium, etc. The pies are good there, BTW! Similar story of massive rise from small amateur team to professional ranks at Salford City, although fewer vegans, and formed much later than Forest Green. I'm not claiming to have known this without Wiki-ing, but there are a few league clubs that were certainly formed after WW2. Stevenage, Burton Albion.. and then the complication of AFC Wimbledon (and MK Dons.) But obviously Hertfordshire, Derbyshire, South London and Buckinghamshire have been Association Football heartlands since the early years of the FA Cup.
  10. https://www.nrl.com/siteassets/documents/state-of-origin-eligibility-rules.pdf "To qualify for State of Origin you must be eligible and elect to play for Australia and have not represented another Tier 1 Nation at Senior Level (England/New Zealand)."
  11. I actually think the international game would be stronger if they completely scrapped any link between kangaroo qualification and playing in SOO.
  12. I can't wait for next week's Chasing Roos, if all the NARL rumour is true
  13. Are you sure though. I'm not sure I'm not. Aren't you?
  14. Sorry, I think the Droitwich Spa village fete is the following weekend. I think Eddie must have his dates confused.
  15. So, for example, on Sat 5th June my plan is to watch Storm V Titans in the morning, then walking down to watch Droitwich Worcester Jaguars' first home game in the West of England League , then, (so long as I can make it past the bar in the cricket club which is on the route home) get back to watch the Challenge Cup 2nd semi. Hopefully be able to squeeze some French Elite in off of t'Youtube at some point too. I will also be watching the first SoO from Townsville (which I sort of called ) on Wednesday of that week whist "working from home". All of those individually could be judged as insular competitions I think. But I have no problem with watching any or all of them.... well apart from the fact that my family will probably have left me and I won't have realised.
  16. So we might end up with usarl, narl, cal rl, Utah and canada all separate and variously allied with or actively opposed to each other, with no clear big player. Sounds great for the future.
  17. I thought this was a forum, where you could chat with others about what you might find interesting. Didn't realise needed to bow to a party line in terms of topics. Fair enough, I'll have a look at the featherstone investigation thread that I've ignored 10 pages of up until now and started getting really into whatever that's about.
  18. They were talking this morning about the real prospect of it going to Newcastle, Darwin or Wollongong. Fox seemed to think Vlandys was looking to give it to a heartland and the fact it would be in Queensland or NSW would be overlooked given the extraordinary nature of events that led to it.
  19. And so the saga ends. Shame really, but hope the Williams family is okay, Sad loss for Canberra. Surely this won't help stop their slide.
  20. If we were being honest, you would struggle to pick any sl players as the best in the world in any position over the last few years. The hodgson, roby, etc debate is an interesting one. I'm the former's biggest fan as I've said many times before. I dont buy the "slow obvious dummy half" idea of him that most on here have. I think hes our best hooker, as do most league fans in oz I think. It would appear most league fans in the uk and on this forum think roby, and others, are better. But that's why we talk about all this stuff so much, cause we have different opinions and it's fun But the fact Grant, and roby, are being talked about as the best in the world for me shows how weak the hooker position is right now across the world. Great players (as is hodgson, although less so this season) but for a spine position it just doesnt seem to me that the big superstar talent is there at dummy half now cam smith has retired.
  21. Oh my god. How f$#%ing good does he look. Hes 18. Makes you sick! Worst part is, despite playing for the Warriors, hes Australian. How many world class spine ozzie kids are coming through at the mo (and I include Cleary in that).
  22. What a star. I've just seen him interviewed. I appreciate he's viewed as a very quiet, dour individual. But I think he just says when he's got something to say; and when he's got nothing to say he stays quite. Every sentence I either agree 100% with, or I had umbrage with and passionately disagree with. Everyone else on "The Fan" was just filling the silence I felt without stating a proper opinion, particularly Michael Ennis who never has anything worth saying but feels he needs to say something to keep getting paid by fox I guess.
  23. The head guy, rob curtis, interviewed on chasing roos was saying how great he and the team were and how much sport and event setup experience they had. He said he'd set up possibly the biggest grass roots/participation football club in the world with the New York Red Bulls.
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