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  1. Yeah that was what I thought too. Words repeated, lack of punctuation, very unprofessional.
  2. There was some good moves and a solid defence.......anyone know if Glen Riley still a Town player??
  3. Bit confused by your post because we haven't.......................last week it was 16-58.
  4. Town will play Ince Rose Bridge........who have won away at Wigan St Pats....22-30
  5. Don't think we have a 'Town dedicated' commentator nowadays.???......Jordan Weir is a 100% jambo. And those two today were deffo all for Barra Marra.
  6. Were any converted, or could they not see the aitches?
  7. Match abandoned, power cut, score Barrow 14 v Town 4
  8. Were you?.....Curtis had an elbow injury while at Town.....therefore don't think he would have been able to use crutches ? (He did have his arm in a sling though).
  9. Ok you win Kev..............but I still think, with hindsight, that Thorman had no cash available to get more quality at DP. We weren't really told of this cash flow prob until near seasons end.
  10. Yes Kevin us 'popular siders' saw the writing was on the wall very early in the season - mainly because of the Thorman idea that mobility was more worthwhile in the squad than a physical input. I recall being in earshot when, not for the first time, he told us an overseas signing was imminent...........never got here did he. So, despite 100% unreserved effort by the always too small pack, us 'keyboard warriors' tried in vain to give Chris some good advice, or so we thought it was. Given to him without knowing if he actually visited this forum - perhaps he should have. But it was deemed unwelcome advice in some quarters hence the warriors hint. What we now know perhaps seems to have hindered his recruitment, as the painful financial level of the club became apparent, was that he wasn't able to buy his way out of trouble. So yes marras Chris failed us somewhat badly....maybe not well and truly maffed it though?
  11. But will reaching the play offs be an ideal situation? I base my question on the very much documented comments made by Chris Thorman following play off success in 2021. (two great matches to watch for sure). However - Chris always lamented that with Town being in play offs the club then lost several opportunities to sign formerly available players - and therefore Town were weeks behind other clubs regarding strengthening. So would the new regime not suffer similar play off dramas ???
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