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  1. I've seen the numbers for 2017-19 and the lowest was well below the bottom of and the highest mid that range. Given the reduction in central funding since then I can't really see playing budget increasing massively since then.
  2. I thought Mark Campbell was the main man at York?
  3. Probably would have missed it if we hadn't been actively looking as it was hiding among a load of mallards when we first spotted it.
  4. It made Mrs S's day - her friend had seen it a couple of day ago on her first visit! There was another master angler (heron) lurking about 10ft away too but my photo's blurred as it was starting to get very dusk like by then. A lovely robin gave a us a fantastic serenade too. Only very slight disappointment on a wonderful walk was not seeing the woodpecker on the path over to Ledsham that a few people coming the opposite way had seen.
  5. Finally got to see this little beauty at Fairburn Ings this afternoon
  6. You're confusing us with Wigan: they're the only club that has control over the appeals process...
  7. Just texted a mate to let him know. One of our somewhat feeble claims to fame is being on the same ferry as her from Athens to Aegina when she was suffering a bit (well a lot) from sea sickness. He replied reminding me that she was the 1st winner on that wonderful gameshow 3-2-1!
  8. In theory Newcastle, for example, could DR with every SL club.....
  9. All the teams just not necessarily in the right order.....
  10. Been checking out the Mrs' ancestry Roland the Farter - Wikipedia
  11. I think you'll find that you can't actually do a great deal with £2m. Didn't your North Stand, the sort of thing Cas would need, cost over £8m?
  12. In the (paraphrased) words of the late Keith Floyd "if you wouldn't drink it, don't cook with it."
  13. Depends if Lateral can get any businesses to buy in to a "high-quality employment and commercial development." The didn't have much success with 'high quality' retailers and there isn't exactly a shortage of such sites along the M62 and surrounding areas. Also, anyone know what the situation is re land use; I know the Gov approved the retail park but would a change of intended use require a reassessment?
  14. Ok, I'll rephrase it, WMDC won't give any of the clubs £2m for nothing (worth noting they mention yearly updates as to how things are progressing). And although £2m won't get you a great deal in terms of ground improvements - Wakey's Donny Rd 'stand' cost them £700k - it looks as though Axiom/Lateral might be stumping up some cash as a bung to enable them to change the plans for a retail park to what sounds like a business park. Wonder how much about that was known before the Resilliance Fund came into being? Super League: Castleford Tigers set to focus on Jungle redevelopment and scrap new stadium plans | Rugby League News | Sky Sports
  15. Reading WMDC's announcement I'm not sure any grant can used by the clubs to simply 'tart up' their grounds. Be interesting to see if that is bourne out if and when the scheme is approved and full details are released
  16. I'm not sure the £2m on offer is intended to (or indeed could) be used for 'stadium upgrades'
  17. That also depends on the play off structure and not sure that's been announced yet?
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