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  1. To be fair you didn't state you meant lately. How lately do you want to go? HKR stayed up fairly recently. Toronto almost doesnt count as we dont know how well they would have finished and Leigh last year wasnt a real promotion but let's count it. So the last few years, Leigh down twice, once from a hail mary that was never going to work, Toronto played 6 games so who knows, London who were very unlucky and HKR stayed up. Go back over the history of SL and most promoted teams stayed up their first year and even Leigh and Cas didnt finish bottom in two of those relegations. I'm not saying it's easy but there is plenty of precedent for promoted teams staying up from Wakey in 1998 through to HKR a couple of years ago.
  2. Lots of teams have been promoted and stayed up. London did ok but got relegated.
  3. Cunningham is a grim signing. Very average. Let’s hope they sign some actual big names, their pack definitely needs bolstering.
  4. Yet a pretty average London had a real go and we’re very unlucky not to stay up. Toronto we’re poorly managed, contracts too big and McDermott lost the plot. I think Toulouse have a good balance. Decent squad already, room to spend and established structures and staff. Assuming they sign a couple of good players I think they’ll be fine. It’ll be tough for teams going there.
  5. I would have picked Moors over Davies, yes and Field. I love JD but rotating moors onto an edge gives you a X factor. No coincidence Gaga’s tries dried when he was gone. Agree day and halton fairly similar. Our middle was quite lightweight and got rolled in the first 20. Think that would have happened whoever we had out there to be fair. They came out like it was a grand final we didn’t. Coach has to take some criticism for that because they clearly had it in them in the second half
  6. I thought beforehand that Fev would come to miss Harrison, Moors and Day. Moors was key to the right edge attack and is a big body. Harrison is excellent in the middle hence his move to warrington. Fev’s game plan is based on fast rucks and 2 very good hookers going at the line. Toulouse won every collision in that first half practically. If Fev had weathered the storm I think Toulouse would have gotten nervous and you could tell lack of matches affected them. In any case they deserved to win. Fev had two cracks at them this year and came up short twice.
  7. I’m a Fev fan and sometimes some of our fans can go over the top, but everyone has been quite dignified. The Facebook group is usually a bit toxic but apart from a couple of the usual ref blamers, most acknowledged Toulouse were better. I’d like to think Sir Kevin Sinfield et al would have reacted with similar dignity. It’s sport and Toulouse won on the field. Looking forward to seeing how they go next year, either way it was a new team in SL, which needs it. Hopefully Fev can go again next year.
  8. Congrats Toulouse best team on the day. If Fev had started the first half like the second I didn’t fancy Toulouse’s composure but good game in the end
  9. Good luck to him, good to see someone appoint from within, British and not just go for a name. RL falls for that too often, you don’t have to be a great player to be a great manager, soccer proves this often. Mourinho never even kicked a ball…
  10. Thought Fev had got some lights from Leeds Utd?
  11. As someone else mentioned, you might want to research who Fev’s main sponsors are before making comments like that. I’d also be interested to hear which promoted club, or any club for that matter, brought in sponsors directly for the league itself? Toulouse is a traditional RL area, both teams would likely bring back lapsed and new fans upon promotion. Both clubs’ attendances in the championship are similar. Both teams have good stadia and facilities. Both teams have good junior development records, Fev’s historically better. If they get promoted I’m sure they’ll be allowed to have an academy again and player production will resume. How would you measure ‘new fans’ and ‘new sponsors’ as criteria before a team is even promoted? Utterly ridiculous comment.
  12. I believe both of those turned them down before Marshall, but the young british option is a good path for them to take.
  13. There were investors initially who pulled out, the guys were hired to find new investment after that happened. Some teams actually got some funding from the initial investment
  14. The NARL put their hopes into investors who seemingly pulled out, the streaming service was a low income part of the equation I believe. Your second sentence may be true but that relies on the teams getting back together under one banner, or carrying on with a 5 team USARL. I'm surprised any NARL team played a game after the rug got pulled, fair play to them for getting the game on.
  15. Great effort from Haven, really good stuff in a competitive league and one of the favourites for relegation. I think they might beat Fax with the momentum they have but surely the first round of play-offs is just for vanity. It would be a shame if the final weren't Toulouse v Fev. The two best teams by a long way, expansionist vs traditionalist rivalry, controversy about games played and covid, lots of SL level talent. Should be an amazing final if it happens, but this is the play-offs and anything can happen.
  16. There is currently no answer to this and therein lies the problem. Hopefully there can be some kind of collaboration to get a joint competition on next year otherwise it'll be more friendlies under different banners next year.
  17. He's a very good player. Excellent balance and footwork with great skill and a fair bit of pace. People suggesting he's average haven't a clue. Very similar to Shenton at his peak. Agree his defence isn't his strong point but it's not as bad as people are making out, just a lazy assumption because he isnt a massive bloke.
  18. Just create your own sport and call it NRL and let the rest of us move on. It’s getting to the point where it will be ‘who scores first wins’. No hope for our sport.
  19. It gives the teams a fixture, which is something. Hardly ideal by any stretch but neither are the circumstances and we don’t know the background to the decision. I don’t know if ‘we as a sport’ are putting that much stock on the outcome of Scotland v Jamaica, I’m more interested in what happens for the England v France game. The Jamaica game has a very narrow range to make a minor impact on international RL development. You could play it at Murrayfield and it would still be a minor event. No amount of anecdotes on an Internet forum about Jamaican mates wanting an event will change that. The event was/will be the World Cup. That won’t be played at POR. In any case, any internationals put on this autumn were bound to be a bit of a hodge podge, not that it isn’t always that way but at least they have an excuse this time and are trying to put something on.
  20. Probably. It’s amusing how much impact people think a last minute friendly between Scotland and Jamaica will have on the game. Thousands of Scottish and Jamaican fans crying into their breakfast because it’s not in Leeds.
  21. I know they have a league, I know some of their players quite well. I wonder how many will be flown over for this fixture? It may have escaped you but I didn’t start moaning and rubbishing this fixture, you and the other internet heroes did at the suggestion of the venue. RL has far bigger problems than where Scotland play Jamaica in a friendly. It’s a largely meaningless game but good that they’re playing. The best thing about this being in Fev is your predictable incel reaction.
  22. Glad I could help and that I have so much credibility you had to check on the internet.
  23. I dont think Fev is the best place to play that fixture, but just to clear something up for those taking pot shots at the place, it's a town not a village. At least make your insults accurate. It should probably be at Wembley, large Jamaican and Scottish populations in London, big stadium for this marquee friendly, organized last minute. Probably fill it. Maybe Headingley wasnt available or too expensive and Fev is one of the closest decent stadiums to Leeds, unless of course it gets played at Belle Vue or Wheldon Road. Organizing tin pot games at short notice is never going to be ideal is it. Notions that we can make a last minute friendly between two fake international teams an 'event' is peak forum banter.
  24. We’re in a rut, we’re not producing them. It’s easier to produce big back rowers because they’re ready made. Rubbish junior coaches coaching on structure cos Michael Maguire told them wedge for a wedge for a wedge is good.
  25. You may have missed the point of the ARL/NZRL pull out.
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