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  1. Round 1 might the best time to play them before all their new players gel, but of course you could say that about Fev as well. I can see this being close with Fev getting away from them in the last 15 and winning by 10-12.
  2. Couldn't agree more. Got really into cricket since working from home, it's made for it! Incidentally, I checked Viaplay in the US and even though it's only $4.99 per month, you can only get it through Roku or Xfiniti.
  3. For what players go through to make the grade and stay there, they are paid a pittance. One of the hardest sports in the world and you get paid more in a supermarket. Frankly, its a joke.
  4. No he won't. No one affiliated with Rugby League has ever received one and that won't change, especially in 3 years when Kev's efforts will be less recent. There's a reason it happens and in today's society that reason is more important to them than ever.
  5. I kind of agree but also seems strange not having a game in the capital, particularly if part of the aim is to raise the profile of the game in France.
  6. They cant even be attracted to games in Sydney.
  7. Sorry I had no idea this was serious. Carry on, it’s a great idea.
  8. Also an extra year to build and prepare is not the impediment it’s being made out to be. Especially with covid all but forgotten by most now compared to a year ago with Omicron etc.
  9. What’s naive? Fans for criticizing the organizers for not adapting or the organizers themselves for not understanding very very basic facts such as people being generally worse off? Good god, you are Dutton and a claim my tediously earned £5.
  10. Jamaica wouldn’t have the same squad as you’re depriving them of their SL players. A select team of Q cup and NSW cup players representing Australia would still flog Jamaica, Greece, Italy etc by 60-80 points. Appreciate this is a bit of a joke thread but the results would be even more lopsided with the weak teams not able to call upon professionals to bolster them.
  11. What next? Hmmm let me see. I reckon a few weeks of players and coaches asking for more internationals, NRL and SL paying lip service to it and saying they support international RL but then being blockers rather than supporters. The toothless IRL eventually get their significantly modified 10 year plan approved by the Australian domestic league and we’re off to the races with a game between Cook Islands and NZ as curtain raiser to origin 3 and then a pacific cup at the end of the season that somehow doesn’t have Tonga v Samoa and PNG excluded entirely. All games played Tuesday morning at Leichardt Oval. Meanwhile England play France at Warrington in front of 2000 people and win 70-0. Everyone complains that it’s a waste of time and it gets scrapped in 2024 in favor of a game between England and England Knights. Ireland, Wales and Scotland play a tournament with League 1 squads in a park in Cumbria because it’s near Scotland. GB come back for a 2024 tour with Schofield and Hanley as coaches but Australia refuse to play and we lose to NSW country select. Excitement builds for 2025, which is farcically organized in front of tiny crowds and Australia, despite looking like the worst Australia squad in living memory beat NZ 36-12. Calls for more internationals follow and repeat ad infinitum.
  12. You might find the outcome depressingly similar to the actual World Cup. Probably even more lopsided.
  13. You, every time someone dare make valid criticisms. RL Tragic made some great points and was telling you how he feels, the way a lot of people feel, and your response is to undermine him and call him negative. Tepid attitudes, brushing inadequacy under the carpet is why we don’t improve.
  14. Don’t waste your time trying to be rational and present well thought out opinions to him. If it’s not all rainbows and sunshine he’ll throw his toys out of the pram. Incidentally, I agree with everything you say and you sum up my feelings perfectly. The few positives can’t mask the huge disappointment at yet more RL rake stepping.
  15. Positives - Inclusion of women, wheelchair and PDRL - Wheelchair in general - Amount of RL shown on BBC - Men's semis - The Rock on Instagram Negatives - Organization - Ticketing - Marketing - Pricing - Venue selection - Crowds - International broadcasting - Lopsided scorelines - Boring, predictable mens and womens finals - England men - Neutral refs - No international RL plan once the final whistle had gone Overall 5/10 with massive missed opportunities before during and after the tournament....again.
  16. Why? Because I like other sports? You were the person who was 'pragmatic' about England losing last week, I still haven't gotten over it, but I don't like RL. Ok.
  17. I havent watched a second of international RL since I said that. What are you talking about?
  18. I said I wasn't devoting any more energy into international RL. I reserve the right to stay here and moan.
  19. Bet they're gutted you won't be tuning in and thanks for letting me watch.
  20. Only 7 you say. Wow that's terrible. I'll inform the billions of viewers not to bother as realistically there's only 5-7 teams that can win.
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