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Wigan v Hull FC game brought forward 2 days

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7 hours ago, Lowdesert said:

One team will be busting a gut to get through a semi final, another will be resting.  If Hull (and they well might do) play a side full of reserves there could be SL & RFL interventions or/and the fans don't get to see a fair contest.


And the club should state player welfare as to reason they are resting due to extreme fatigue.

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21 minutes ago, Dave T said:

I sympathise with the fans, but 5 day turnaround isnt that controversial nowadays is it?

It's just like a Sunday to Friday which can happen.

It isn’t that controversial as it’s been going on for some time.  Doesn’t mean it’s right and I would bet heavily on a big percentage of coaches being opposed to the arrangement.

Like I said, quite possible that Hull could field a shed load of reserves. If they do, everyone loses - the fans, as they might likely see a mis match, the weakened team, as they will be out of gas early in the game, the club, as they are at increased risk from injuries.  Also, quite possible that travelling fans won’t tracel in the normal numbers.  If you were a fixtures planner, you wouldn’t choose this model.

Having said that, Hull don’t need encouraging to run out of gas this year.

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On 18/07/2019 at 07:15, The Hallucinating Goose said:

I'd probably still go, never know, might see a performance that is truly out of this world. 

Not the same buzz there used to be though.

"Coming from East Hull people automatically think you should go and play for Hull KR. Personally I couldn't think of anything worse" - Kirk Yeaman

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