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Crown Flatter

2019 Squad Details

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7 hours ago, Crown Flatter said:

What has happened to the topic giving details of this year’s retained and released players?

Very quiet at the moment. The only players that we know who are here next year are.

Tom Garratt.

Adam Ryder.

Sam Day.

Michael Knowles.

Liam Finn.

One player that I don’t think we’ll be seeing next season is Iggy.

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Whilst CF's actual question concerned the 2019 squad this thread has immediately shifted to 2020, for good reason I believe.

I don't like to discuss any individuals whilst the season is still underway, as I believe that is unfair on them, but I do expect that we will see significant changes in our sqad for a number of reasons.

The first is that which causes groans amongst many fans but is the true reality of Championship RL - budgets. The total amount of money to be distributed from central funds by the RFL is less than this year meaning that, on average, every club  will receive less. Those clubs who have finished in the same place as last year can expect a reduction of at least £15k and those, like us, who have slid a couple of places will face an even greater reduction. (I am, of course, assuming that we stay in the Championship next season.) That could mean that we are looking at around £60k less than this year and, with little prospect of any real increase in income, the only realistic place where any significant savings could be made is in the playing budget. I suspect that we have paid out quite a lot for loan players this year as well as contracts for players who, for whatever reason, have not actually played for the team, so money can be saved in this area. What this does imply is a reduction in squad numbers and, unfortunately, no prospects of a reserve team.

The second, following on from this, is the requirement for most SL clubs to run a reserve team from next season onwards. This would mean that fewer players are actually available for loans or DR (even if we could afford them) so reliance upon our own resources is imperative. Hence, a core of fit, hungry, skillful players is what we will be aiming for, I trust.

Third, the development of reserve leagues together with academies will mean that the total player pool available to Championship clubs and below will inevitably be diminished. The continued contraction of the amateur game doesn't help at all and should be the key issue for the RFL to be addressing. These factors will create a host of challenges not faced by the club for many years and possibly requiring a different approach to recruitment. I do hope that this is already underway.

(It should go without saying that these issues will be being faced by all of the clubs in our league that don't have very generous benefactors, which I believe means the majority. We will be united in the battle yet will also be competitors for the better players. Interesting times!)


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Sport, amongst other things, is a dream-world offering escape from harsh reality and the disturbing prospect of change.

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