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Eventbrite Ticket for CC Final...info needed

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Wonder if anybody could help me? Basicaly I got a ticket from the Skolars for the CC Final, I know its in the Saints end but thats about it! Got the ticket attachment via email, but it just says general admission and what i wanna know is, do i go to collect the actual ticket at the Stadium like ive done in the past? Im guessing so, but dosent actualy tell me!

Cheers for any help in advance.

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Hi Gray1967,

Thank you for purchasing your ticket through Skolars. A ticket was posted to you by the club on Monday 18th August. If this has not reached you by tomorrow (August 21st), please contact the club on 0208 888 8488.


General Manager - London Skolars

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11 hours ago, Dave T said:

Jeez, that was good customer service!!!

That reply was quicker than a Steve Reed input after a criticism of Hull KR.

They're doing a great job at the Skolars. I went to the Friday Night Lights a couple of years since and was impressed with their efforts and set up. In fact, as Just Browny will no doubt confirm with glee, my pal and I arrived late to the ground, having survived a 28 stop tube trip, to find that the turnstile operator had buggered off so we got in for nowt. I rather hope the profits they made from the beer we bought helped to counteract this.

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