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Word Association Game 2 Limericks

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There some confusion about the metre of the Limerick.

There are always 5 lines lines

Lines 1&2 rhyme.

Lines 3 and 4 rhyme

Line 5 should rhyme with lines 1&2



(Jonoco)   We were all on the ale

(Bearman) Despite the wind, rain and hail

(B'Bronco) For a night out N'Djamena ain't bad

To answer MM the one above want completing with a line rhyming in bad followed by a line rhyming in ale/hail.

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Ron Banks

Bears and Barrow

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9 minutes ago, Johnoco said:

So....to start again.


About the Limerick there’s been much debate

But I'm piffed, and it's getting quite late


I had to use f instead of s to avoid the sweary filter

Rethymno Rugby League Appreciation Society

Founder (and, so far, only) member.

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