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he Ottawa Aces announce that after much consultation, and deliberation, it was decided that in consideration of the best long-term interests of the Club, the competition, and the sport, and as agreed between the RFL and the Club to defer the Aces entry into the RFL league structure to the 2022 season. 

This decision was not taken lightly and is due to the ongoing proliferation of COVID-19 cases across the UK, and increasing numbers across Ontario, that cast doubt on the ability to travel freely between Canada and the UK in 2021.

The Aces organization will focus on making sure all players and staff are given the support they need during this difficult time. All current season ticket deposits will be honoured for the 2022 season. 

The Aces would like to thank the RFL, OSEG, our corporate partners, and fans for their ongoing support. The Aces remains a proud member of the RFL and will now concentrate efforts on the future, and focus on bringing professional Rugby League to TD Place Stadium in 2022. 

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On 06/11/2020 at 08:39, marklaspalmas said:

No club for Louis Jouffret then.

He's probably going to end up somewhere like London isn't he? He went to Ottawa because of the full-time opportunity and they're the only club that can realistically offer him that. I'd love to see him back at Fev because I thought he went really well for us but we've signed Nu Brown so there wouldn't be a guaranteed starting spot for him.

Would be annoying to see him at London after he had such a good game against them at Ealing.

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