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Dockhouse Rugby πŸ‰ show πŸŽ™οΈ

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Earlier this week we had the pleasure of Pip Birchall Saints and Ireland Rugby star join us in the studio πŸŽ™οΈ

We discussed Women's Rugby along with the LDRL and PDRL and that great Wheelchair Grand Final.

We have a longer dedicated episode out early tomorrow morning with Pip discussing her career, development of the Women's game amongst other RL topics but please check out our mini episode here whilst you wait.


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Please give the video a like βœ… it really helps.

And if you can leave a comment on YouTube πŸŽ₯ that would be brilliant.

It helps our show but also helps promote the Women's game, it needs more exposure and a comment Junos the video up the feed so more people can find it πŸ™

Thanks all β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘



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Looking for some feedback please

We are looking to create a new set with a large table to stand behind, meaning we can more easily fit guests into the studio, would that be better?

How long should episodes be?

What guests would you like to see?

Should the episodes be about the guest or a topic or both?

What topics make good viewing?

Any other constructive feedback?Β 

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Several new episodes recorded today and more guests lined up over the next few weeks.

Andy Mazey, Rochdale Hornets Chairman and former Swinton Lions Chairman joined us for several episodes on RL funding, development, being a Chairman of a RL team (twice!) And of course 'no context questions' segment just for fun.

These episodes are being edited ready for release soon.

Please check out and subscribe to our rugby πŸ‰ show here

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We have been asked to build a new set for next season. Looking for feedback on our idea.

A tall table, Cresent with stools so we can get four of us in shot. Then maybe wear shirts with our logo and get rugby tops behind us.

Any feedback or new ideas please?Β 

Do you think people would donate tops?

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New show due out Thursday again with Andy discussing the expansion dilemma.

Then another next week discussing player pathways and development.

We are recording this week with Mickii Edwards on bead trauma- anything you would like us to ask?

And then next week we have LMS scheduled, again any questions for him?

Bumping the below episode with is one of our most watched, hope you enjoy πŸ‘

Referee - the police couldn't guarantee his safety 😲 Former SL ref discusses the time he knew he'd had enough πŸ‰


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