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Midlands Hurricanes aka Coventry Bears


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Coventry Bears have rebranded to Midlands Hurricanes to be based in South Birmingham at Birmingham and Solihull Bees ground at Portway literally just off junc 3 of M42, Rog T will have here many times on his trips to Redditch, with a move to Alexander stadium in 2023 which is been rebuilt for 2022 commonwealth games, to appeal to a larger audience . They have another backer on board as well as Alan Robinson who was in charge of Coventry Bears who runs the club just like our great chairman Kev .

Some good signings already for the season ahead with ex bulldogs Simon Bowering and Anthony Bowman signed up , no idea about Scotty as yet as he was assistant player coach last season for the Bears . Looking forward to seeing a few games as only 2 mile up the road from me and also where my team New Ravens are based as well so maybe a few doubleheader games. Hopefully some will be on a saturday so then get a full weekend of RL watching the mighty Bulldogs as well , dont know what the future missus will say but got her to a couple of games this past season and she enjoyed the games.

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how far is it from where Coventry Bears played to the new Solihull Bees ground ( and Alexander stadium ), IE will the Cove Bears supporter's be happy about the extra walk ?

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