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The first £1000 draw


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 Well done to the club in initiating this fund raiser and selling it out so quickly, lets hope they do another one soon.

Also the Eton Rifles as well.  


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Wish we had sold out so quickly. I thought same that it was unbelievably quick!! But… sadly a technical hitch which has now been rectified!!

Still plenty to sell so we lease buy now and let’s get it sold out.

If sells out fairly quickly will do another one and may even up the prize so on social media need to share it as people can buy without leaving home and can be interested in winning £1,000 even if no interest in Bulldogs or Rugby League for that matter.

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1 hour ago, Kevin Nicholas said:

Last post should say Please Buy Now not what it does

just edit the post....

"The trouble with quotes on the internet is that it's difficult to determine whether or not they are genuine" ....Abraham Lincoln 1809-1865..

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