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Jim Bronco

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Hi everyone,

I'm concerned about JimBronco. His very regular presence on this forum suddenly stopped a few weeks ago.

I have tried contacting him via the forum message system but the message is still classed as unread.

Does anyone know JimBronco or of him? I don't know JimB personally or have any other way of contacting.

I am concerned as Jim has been a regular on here since 2017.

He was flying high in our tipping competition ladder but suddenly stopped which is unlike him.

I'm hoping JimB is okay, but am worried.


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15 hours ago, The Future is League said:

Cast your mind back about 10 years and a regular poster called Paley on the main forum and i think he got the hump over something and just stopped posting. I'm not saying that about JimBronco, but some posters can be fickle at times.

That’s not like JimB, TFIL. There was nothing at all to suggest that. His main contributions were to the competitions and he was right up at the top showing great judgement when his postings stopped.

I realise people can just become disillusioned but there were no signs of that with JB.

I still hope to hear from him or of him, hoping he’s okay.

Of course if he’s fine and chosen not to post that’s preferable to another possibility I’m worried  about.

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4 minutes ago, Cameron Highlander said:

Graham, have you tried to "Direct Message" him using the "Envelope" icon at the top right on the page.   I have used it several times to communicate with folks and the main moderators John Drake and CKN.  Just a thought.

Yes. I've tried that. 

JimB was a regular contributor. After a few weeks of nothing I sent him a message via that method on 18th July. Sadly it is still marked as unread.

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On 01/09/2022 at 21:01, Graham said:

As you were everyone. Thankfully I’ve had a message from JB to let me know all is well. 
Great to receive good news!

There you go @JimBronco, look at the fuss you caused. Like mum always says, I want to know who you’re going out with and what time you think you will be getting home 😂

In all seriousness, good to hear we haven’t lost you.

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Hey guys. Hope you're all well. I got back in touch with Graham to let him know that personal life got very hectic. At work and outside of work. I just couldn't find the time to post but kept up with Supercoach. All is good with me though. No health problems or anything. I think we can all relate when life just gets pretty hectic at certain points in time. Really can't wait for the World Cup. I will be aiming to watch as many games as possible. 

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Sorry message was for World Cup thread on main board.

Welcome back Jim Bronco

Edited by Irish Saint

Poverty exists not because we cannot feed the poor but because we cannot satisfy the rich.

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