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Sayings - Especially From The Past

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A few of my favourites;

Mouth like a burnt out fusebox - a more modern phrase to describe those who enjoy recreational substances

"Al tan thee arrse" - a sure sign you were in trouble

"Yer allus chelpin'" used to describe a whingy kid

"Am banner go darn tarn" - a Heavy Woollen favourite. I've lived in the North of North Yorks for 20 years and went in my local last week. On hearing this phrase I asked where the guy was from - Dewsbury Moor. Often linked to "ee wor agate" meaning "he was telling me". You hear both a lot.

"There's nowt as thick as folk" - a favourite of my Gran.

"If he told you to jump in't Calder would you do it?" - Basically you're easily led.


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You weren't born in Pilkingtons - You are stood between me and the tv

Stop mithering - Please leave me alone

Stop skriking - Stop crying/moaning

It's cracking flags - It's vey hot 

It's like Blackpool in here - People keep leaving lights on in the house

Absolute bobbins - That's useless

Chuck it in - Stop it

Put your face straight - stop sulking

Giz a backie - Please can I ride on your bike with you?

Any road - Anyway

You'll get choked off - You will get into trouble 


My Grandma used to say about my Grandad "He's as daft as me hat", but I never saw her wear a hat and I've never heard anyone else say it.

Finally, I was at Wembley once watching GB v Aus and one of the Aussies stayed down as if badly injured. A bloke behind me shouted "Get up you big tattaaar!" (spelling?) and I burst out laughing. I turned round and said you must be from Warrington? He was.


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On 26/09/2022 at 15:31, Bearman said:

San Fairy Anne.......

It doesn't matter

Brought back from the trenches of WW1 ( Fr Sans Faire Rien)



Pedant mode:  it's actually, "ca ne fait rien." The 'c' in "ca" should have a cedilla so it is pronounced like an 's'. Spoken quickly, it sounds like 'san ferry an' and does, indeed, mean "it doesn't matter." End of pedant mode.

Rethymno Rugby League Appreciation Society

Founder (and, so far, only) member.

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