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One of the best days up at the Mount for a long time. I was impressed by Toulouse. They were strong, pacey and skillful. It just makes our win over them even more satisfying. Towards the end of the first half l thought we looked knackered and could have buckled but our defence was incredible, especially our goal line defence. What a team!

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Agree with all the superlatives, a fantastic win from a proper team. After the seasons’ tricky start, especially that battering at Sheffield, I questioned whether this was a season too far for this squad. This recent run of top class performances has well and truly trashed that theory.

Looks like the whole club want to Linners to leave with another memorable season on his CV. Wembley would be a fitting achievement if we could get there, and another real crack at the play offs is, at this stage a real possibility.

Keep it going boys ✊

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40 minutes ago, phildog said:

What a pass from Woods, like a bullet from a gun!

It was. There were still times when he struggled in attack it is clear his partnership with White is developing, but his quality shows more each game.

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43 minutes ago, phildog said:

Also note how well White and Hooley still combine from scrums....

Twice they pulled the same move proving profitable for McGowan scoring out wide.

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