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Sat 24th-Sun 25th Feb: Betfred Challenge Cup 4th Round Match Thread

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Been hearing that the Hammersmith Hills Hoists players, officials and fans were delighted with their big day out and the hospitality and way they were looked after by Halifax.

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8 hours ago, Colin James said:

I think it could be a good experience for Oldham. Reading their message board and from what Long said afterwards, it sounds like they rather arrogantly thought they just had to turn up last night. I expected a much tougher game for the Lions. Anyone who thinks this Oldham team would be top end of the Championship have had a rude awakening. There's a lot of teams in the Championship who aren't as flashy or who don't look as impressive on paper but are well drilled and do the simple things right and you have to earn the right to play against them. Batley have been the embodiment of that for years. Keighley similar to Oldham spent a load of money on names, walked L1 and then couldn't do it against better opposition. 

From a Swinton point of view, it's another solid performance, if we keep it up some people might even be forced to predict we won't finish bottom which is where most pundits put us every season without fail. Patton is a quality and experienced half and has started well. I know Bradford fans said he was a bit hot and cold for them so we will wait and see how he goes but so far looks a very good piece of recruitment.

Sounds like the mentality from their former Featherstone contingent hasn't left them. Turn up, expect to win, when it goes pear shaped, no plan B, get knocked out.

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