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The NRL Round 13 Thread

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Braidon Burns try

Drinkwater hits the post 

Cows 4 - 8 after an earlier converted try to Terrell May and a penalty goal to Sam Walker

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Dom Young in the corner off a Walker pass

Walker converts from the sideline and that's ...


HT: Chooks  14  Cows  4

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50min: Helium Luki gets 10 in the bin for "above horizontal" tackle

Walker kicks the penalty goal

Chooks 16 - 4

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68min: Cows penalty goal But why? They may have been trying to burn time until Luki gets back from the bin but they've got a penalty 10m out straight in front. Why not "waste" some time trying to score a try?

Cows  12 - 16

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1 hour ago, Anita Bath said:

I think it was ruled outt for a folphins player preventing a raiders player trying to get to the kicker.

I just watched that part again. The commentators confused me. The ref signalled that it was touched but he meant the goal missed and the ball went dead but because it was touched by the Raiders it was a line dropout not a 20m restart.

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