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In Topic: Ukip gets its first MP

Today, 03:10 PM

It would be much cheaper if they scrapped this voting business.  I entirely agree, John, but I never thought you would come round ;)


Do we elect a person or do we elect a party label at election time?


I can't help feeling this is mainly about individual ego and self indulgence than democracy.

In Topic: Ukip gets its first MP

Today, 02:57 PM

How much does it cost to stage a by-election, just to re-endorse someone who decides to switch horses mid-term?

In Topic: Rotherham

Today, 02:54 PM

Funny how the left wing deniers are now scrambling over the piles of abuse victims in their desire to to show how they've been fighting the good fight over many years. Her comments remain offensive, unjustified, without any foundation whatsoever and I am surprised that you are defending her.

And ah! The magic socialist word "resources" ..is that why the cops treated the victims as trailer trash? Is that why Director after Director, Councillor after Councillor, Senior Manager after Senior Manager refused to engage? No is the answer to that.


It's no more offensive, John, than your inference here that anyone who regards themselves as 'left wing' or 'socialist' is somehow an enabler of child abuse.


If you want a grown up debate, you're not exactly contributing to one at the moment.

In Topic: Kate Bush

Today, 09:59 AM

Good review of the concert here.


A whole mountain of covertly misogynist ###### has been written in the run-up to the Before The Dawn residency, with much snickering about whether at 56, and inevitably fuller of figure than her willowy 'Wuthering Heights' self, she would still be pulling those Lindsay Kemp-tutored interpretive dance moves. One dinosaur even wrote that to do so would be "unbecoming".
Barefoot, her shoes thrown in the lake some years ago along with any cares about what may be 'becoming', and so softly beautiful that everyone falls hopelessly in love with her in an instant, her face radiates pure joy around the room like a lighthouse beam as she gently pirouettes, her black velvet tassles flailing. Three minutes into the song, there's an Orbison growl and she intones, sotto voce, "this is my space". And her space it is. The night's barely begun, and already, she's owned it.

In Topic: Rotherham

Today, 09:42 AM

What are you trying to imply?


In the time it took this topic to attract 10 posts, the Mid East Violence topic attracted 63 posts and the Foreign Office Minister Quits topic attracted 35 posts. I just expected more of a reaction, that's all, from a wider range of posters. Maybe they are on hols.


I'm not implying anything.


Replying to threads on here isn't compulsory, though, and the number of replies isn't any guide to the importance of the subject under discussion.


Maybe some people are still in shock at what has been revealed and trying to get their head around it. Maybe some people are taking time to avail themselves of the facts before posting some foamy-mouthed reaction that they might later regret. Or indeed, as you say, maybe people are on holiday, this being a Bank Holiday week n'all.


In any case, the responses seem to be piling up now.