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John Drake

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In Topic: New Stand at Bradford

Yesterday, 11:59 AM

The stand he's talking about putting a roof over is the popular side facing the provident stand ( Popular side was renamed northern terrace last year in a homage to Bradford northern, nothing to do with geographical location) NOT the away end behind the sticks which is rarely opened now.


I'd chip in for that. It's where I stand on matchdays. 


After all the pie in the sky stuff we've been sold by various conmen over the decades with regard to grandiose redevelopments of the stadium, here is an idea that sounds practical, affordable and achievable.

In Topic: Kevin Sinfield on The Clare Balding Show

Yesterday, 11:50 AM



It's on tonight, 10pm on BBC2


In Topic: New Stand at Bradford

Yesterday, 11:45 AM

I think Mr. Green like Mr. Carter can only be judged on his record to date. Good job pair of them.


But I cannot agree that he is the saviour of the Bradford Bulls. 


Many clubs have survived the most traumatic circumstances of administration and grounds being sold off, but thanks to their staunch fans, whether they be at Swinton, Hunslet, Bramley, Rochdale, York or Oldham their clubs survive.


Mr. Green so far is as virtuous a saviour as any but the"game" as suggested by Avenger may be a long one.


John Wilkinsons long and generous game with Salford certainly ended with him leaving them for dead?


Not for the first time, I have no idea what point you're trying to make.

In Topic: New Stand at Bradford

Yesterday, 11:05 AM

No - he's taking the mickey big time........



Bad news - this isn't an offer, it's an excuse for not doing it himself.


As Adeybull has already pointed out the Bradford fans rallied round to help the club in a time of crisis and they raised £30,000. This was admirable and they made personal sacrifices at a cost to their families to support the Bulls.


Green knows £175,000 from the fans is out of the question, so his £175,000 is nice and secure.


Danny Lockwood was scathing of Mr. Green who he said was only at Odsal to try to get some money back he put in in the OK bulls time.


After Lowes spoke of cost cutting, this happened but has been hushed up to give the impression all is well. Well money is tight and there is no benevolent owner at the club.


I think Marc Green has done a decent job at the Bulls since he took over, steadying the ship and bringing in an air of financial realism.


Without his involvement, there would probably be no club at all.

In Topic: Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour Party

07 February 2016 - 01:37 AM

wriggle wriggle squirm squirm, the Corbynistas motto.

Friday 5th Feb 2016: “It appears that over decades senior Labour politicians have deliberately turned a blind eye to the treatment of Muslim women because votes have been more important to them than women’s rights."


Did you miss this bit in the same article?


MWNUK’s chair, Shaista Gohir, accepted that the issue was not confined to Labour and she has also written to David Cameron urging him to launch an independent inquiry into the barriers to political participation faced by black and ethnic minority women.


Why trivialise an important subject by attempting to make it a party political slanging match? It's crazy to deny there is a problem here, but equally crazy to insinuate it is a problem exclusive to the Labour Party for the sake of a cheap dig.


Presumably, you fully support the Labour Party's policy on all-women shortlists to ensure a fairer representation of women candidates in winnable seats and the existence of BAME Labour and Labour Women too, and don't subscribe to the view that such things are political correctness gorn maaaad? 


Worth pointing out too here that the national Labour Party effectively imposed a female muslim candidate in Bradford West at the last General Election, in the face of much criticism (damned if they do, damned if they don't), but that candidate, Naz Shah, went on to defeat George Galloway and achieve a landslide victory.


Point me in the direction of any other party that has taken such a direct approach to positive discrimination?