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John Drake

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In Topic: Labour leadership contest

Yesterday, 04:17 PM

How many votes does any party get when It's 2 years old?

By the way, is it ok for forum moderators to take a thread off topic? Just asking.


The SDP got millions in 1983 after being formed in 1981.


So, again, how many did Left Unity get?


And this isn't off topic. You're the one who said you'll leave your current political party to join Labour if Jeremy Corbyn is elected leader next Saturday. I'm merely wondering what the benefit of that might be to the Labour Party.

In Topic: I quite like that Stuart Maconie chap

Yesterday, 04:11 PM

Hear hear! Its a game for displaced working class northerners too ;)


Someone should tell Daniel Sarginson, Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook and Tony Clubb. ;)

In Topic: Labour leadership contest

Yesterday, 04:05 PM

No Left Unity members have a vote. However, LU will cease to exist if Corbyn wins because many will return to the real Labour Party. I am anticipating resigning from LU next Saturday and rejoining the LP. Happy days!


Your loyalty is truly inspiring.


Remind us, how many votes did Left Unity win at the last General Election?

In Topic: Labour leadership contest

Yesterday, 04:01 PM

John, this is your man. He has not got a Scooby Do. http://www.independe...f-10482385.html


Ok, so you ignore all the points I made in my post, and respond instead with a link to a newspaper article that makes some pretty weak arguments against Andy Burnham.


Look, I'm not Burnham's campaign manager. Unlike yourself with Jeremy Corbyn, I don't feel the need to defend his every utterance from criticism. He's a politician, not the messiah. I'm not looking for infallibility, just electability.


I still think Burnham's the best of the candidates on offer here, primarily the one with the best chance of appealing beyond the narrow confines of the Labour Party membership to the electorate beyond, while at the same time being the best qualified to hold the party together. Corbyn has zero chance of achieving either of those outcomes.


I don't think that article proves the point it is attempting to make.

In Topic: I quite like that Stuart Maconie chap

Yesterday, 03:47 PM

From exactly whom do you wish to receive respect from John? I believe that RL is highly respected by many professional sportsmen who are themselves at the pinnacle of their chosen sport - Wiggins, Redgrave, Ferguson etc and, dare I say, union thoroughbreds. They appreciate the mental and physical toughness, skill and fitness of our players. These people need no convincing.
So, who should we target, the Telegraph reading, Hunter wellie wearing, Barbour jacketed types or patrons of a Southern edition of a'red top' rag?
Why would our broadsheet, Tory diehard feel the need to turn his back on the socially acceptable pastime put on show at the Twickenham Theatre in favour of the gladiatorial combat that takes place in the colosseums of Castleford, Widnes and Barrow? Maconie is right, sadly, it is a class thing. But it is not the RL loving North that perpetuates this divide, we welcome all newcomers with open arms as well as minds. Having lived in the South for longer than I care to mention I can honestly say that the ignorance and bigotry shown towards RL is alive and well. I have a theory though - that their perceptions are born out of jealousy and fear!


You say that lots of highly respected sportsmen including many in rugby union appreciate Rugby League, and then say that Maconie is right. A contradiction, surely? How can he be right? He states only working class northerners appreciate Rugby League. That's his whole angle. And he's wrong.


Lots of people from many different backgrounds enjoy and appreciate Rugby League. That's why it's counter-productive when writers like Maconie fall back on trotting out the old chippy northerner angle and tar everyone with the same brush, whether he's stereotyping Rugby League itself or people from different backgrounds who have yet to be won over by it.


Maybe if Maconie took a look at the League 1 table every now and then and noticed there are clubs in places like Gloucester, Oxford, Coventry, Hemel and London in there, along with two Welsh clubs, the penny might drop that Rugby League isn't just a game for working class northerners anymore.