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In Topic: Upcoming gigs

15 October 2014 - 05:18 PM

For those of you living in the environs of Hull I would heartily recommend Paul Handyside, playing this Friday.




Geordie / folk /  americana of the highest order.

In Topic: Coal/Log Burning Fires/Stoves

12 October 2014 - 08:22 AM

I trust you enjoyed it, it's nota bad place, Napoleon Thirds summer retreat.

Did you really try any of the water from the springs? it's VILE!!!!!

We lived about 25 miles west of Vichy, west of A71, up in the hills beyond Bellenaves. For the 1st 2 years we heated the whole house with from 2 wood burners... Has a saw bench/ chain saw combination to cut wood. The key was to get the right water content, and the logs hadro be a certain length..45 cm IIRC, to get anywhere near the rated output - 4.5 kW in the lounge and 12.5 in the kitchen. Wit temps as low as -10 C in winter, there are parts of the house that were not too warm. In the end, the cost of the wood, the effort in stacking, cutting etc was too much. No only that, over those two years, a small puff of smoke each time the wood burner was fuelled added up to a lot of smoke and dust!


I hadn't been to Vichy for about 15 years.  They've scrubbed it up very nicely indeed.


The water was truly horrible but I'm sure that it has done my skin / tripes / hair a world of good.  Audois unfortunately is beyond repair.


We stayed up at my brother's place up near Marcigny, about another hour east.  Spectacular big country, with fantastic thunderstorms on an almost nightly basis.  


A swift pilgrimage to Roanne rugby league club and back to the Aude.


Back on topic


For me, it is the constant pong of woodsmoke coupled with the smoke on my lungs that make it such a pain in the wotsit.  


Going to just use the gas heater for most of this year I think - €18 a canister which lasts a week.  Multiply by 12 for the harshest of the winter, and it works out cheaper than buying in the wood.

In Topic: Coal/Log Burning Fires/Stoves

10 October 2014 - 11:08 AM

6 years at 1500 ft in the Allier.
Year 1: 2 X Godin woodburners, 28 stairs of wood to shift, stack,cut, shift again, burn,
Year 2: 28 stairs ditto...
Year 3: very expensive oil-burning central heating installed.
Years 4,5,6..nirvana.


28 !!!  That's some investment in time, money and effort!  I was knackered after 3....


Me and Audois were up in the Allier the other week, taking the waters in Vichy.

In Topic: Coal/Log Burning Fires/Stoves

09 October 2014 - 10:01 PM



Looks good




Immediate area heat


Mrs wife loves it




Pongs to high heaven


Expensive - I pay around €75 per cubic metre for well seasoned wood


Have to stack it myself which just about kills me


Cleaning, sweeping, general fartage 


Bottles of gas during the harsh winter period works out cheaper



I stacked three cubic metres yesterday and have just about stopped trembling uncontrollably!

In Topic: Uninteresting Trivial Facts

09 October 2014 - 09:29 AM

Yep. Senior role in NHS to backup my pledge to try to fix it from inside. I was asked to apply for a newly created role as my project was coming to a close.



Good on you.  The very best of luck!  My li'le bro is a clinical director not far up the road from you and is close to despair....