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In Topic: SQL: Leeds v Saints

Today, 08:54 AM

The Home or Away team round.

1 Which team will kick off? Away
2 Which team will play from right to left in the first half? Away
3 Which team will name the most forwards on the bench? Home
Which team will score the most tries in the first half? Away
Which team will score the most goals in the first half? Away
6 How many points (to the nearest 5) in total will be scored in the first half? 24
7 Who will be be winning at half time? Away
8 Who will receive the ball from the second half kick off? Away
9 How many tries will be scored in the second half? 5
10 Who will win the game? Away
11 By how many points will the game be won? 5 for bang on. 18
12 From which team will be MOM be selected from? Away
13 Will the MOM be a forward or a back Back
14 To the nearest 1000, what will be the attendance? 16500

In Topic: SQL: League Table

Yesterday, 02:25 PM

After the missing week has finally been marked here we are...

128  YCKonstantine

123  HPR

113  7723

107  Edinburgh Exile

104  Mister C

92  Raider Park

59  NNY

51 Saintslass

27  Wiltshire Rhino

9  Chris22

In Topic: The missing week - Answers and Scores - At last.

Yesterday, 02:22 PM




Raider Park




Mister C



Wiltshire Rhino







Saints Lass


Winner on 15



Well that was well worth waiting for.

In Topic: SQL: The Challenged Cup Answers

Yesterday, 01:55 PM

Do you know what, I looked for another thread and couldn't find it :tease:

In Topic: The TV Thread

Yesterday, 09:34 AM

The first series was quite a bit different as you may be aware - the lead was Andy Samberg (the father of this new Cuckoo) - and also the daughter has been recast and as such it feels like a different show now. Personally I don't think it's as good, and it isn't as focused as before but there are enough laughs in there to keep watching. Greg Davies turns in very funny performances in most things he does

Don't think its quite as good as the first series but there are some genuine laugh out loud moments. Greg Davies is the star though.