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  1. As has been suggested I’d rather see more international friendlies v France and the Pacific Island nations
  2. I quite liked the idea last time round but it was so generally poorly supported that it's hard to get excited about it. Then they did the usual rugby league stuff like playing Lancashire-Yorkshire on a Tuesday night in a 2 match series.
  3. I don’t get why this is an issue every year. Grandparent rule has been around for ages, I don’t really have a problem with it.
  4. Me on my deathbed, whispering: there's just one thing I've never understood Family: what's that grandad? Me: what the &#%$ George Williams was doing in that tackle ***Dies***
  5. Pleased about Hastings Wigan improving so Lam should be given more time Sarginson tries hard and can come up with the odd moment but not a world class player Williams I find a real enigma. Not enough of a distributor or team player for mine and sometimes disappears up his own ######, but is capable of real brilliance. Overall happy with a change in the halves
  6. Wigan look most likely to spring a surprise at the moment, their confidence is building
  7. I’ve honestly never seen the problem with VR. You used to get some real howlers; they are by and large done away with. Seems a good thing to me.
  8. He is playing well but no we haven't got strength in depth, particularly in the halves, unfortunately.
  9. Anyone know how long he's signed for? I know he has an NRL clause. Weirdly as a Wigan fan I feel for Salford losing Lui and Jackson. Brown (at this stage of his career) and Lolohea are a downgrade. I like healthy competition but moves like this keep clubs like Salford lower down the table.
  10. All he’s saying is in his experience price isn’t the main reason people don’t attend matches. Picking up on apparently contradictory language doesn’t prove or disprove this theory. You may have a different view, and might be able to back this up with some anecdotal evidence, but unless you’ve conducted some form of survey then it’s just opinion as to what the predominant drivers for attendance are.
  11. Defining factor he said...
  12. Not sure I could put together a reliable trend analysis but I just sense there are a lot more British players in the NRL than there were 25 years ago when I first started watching the sport. I agree with your last para; I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing. I suspect the average spell in the NRL is around the 3 - 4 year mark so it's not like we always lose our best players for their whole career.
  13. I agree with that although you also have to look at the trend, which is that more players seem to be going over. But I'd much rather than to RU and the positive effect it is having on the national team is worth it.
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