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  1. Actually if as he says he asked Wigan several times for a contract then they sent it and it was materially different to what had been agreed verbally, I’d walk too.
  2. More than confusion we experience bias by those who think or want it to be the inferior game. I had a colleague once who said something like, “rugby league oh that’s the rubbish one” to which I said “oh do you watch a lot?” and of course she never had. Which I suppose isn’t her fault, she was taught somewhere along the line to believe it was rubbish. But I think “rugby” is more than just a name, it identifies what the sport is and is about so I don’t really want to drop it from the title and I’m not convinced it would make much difference.
  3. My only surprise is that it's taken almost a day for someone to raise the point. Thank God I'm here!
  4. I just want to flag that the opening subject header is so inherently oxymoronic that I’m not sure it’s even possible to debate the topic properly...
  5. I know what you mean. I was sort of laughing at an "unnecessary" chevron - I guess all chevrons are unnecessary, strictly speaking...
  6. I can't imagine being that old... The problem with touch I find is that there's either a lot of ex-union players who play too deep/pedestrian, but then savvy players/teams make it all about scoots and most tries seem to come from catching the marker out (who has to almost simultaneously tag someone and retreat 5 metres)
  7. I'm 41, still quite fit but wouldn't want to play full contact any more (old injuries, and just old!) but would definitely play this.
  8. https://www.rugby-league.com/get_involved/play/x-league Here you go, I used the Googlatron machine
  9. I think it also becomes an arms race where if you start doing it regularly you end up needing scrummaging forwards and it changes the running nature of the game.
  10. Hugely overrated player in my view. Must’ve watched him 10 times live and 20 times on the telly and he’s done nowt.
  11. I actually (in a constructive way, I promise!) disagree with this in that unless you have the intensity then throwing the ball around won't be effective to win games. Where we are behind the Aussies is that we mimic the intensity but it's at the cost of flair. The Aussie game is more attritional BUT when they need to turn on the flair, they can do that as well. So I agree we need to throw it about more but do it as well as matching the intensity. NOT EASY!
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