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  1. Yeah bloody hell!! He’s proper Shaun Edwards’d it
  2. He’s on social media talking about speculation, trolling and players’ mental health coming first and all that stuff. I don’t know what’s been said and maybe there’s some nasty stuff. But I can’t help feeling that he’s being a bit soft and he certainly isn’t saying: I’ve signed for Wigan, that’s where I’ll be next year and I can’t wait to tear into it. Which as a Wigan fan I want to hear. If he’s not gonna turn up then he deserves a bit of stick!
  3. Because I don't get to that many games a year truthfully (work, young family and travel makes it a bit tricky) - maybe half a dozen - but if I knew the kit was going to last 3 years it would be more worthwhile. Not that you can't wear kit from other years, which I sometimes do. The season seems to fly by fast and with a new kit each year, old kit seems out of date til it becomes "retro".
  4. If I knew a shirt was going to last 2 or 3 seasons I'd be more likely to buy it...
  5. Is this the oldest running topic ever!? My ###### RL spots are: Chris Morley at Chester Races Danny Brough at the Black Seal in Trearddur Bay Brian McDermott in Zorans in St Margarets when he was at Broncos/Harlequins RL
  6. Call me cynical but all that ever happens with the mid-season France games is we bung it on a Tuesday night in a 10k stadium and put 30 - 50 points on them. I don't think it does us or them much good, but yeah ok, have it as a training run out for us.
  7. ahhhh, the old mid-season test against France, otherwise known as the answer to all of rugby league’s problems....
  8. Because they don’t want to be double booked that day
  9. He could be a good league centre and certainly entertaining. He’s also a potentially huge commodity of the field. The Wolfpack can make their own decision about whether he’s “worth” £x a year to them and, were it not for the salary cap, it wouldn’t be anyone else’s business either.
  10. My support for England/GB isn’t contingent on me agreeing with the coach or tactics so I’ll support them regardless and go to whichever games I can. Sport’s a funny thing and you never know when things will click, whether or not Bennett’s still there.
  11. There was nothing good about this tour apart from the kit. I’m just gonna pretend it didn’t happen to be honest.
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