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  1. God that's weird, as I was watching it yesterday I was thinking he's going to get sacked if he's not careful...
  2. Sure, I just find this an interesting one
  3. Oof, very very fine distinction. I'd say: 1. Some rotation of hips and definitely leads with left shoulder. He's about half way between front on and fully side on. 2. Arm not tucked right in but close to the torso to enable front on (ish!) hit with the shoulder... No real attempt to grab, tackle or hold ball carrier - at most you could argue the last of those three. I'm happy with it because I love the big hits but some very subtle interpretation issues there!
  4. Don't get me wrong, I love shoulder charges, but that looked like one to me. Can someone explain the difference to me in terms of legality between a "shoulder" and "front on" tackle - I'm not aware of a distinction. I think you could also argue Pangai in fact hits him with the left shoulder, albeit from a fairly square on position. I'm asking this to understand the thinking, not spark a debate about whether shoulder charges should be legal.
  5. This reminds me of a colleague of mine who said Alex Ferguson’s success could be put down to one word: cheating. Which I thought was a little much. I don’t know whether Wigan got the rub of the green or not truth be told but I don’t think that’s the story of that team in the 80s and 90s. Generally I agree it’s not good to have one team so dominant although it’s never sat entirely comfortably with me that, when Wigan were a club with national fame and recognition, the decision was to level out the sport downwards so that no team could dominate. Maybe that’s the only realistic approach financially but I always thought Wigan should be emulated as an example of how to be successful. But anyway...
  6. Interesting interview. Incredibly, though, he seems to think he has only lost one Challenge Cup Final and seems to be conflating the 1994 and 1995 finals, both of which he played in for Leeds losing to Wigan. Admittedly there’s clearly a lot of similarity between the matches but still would’ve thought he’d remembered both. Maybe when you’ve achieved as much as he has it becomes a blur, although I suspect from hearing the interview he is a man more focussed on getting his performance right than the match as an occasion.
  7. DD - they are, centre three quarters and wing three quarters. The diagram just points out the centre three quarters.
  8. I think it's evolved so that 6 and 7 are called "half backs" when half back used to just mean the 7.
  9. I’m so split on the guy. He gets these massive compliments in Australia and Canberra’s playing style suits him, some great stuff on the highlight reel. For England/GB I’d say his style is ineffective and even operates to the team’s detriment.
  10. It sounds a bit made up til you read about them... Agree about the slightly tone deaf point though
  11. It's a big rule change and if we don't adopt it over here it'll create a headache for the international rules.
  12. That’s not how I view league but fair enough if that’s your view of it.
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