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  1. Glad someone else's sense of humour is as low brow as mine. Rimmer takes back door route...
  2. Well indeed. Useful to the end. (Damien this isn't making me feel any better!)
  3. I’ve (half) joked about the last furlough letter I have to write being to myself...
  4. To be honest, the business I work for has done that. Furloughed about 25% of workers globally, got rid of about 5% that probably had it coming anyway. Have been closely involved in the exercise and it’s pretty unpleasant. Have got rid of people before but never en masse (although we should be able to bring all the furloughed ones back).
  5. There’s gonna be a lot of corner cutting in the current environment though. It’s a calculated risk by businesses in the current climate ie reducing headcount outweighs risk of claims being brought (and funded) by ex-employees. (Sorry Beford Roughyed I don’t mean to talk about your - possible - situation dispassionately, although to be honest I doubt many out there feel job safe)
  6. I'd echo a lot of the above. Barrie McDermott at his best always skittled a few. Steve Menzies and Brett Mullins always looked they could score when they had the ball. Wendell Sailor in his prime. Tuqiri at Brisbane.
  7. Yes but are they real no fans who don't turn up every week?
  8. Look I actually take your point and thought the same myself, but the RFL has to consider what's in the interests of the sport all things considered and even if there's some risk it looks crass, they'd be panned even more for inaction.
  9. Because it doesn’t have the money that some other sports do...just a cold hard fact.
  10. They’re really no different to the rest of us, good chance the whole season will be scrapped. But let’s just see how it pans out.
  11. This shouldn't really lead to a row. It will take at least a generation to seed a team or multiple teams in North America. It might fail, it might succeed. But if it succeeds, it could take the sport to the place it wants to be i.e. with genuine global reach and competition outside the UK, Oz some bits of France and NZ and pacific islands. It is better to try this and fail than not to try.
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