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  1. The article suggests he's not been seen for 2 weeks (although only reported missing this weekend). Fingers crossed he's well.
  2. The thread's defo about Barrie. Although not impossible, I doubt Brian (Fielden's team mate) had a vendetta against him
  3. Yeah, I’ve watched those highlights back a few times. Sadly Barrie does hit him late on the first tackle then elbows him straight in the face in the second So I love the dog in him but it was foul play. And I say that as a Wigan fan who was at the game wearing a “McDermott” shirt at the time!
  4. Fielden was the more complete player but certainly wasn’t as effective post Willie Mason/joining Wigan. But McDermott brought a something a bit special in terms of aggression, line breaking and offloads. As a Wigan fan was gutted when he left. Different types of player, they’d be a great combination in their prime.
  5. As vaccinated people can still get covid and with cases up to 200k a day, I’m not sure about this at all. And 48-0 seems high.
  6. I’m gonna say Burgess even with Gallen’s experience
  7. I’d say not, but either way don’t worry about it!
  8. Am a little disappointed, I thought this thread was about the new Spanish Super League side…
  9. He over-eggs it, but the bottom line is that until our clubs are better than theirs, and our national team can beat theirs - which we haven’t for a very long time, and we’re often very very far behind them - they’ve got bragging rights and can pretty much say what they like.
  10. Yeah, I hear you. I think you get a lot of confirmation bias, especially online, where people interpret things in line with their expectation/agenda/whatever rather than properly thinking through the pros and cons, and their relative importance. Hope it goes well, I'm a Wigan fan but have always had a soft spot for Salford and want them to do well.
  11. Well it depends, doesn’t it? If the numbers work, spending £x on even a 21 year lease to add 3k to the capacity might be more than viable, whether or not they extend the lease after that time or look elsewhere.
  12. To be fair to Ray he quite deliberately said "full commercial control" in his original post. When he says "effectively, yes" on the issue of legal ownership, he's not trying to suggest that leasehold = legal ownership of the title. We all know, however, that leasehold ownership is akin to full ownership if you can treat the asset as yours, and that's all he's saying. The length of the lease will be important (21 years is different to 100, for example), as will whether Salford as leaseholder is free to develop the seating capacity or make any other changes to enhance the stadium. I just want to wish good luck to Ray, he comes across as pragmatic and on top of the issues.
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