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  1. Ok so they are clearly of a different era and graphic design capability but, y'know, as it goes...
  2. Salford? That's hardly going to get the brand known. You should try Toronto, or maybe Toulouse.
  3. Personally I think it's a real shame. There have been some great games there and, at the height of Bradford's success, Odsal was a fortress. I think it's a very subjective matter whether you think it's a "tragedy" or whatever. But reality bites in many aspects of life and (whatever the rights and wrongs of how they have got here) it seems like they can't keep the old girl going at this point. I'd be gutted if I were a fan and wouldn't want to travel to Dewsbury, but maybe that's just the reality and they have to re-group and try and get back into Bradford a different way, which I'm sure they will.
  4. Whoah whoah whoah whoah... I’ve got a bloody Audi!
  5. London, Calderdale, the Lake District, Hull-Sheffield, Bradford, Canada, France and Leigh.
  6. Alright Davo, keep yer knickers on. We won’t play him at centre then, jeeeeezzz
  7. If he played centre he would be...
  8. Yeah Garry Schofield thinks this has been in place since...ahem...he last played
  9. To be fair I haven't seen much of French - highlights reels mostly and they don't show much about organizing or defence...
  10. I'm hoping he's a bit of an Amos Roberts (but without getting injured...)
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