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  1. 100% - there's the new breed of 13 alluded to above which isn't the old ball playing 13 or recent "third prop" trend but a bit more mobile. But for me that's more about the type of team you have and balance you want to strike.
  2. Without romanticizing 13s I think the game's dumbed down a bit. The 6 and 7 role's the same, the 13's a prop, second rows used to be wider running with more offload. It's all very structured. I'll get me whippet...
  3. Oof with them tatts he'd get more than a run out - we could play rufty tufty sailors together
  4. Unless his shoulder has improved with the time off I think he and any club signing him would be mad to risk him.
  5. Totally this. I know a reasonable amount about politics from the late 80s onwards because I was born in '78 so old enough to understand and follow it contemporaneously. Sure, I could research 70s politics and know a small amount about it, but it's different when you live through it. "A bit before my time" is a pretty innocuous phrase in my view.
  6. If it’s true (and I’ve no idea either way) it’s a bit soft, innit? Unless there’s some exceptional reason like family illness.
  7. Ooh I’ve not had funnynut humble for years
  8. I bought a cherry and white ooped cotton t-shirt from Gap for £4.99 in about 2010. Have been supporting Wigan in it ever since.
  9. “As we have seen since the restart, Betfred Super League games are getting faster and harder and I know the players are grateful when they see so many pizzas to choose from after a tough 80 minutes.” This doesn't sound true...
  10. I've had enough, I've quit the sport
  11. Yeah you’re right, I had the chance to look at this a bit more this morning; false negatives quite a high risk during incubation period. That’s a right ######.
  12. Sure but you can be tested irrespective of symptoms. I believe you need to buy that test as it’s only free on the NHS if you have symptoms, hence the 14 day isolation for incubation.
  13. Why can’t the rest get tested, Salford get tested, only isolate any positive players then carry on?
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