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  1. God these were awful. It was like voting for which bullet you want to be shot with.
  2. COME ON SALFORD!!!! I doubt there’s a RL fan outside of St Helens who isn’t supporting you!
  3. https://www.totalrl.com/martin-offiah-to-become-a-fugitive/ They got him cornered. Martin Offiah...trying to make some space...NOW THEN...he's got the security guard to beat...on the outside...that is one sense-sa-tional race to the plane!!!
  4. I don't really like wearing rugby jerseys to be honest, modern league or old fashioned league/union style. The idea that they look "great with jeans" is mental - they look terrible with, well, pretty much anything. I wear a cherry and white generic hooped t shirt to Wigan games if the weather's ok - it's lasted me about 12 seasons so far and cost £5.99. And my scarf (£3, Wembley 1992) if it's cold. (This isn't a whinge by the way I just don't really like rugby shirts for casual wear).
  5. Wigan are pretty well stocked for wingers. Marshall, Davies, Burgess, Manfredi, French, Bibby incoming (I know the latter two are more versatile).
  6. He just has a bit of fun with it and think he did his best at Salford and put his money where his mouth was. Unlike a lot of fans, whose money remains firmly in their pocket because they don't like the loos/paying £5 for the car park/GB's selection policy/playing on Thursdays/whatever. Yeah it's a bit vulgar sometimes but it's in jest.
  7. Bloody right. Five of us going. A lovely lunch in town followed by an equally lovely Salford win.
  8. Wigan fan here. Salford totally dominated and deserved to win, am really pleased for them and their fans. I’ll be there and no prizes for guessing who I’ll be very vocally supporting...
  9. I think there’s too many tries from kicks to the corner. Personally I don’t get much of a thrill from a mid-air tussle when it ends up in the attacker’s hands as much by luck as judgement and they score. So how about teams get a 20m restart if they defuse it in their own 10 metre area, as well as in-goal? Might reduce the number of kicks due to the risk of counter attack.
  10. As I Wigan fan my view is he looks his age on the pitch. Runs at half the speed he used to, isn’t going into contact as hard (fear of injury I suspect), does limited minutes and isn’t having the same impact with distribution he did a few years ago. His brain is keeping him in it and I’ve no doubt he could step up another gear in e.g. a final or international match but on current form I wouldn’t pick him for GB.
  11. Seriously though “has-being”?!!?? Strangely profound. He exists...yet doesn’t exist.
  12. Salford. A few Wigan players I liked went there when I first watched the sport - Gregory, Panapa, Offiah so developed a soft spot for them. Weirdly I kind of admired them for ending Wigan’s challenge cup run. But obviously I hope Wigan batter them Friday...
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