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  1. Mornflake are still going strong. https://www.mornflake.com/
  2. I think Red Star also suffered by losing a couple of players to injury in the 1st half. Their hooker who looked lively and was organising things well went off with a knock and one of the forwards who made good metres also didn't reappear. Enjoyed the stream when it finally settled down and kept a decent connection.
  3. Last day in my present role today after 14.5 years. Opportunity to work for another company in the same field presented itself and it just felt like the right time and being in my mid-40s other such possibilities will not be so easy to find in the future. Excited but apprehensive in equal doses.
  4. Wasn't too enamored with the 1st, but episode 2 was very good.
  5. Where was the other fielder? A touch too defensive for Monty's batting prowess
  6. Won tickets to the 2006 Challenge Cup Final - Saints v Huddersfield by correctly guessing the half time score at the Wakefield v Leeds game at Belle Vue. Radio Leeds rang me live while I was on the terraces. Only downside was that the final was a Twickers, still never look a gift horse, etc. The better half won us a weekend here https://upperhousehayfield.com/ through some competition to do with Agatha Christie and the same weekend dropped tickets to see "The South" (exlcuding the beautiful bit) at Buxton Opera House.
  7. I refer you to these people who did just that last year. http://allthestations.co.uk/
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