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  1. Normally read both RLW and Forty20, slight preference for Forty20 but always good articles in both.
  2. Exceedingly basic but the low cost kept many a line open in the 80s when they were built. Plenty of other trains only a year or two younger still running round up here, which in my opinion are noisier and no more comfortable.
  3. Awesome game. Imagine if that had been in front of a full house at Old Trafford...
  4. Mornflake are still going strong. https://www.mornflake.com/
  5. Last day in my present role today after 14.5 years. Opportunity to work for another company in the same field presented itself and it just felt like the right time and being in my mid-40s other such possibilities will not be so easy to find in the future. Excited but apprehensive in equal doses.
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