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In Topic: New Shirts/Sponsors

17 October 2015 - 09:11 AM

Posting abuse is against the terms of using this forum, so some posts have been deleted.

In Topic: Fixtures

16 October 2015 - 02:34 PM

Strange that they have put Oldham v Swinton in the middle game.

The only thing I can think of is that they are hoping HW fans stay on and Fax v Fev fans get there early.

Guess if they were on first the attendance would be lower than HW Derby and not look good on TV. Can't think Fev and Fax fans will be more interested in Swinton / Oldham.

In fact we should be on before Fev, so we can stay on and watch how the one trick pony gets on against Fax..... After the comments on this forum I'd stay just in case he scores.......

In Topic: Thackeray thanks fans following departure

16 October 2015 - 08:27 AM

38 tries in 60 appearances and probably put Shane Grady and Scott Hale in for a similar number of tries and a couple of decisive drop goals. Let's hope our next one trick pony is as good. Fev clearly have no idea what they are doing signing such a one dimensional player.

Spoke to him at Presentation Night and a very decent, smart bloke. He chatted to my 15 year old son about his rugby which he didn't have to and did say he didn't really want to leave the Rams but Fev had made him a great offer he couldn't turn down, especially as he has become a dad. Good luck to him and whilst his first season was better, his second was still better than most half backs we have had.

In Topic: 2016 wish list and rumour mill

30 September 2015 - 06:13 PM

he's from Cumbria? I just got told about the uni thing. Dewsbury and Batley fans will say they've got enough hookers, but a player of the year is hard to ignore.

Imagine if winning the shield actually meant something in terms of finances.
The reward for winning it is reportly £5k-£10k, which is a disgrace if true.
The winner should get a little bit less than what Leigh got for finishing fourth. No reward at all, and I know many feel the shield isn't significant, but with a large cheque on top it makes it very interesting.
I couldn't believe some of the sums being given to Fax, Sheff and Leigh. Anyone want to tell me why they are being rewarded with so much cash?
Hats off they got in, but the middle 8s were for them to challenge the SL clubs, and I know this leads back to cash, but it has been rare that any of them have challenged. The money should have been filtered down, especially to the top 4 in the bottom 8s and especially to the winner.

Understand the principle of trying to bridge the gap between SL and Championship, but I can't see how the very unequal money distribution will achieve this. It will just encourage teams to try and spend more to keep up with the other full time teams and make most of the Championship games a foregone conclusion. We have skewed the whole league to try and achieve one goal which given the performance of the Middle 8 have just shown that money is not the solution. And what happens the next season when one of these teams finishes lower and gets a substantial cut in income?

Even more worrying, I found myself agreeing with all of Coolie's post 479 on the previous page!

In Topic: 2016 wish list and rumour mill

30 September 2015 - 06:13 AM

Hopefully all the people who are speculating about Sammut and similar high-profile signings willattend the fans Forum tomorrow where they can ask as many questions as they like.What we all need to realise is that 5th to 7th place is a realistic aim for next season just byabsorbing some of the financial facts and prize-money from the 2015 season.Wakefield / Bradford will have £800,000Halifax will have £700,000Sheffield will have £500,000Leigh will have £450,000 - but intend to smash the £1m Salary capIn additionLondon have a very generous backer to fund a full-time team regardless of Prize-money.Featherstone have £200,000 - the same as us. However they have twice the Fan-base ofthe Rams and are making their intentions clear that they are throwing everything at a top 4finish.Whatever any thoughts people have, all of these clubs are in a position to outbid the Rams inany financial negotiations. As MS has said on many occasions, the Rams will NOT spend moneythat the club currently do not have.The Rams try to make attending Games affordable for everyone with the Season Ticket prices andMatch-day Admission prices but efforts to raise money through other channels are not verysuccessful. Hopefully this can be highlighted tomorrow.If everyone associated with the club contributes in some way - either financially or by volunteerwork, then we can keep progressing steadily as we have done in the last 3 - 4 years . We willstill be in contention towards the position that we all want the club to achieve when SOME ofthose currently in the higher positions have failed to reach the Holy Grail of Super League.Just remember we do at least have our own ground, improving facilities which will continue to progressand produce future income streams and most importantly - NO DEBTS! We should be proud of that at least.

Unless we find a multi-millionaire backer 5th is the best we can hope to finish. We are not big enough for SL and only one of these clubs can get to SL at most. Having supported the club through some grim times over the last 40 years, then I am happy with the club progressing on and off the field.