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In Topic: Dual-registration in 2015

Today, 09:42 AM

If it wasn't dual reg you wouldn't getting beat by a rhinos reserve team, tough decision :)

Smug statements like that will make fans of different teams wanting you to get relegated.

In Topic: Hunslet 18 Dewsbury 12 - discussion, report, highlights

Yesterday, 05:02 PM

Can't really complain with the result,they played the conditions better,I know the ref gave them 5 pens in a row,but that try by Flanagan just before half time was a shocker,everyone knows how dangerous he is from 5 metres.We just didn't have the go forward in the entire game.Also I blame the width of the pitch !!!

In Topic: Stadium developments

28 February 2015 - 10:29 PM

If the width of our pitch is within the rules and regulations of the rfl,then I can't understand why other club's coaches like to complain,what is the official length and width of the pitch at Tetley's Stadium anyway.

In Topic: Hunslet 18 Dewsbury 12 - discussion, report, highlights

28 February 2015 - 10:21 PM

Yeah, that is a strange one.

I'm not sure how / why the RFL would automatically assume a 17 from any 19-man lists - particularly when that involves putting Makali Aizue at full-back (no Karl Pryce jokes please, Hunslet fans).

Having said all that, it appears that the RFL are now publicising squads, albeit 17/19ths of it, so will speak with Glenn about putting out our own 19 to avoid any confusion.

On the rfl website,they have only named a 18 man squad for us missing one player,unless I've misread it wrong.Hoping we can get our squad announced on our own club's website or twitter account 48 hours before the game,#UTR

In Topic: Sawyer pleased with squad shape

27 February 2015 - 10:35 PM

One thing we all agree we have one of the best chairman ever to take the reins of a Rugby League Club.

Absolutely right.