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#3266570 New Deal ?

Posted by andyram on 03 February 2016 - 12:38 AM

Surprised they haven't been much publicity from the club or the forum on Glen's new contract extension until end of 2017.
Think the deal is a good one for both the club and coach as I'm sure that if team is going well,super league clubs and one or two championship clubs will be keeping a close look on his progress.

#3259927 Sheffield (H)

Posted by andyram on 20 January 2016 - 09:33 AM

Agreed!!! I carefully plan my holidays around the fixture list ..... seems to negate the point of the advanced fixture list ... or are they just guidelines!!! Weather I accept ... crisis I accept ... but Sheffield!!!! ....come on they seem to have their own rule book!!

i wonder If i have a claim against them somehow !! .... well through there actions I am denied the rights of my season ticket...

Has there been a reason given for the switch?

As yet on official reason for the changed of dates,but more then likely it will be put down to unavailability of Sheffield's venue over the Easter period.I know people make plans to go away at Easter,but this year the change of date has worked out better for me.Two home games under the lights is fine by me.
Things have been a little quiet on any news coming out of the club recently,especially with the season round the corner.

#3252845 Same old Fev

Posted by andyram on 31 December 2015 - 10:44 AM

Heard the same thing from a ex sponsor, or and owing money to some ex players. We've got 50k for Thackeray heard it from a club official. Seems a shame that they won't be running a reserve side next year they seem to be paying certain players top dollar then making rest of the team up with Leeds Rhinos, when it suit's Leeds of course.

On the rfl website fixture's section we still have our reserves playing Fev on April 7 at home.Sad to see Fev going down this dangerous all or bust road,will be hard for a top 4 finish they will need to get extra money.Spend within your means sounds like good advice for 2016,Happy New Year.

#3195781 Championship Shield Semi-Final: Dewsbury 18 London 34

Posted by andyram on 18 September 2015 - 07:19 PM

Can't they just sneak in at half time like in "the good old days"?


Done that once or twice at the old ground when I was younger.I've decided we are all going to the South Stand for the London game,if we enjoy the experience might end up getting our season tickets for 2016 there instead of the North Stand.

#3194397 Championship Shield: Dewsbury 27 Workington 14

Posted by andyram on 16 September 2015 - 04:22 PM

What about attend this game and get a discount on the Semi?

This game would more likely be a shared game,so London would have to agree to some kind of discount/promotion deals.

#3187713 Championship Shield: Featherstone 16 Dewsbury 34

Posted by andyram on 04 September 2015 - 10:41 PM

Looking at both squads for Sunday game,I feel our looks the stronger.One of my favorite away grounds to visit win or lose:
Fev 26 - 32 Rams

#3171896 Reserves Championship: Dewsbury 19 Leigh 13

Posted by andyram on 06 August 2015 - 12:40 PM

Everyone involved with the reserves in their first year back should feel very proud at how things have gone.Next Thursday should be the highest attendance so far this season,lets make it happen #UTR

#3161015 The Super 8s

Posted by andyram on 19 July 2015 - 10:55 PM

So 3 wins on the bounce and 6th place is ours to lose. A win against the Dogs (or Leigh) and is guaranteed.

Great win today's lads, being on the play offs and some better news with injuries!!

Did anyone find out if Conroy is with us for all the play offs pls?

Thought Conroy is on loan to us while end of season,so can't see any problems with him playing till our season ends.Hopefully he will be a ram for 2016.

#3160164 A hidden gem

Posted by andyram on 18 July 2015 - 04:23 PM

I like to read the "my Yorkshire" article in the Yorkshire Post Magazine. This weeks interview was with Martyn Sadler of Rugby League Express and Rugby League World. One of the questions is "If you had to name your Yorkshire hidden gem, what would it be?". He asked for two. Given that we are prone to beat ourselves up on this forum I thought it would be good to quote his second choice:- "And Mount Pleasant, the home of Batley RLFC, which everyone should visit at least once. Opened in 1880, and with a famous slope, the improvements made under current Batley Chairman Kevin Nicholas are outstanding for a club with such limited resources. It is now known as Fox's Biscuits Stadium, after its sponsor".

It was really nice to see this piece of free publicity and praise for the Mount.

I await the witty retorts from our friends "over the hill"!

No witty retorts,just to say the ground is something every Bulldogs fan should be proud of,especially of the heritage of the past.

#3146217 Tony Suffolk tackle on Alex Thompson

Posted by andyram on 23 June 2015 - 09:55 PM

Suffolk got a ten match ban for the 'tackle'.

#3141322 Injury updates ?

Posted by andyram on 15 June 2015 - 08:00 PM

I've just spoken to Glenn and there will be a comprehensive injury update online tomorrow.

Thanks Tom.

#3139728 Kingstone Press Championship: Bradford 22 Dewsbury 18

Posted by andyram on 12 June 2015 - 10:24 PM

Decided I won't be giving my hard earned money to the Bulls,but good luck to the rams,especially to the lads who played on Thursday,nothing to lose just go out and enjoy it:
Bulls 38 - 16 Rams.

#3138671 Kingstone Press Championship: Leigh 40 Dewsbury 24

Posted by andyram on 11 June 2015 - 12:06 PM

We were supposed to play them on Sunday 28th june

Leigh play Warrington on June 27th not July,sorry for the confusion.

#3127310 Rams land Conroy on one-month loan

Posted by andyram on 22 May 2015 - 08:32 PM

Think folk miss the point of farrell's development

Potential has to be nurtured
Not just thrown in at the deep end
Which long term can be counter productive

He's our weapon of mass destruction... So why waste a tactical weapon on every battle you have

You don't,you save that weapon until it is recharged and chomping at the bit ready to go

The world has become all here and now...

Whiskey will be matured in a week,champagne in a day

And a future rugby league star over night

I think not

Have patience ;)


Absolutely correct,Farrell is going to be a super league player of the future,things happen when he plays,i will go as far and say he will be our stand out player on Sunday,even if he doesn't start.He loves playing against the doggies.

#3125129 Exciting stuff...

Posted by andyram on 19 May 2015 - 11:23 AM

Sounds interesting,are they doing some thing musical by any chance?