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In Topic: comeback

Yesterday, 03:41 PM

Yes 813 was encouraging on a poor day and i have to say I thought the pitch was very good considering the amount of rain We have had. There will be a lot better rugby to come.

In Topic: comeback

Yesterday, 02:07 PM

:tongue: thanks town4me

your welcome.😜

In Topic: comeback

Yesterday, 12:27 PM

To talk about money alone most of the players work full time already so it's not bad getting money for something you enjoy going on top of wages. As for Commitment and sacrifice I think all fans respect the players for that. As for Coming back to watch matches again I don't think sunday was a good one to choose. Also the passing of people Connected to the club was acknowledged by the club and fans with applause.

In Topic: Sheffield reaction

Yesterday, 06:26 AM

They targeted the short side all day. They put numbers at Doran off QPTB and everyone else tried to scramble around that. But they got to the areas of the field to be able to do that to easily. Either through penalties or errors and even the last tackles options. I wouldn't like to see the Stats for the amount of yards Worrincy and Yere made from acting half. Not a single repeat set in the game for Town.

yes we piggy backed them up the field with errors and penalties in the first half with the wind behind them too and that settled the outcome of the game. Also I know we can't use missing players as an excuse but it's difficult for a squad of 25 to be missing 7-8 key players.

In Topic: Sheffield reaction

08 February 2016 - 08:58 PM

Well said Geordie Townie - I wasn't just reffering to the reaction after Sundays game but, as you recognise there has been a sustained thread of unwarranted criticism directed at Buffer over the last year or more.

carl should be jarrad sammuts partner in The halves. He brings something to the team and is very dependable at landing two points with the boot. Tactical kicking could have been better yesterday but that was by 3 players and not just one. However it's early days and conditions wern't great.