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In Topic: Signings for next season

Today, 12:23 PM

Your right kt but it's still going to be the same with ,or without, a few messages on a forum. Both have required outside help to compete in this league and it is going to be even more competitive next season. This off seasons recruiting is very important and probably more difficult if SL clubs form reserve teams.

In Topic: Signings for next season

Today, 11:59 AM

You have won 10 games ,6 wins came against us and Donny,you have beaten only one team outside the bottom 5.So while having the hoodoo over us this May be good it masks that you still can't compete with the so called better teams even with sammuet,you could not have got fev at a better time a few weeks ago yet still failed to win.So like I say there is very little between the two teams

move on alan. No BP system to blame this season.

In Topic: Signings for next season

Today, 11:25 AM

I also think you are doing other clubs a dis-service by saying it was only widnes who have saved you.

In Topic: Signings for next season

Today, 11:22 AM

How is it backwards,you think you are so much better.Lets face it without sammuet this season and Wigan last season you would be down,without Widnes help we would be down.There is very little between both teams regardless how you try to dress it up.If I were you I'd move heaven and earth to sign sammuet,he has been the catalyst for your recent up turn

beat you 3 times without sammut alan. I base that comment (backward step) as we have beaten you 4 times finished above you in the regular season and 3 points clear in the 8's. I just think it's a backward step for the player if it happens.

In Topic: Signings for next season

Today, 10:48 AM

Yet he re-signed olstrum last season when if anything his behaviour was worse than this .Think he is just laying down the ground bait for some departures .Personally I think it's a mistake if we sign olstrum,no denying his class but too much baggage,if we do sign him I hope it's on a one strike and your out understanding

he is too good for whitehaven and it would be a backward step for him.