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Sponsorship income from a charity

29 April 2015 - 02:26 PM

First of all I think it's such a shame that  this Forum is being used so little and I think we all know the reasons why. In contrast there is a great deal of activity all the time on Barrow Bluebirds Forum.


The real point of this topic is to see what supporters feel about large sponsorship agreements being made with charities. There are a great many messages on the Evening Mail website and Bluebirds Forum concerning the £8500 shirt sponsorship with Ulverston Hospice. Most of the messages are against.


First of all many congratulations on the Bluebirds promotion and finishing as Champions. I am only too aware how difficult it is to obtain major sponsorship but as a life time supporter of Barrow Rugby and regular contributor to the Ulverston Hospice if Barrow Rugby ever received major sponsorship from a charity I would sever all links with the Club.


I wonder what others think.